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At Acres Hill we understand the important of developing strong maths skills and this is why our curriculum offers a full range of arithmetic, fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities to support our children now and in the future. We currently use the White Rose Maths Curriculum which is based on building pupils reasoning skills through a fluency build up to ensure a deep level of understanding. 


From the moment you walk into our school, you will see the children actively engaged with their 10 in 10 morning work, which focuses on 10 arithmetic questions in 10 minutes to start the day. Alongside this, we also provide our children with 'Arithmetic Friday' where every year group has a specific arithmetic focus each week to build on these skills and provide opportunities for pupils to make effective links in their arithmetic understanding. 

As a school, we love Times Table Rockstars and have recently introduced this for our pupils in year 1 to year 6. Before every maths lesson, you will see our children actively engaged in improving their multiplication knowledge as we take part in our 'Rockstar Starters'. 

Learning Journey

The learning journey is taught through a skills based curriculum linked to our writing text. Each year group will focus on either science, geography or history each half term to ensure a full coverage of the National Curriculum. Alongside these subjects, we offer a full coverage of all foundation subjects every half term so that our children are continually building on skills that can be transferred across all subjects in the curriculum. 


Across the year we will participate in three themed weeks, which will see the whole school focus on a particular skill in science, geography or history linked with a specific writing focus. 

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