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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


At Acres Hill, reading is predominantly taught through Shared Reading and Guided Reading.  Children also have individual reading books.  The reading scheme consists of coloured book bands, which get progressively more difficult as children work their way through the levels.  The book bands relate to the old National Curriculum levels and can also be converted to the steps outlined in STATS Sheffield (our new assessment scheme-see bottom of page foe more info).  The book bands consist of books from a variety of schemes eg. Oxford (Reading Tree, Project X) and Pearson (Bug Club).  The books cover a range of genre eg. fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Children are assessed using the Benchmarking system.  A running record is taken to assess a child’s accuracy.  However, even if a child is accurate there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration eg. How fluent the reading is and the child’s comprehension of the text.



Phonics is taught through Letters and Sounds, which consists of Phases 1 to 6.  At Phase 6, children move into Support for Spelling which concentrates more on root verbs, prefixes and suffixes etc.  Children are taught in differentiated groups to ensure their needs are met and to stretch the more able pupils.  The digraphs/trigraphs from Phases 3 and 5 are taught alongside each other so children can compare the different graphemes that correspond to a certain phoneme eg. ai (rain), ay (play), ey (grey), a_e (cake).  Various resources are used in the teaching of phonics, ranging from lego bricks displaying the various graphemes, to games on the interactive whiteboard.  At the end of Year 1 the phonics screening takes place, which is a statutory requirement. 


Our English curriculum is linked to a high quality reading text that links to the children's learning journey where possible.


At Acres Hill we LOVE Maths! We all understand the importance of developing strong maths skills and how this can help us both now and in the future. Our maths curriculum links to the White Rose Hub Mastery curriculum based on developing mastery of maths through developing reasoning skills.


More information is available by clicking the link below:

Learning Journey

The learning journey curriculum is taught through an enquiry based curriculum based on 'Focus Education' materials linked to a 'theme/ topic' for each half-term.

Curriculum Map for each year group 2017/18

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