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We are so excited about the learning that we will be doing next half term.

Here is the overview of what we will be doing!

Why not visit Darnall library to have a read of our key texts...

Here is some of the vocabulary that your child will be using during our reading.

How many of these words does your child already know? Can they explain what they mean?

Welcome to Y2 Oak!


Your teacher is Mrs Edwards and your teaching assistant is Mr Thind.


The Hall of Fame

Each week in Oak Class we recognise pupils who have tried their very best and shown outstanding effort in one or more areas.

A huge well done to our new champions this week!




Hello, my name is Frankie Bear.

Every week I like to go home with a member of Team Oaks who has tried super hard.

If I visit your house then please don't worry about taking me out and about - what I enjoy most is staying at home and getting to know your family and the things you do together. I'm a shy bear, but I love cuddles, having my fur brushed and being part of a family.

I have a diary where my Team Oaks friend can write or draw a picture about our time together to share with the rest of the class. Please take good care of me and make sure I return to school on Monday with my clothes and belongings.

Last week I visited:

Fahad, for trying hard with all his work. 

Thanks for looking after me so well, Fahad, I really love my portrait.

Y2 Oak Learning

Our focus for learning this half term is Adventurers.


We will be finding out about the adventures of Captain James Cook, Neil Armstrong and Laura Dekker.


Captain Cook

In weeks 1 and 2, we learned all about Captain Cook and his voyages.

What can you tell your adult about Captain Cook?

Quick Quiz:

What was Captain Cook's first name?

When was he born?

Why is he a significant person in history?

Which country did he discover?

What kind of jobs did the cabin boys have to do aboard Cook's ship?

What were Cook's ships called?

Which was his first ship?

What happened to Cook in Hawaii?


Neil Armstrong

In weeks 3 and 4, we are learning about Neil Armstrong and his space voyage aboard Apollo 11.

What questions would you ask Neil Armstrong if you could meet him?

What would your adults ask him? Do they have different ideas for questions to ask?




We will be writing all about our adventurers this half term and will write recounts, reports and diary entries using the information we discover.

Can you tell you grown up what these words mean?






In maths we are learning about addition and subtraction. We have been practising solving addition problems using a number line.

Can you draw a number line to help you solve these addition problems?


Mild Challenge!

Mrs Edwards has 16 green cards to give out and Mr Thind has 8. How many green cards are there in total?


Spicy Challenge!

There are 27 children sat in the dinner hall and another 21 children come in and sit down. How many children are there sitting in the hall now?


Red Hot Chilli Challenge!

Mrs Edwards has 30 bicuits hidden in the cupboard. She eats 5 and Mr Thind eats 7, but then Mrs Stirling buys her 10 more biscuits. How many biscuits does she have now?



In reading we are looking at the book 'The Owl Who Was afraid of the Dark'. We are using our super reading skills to answer comprehension questions about the book and about a range of other texts.


More information about our topics and the additional home learning activities for this half term can be found here:




Our P.E. days are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Please bring your P.E. kit to school and take out any earrings either before school or before the lesson if you can manage it by yourself.

This half term we will be doing gymnastics and dance as well as playing some fun teamwork games that get our heart rates up.



Y2 Oak Adults: dates for your diary


Every Monday - reading records to be handed in; these will be returned the same day. If your child reads aloud to anyone at home please be sure to record it in their reading record - reading at home on 3 or more different days in a week will earn them a green card!


Every Tuesday - Home learning is due in. Home learning books should be placed in the tray on the step beneath the interactive whiteboard. If you have any questions about the home learning, please see Mrs Edwards. Home learning will normally be set on a Thursday or Friday, and is intended to take around 10-15 minutes for your child to complete.


Every Friday - Spelling quiz. Please support your child by helping them to practise their spellings each week: this really does help in developing their writing. Children will be recognised for either getting full marks on the quiz, or for improving on their own score from the week before.



08.01.18   School re-opens for the Spring Term.

29.01.18   Y2 Oaks visiting Darnall Library in the afternoon.

06.02.18   Y2 Oaks assembly 9am - parents welcome.

16.02.18   KS1 Green Card assembly - parents welcome.