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Learning Champions 25.5.18

Learning Champions 25.5.18 1
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Learning Champions 18.5.18

Learning Champions 18.5.18 1
Learning Champions 18.5.18 2

Learning Champions 11.5.18

Learning Champions 11.5.18 1
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Learning Champions 5.5.18

Learning Champions 5.5.18 1
Learning Champions 5.5.18 2

Learning Champion 27.4.18

Learning Champion 27.4.18 1
Learning Champion 27.4.18 2

20.4.18  Celebrations!

This week's Jigsaw Genius goes to Hafsa for being amazing at organising the classroom. She has also helped everyone else to keep their resources on their tables neat and tidy. Great Job Hafsa!! no


This week's Learning Champion is Daniyal! This is for having a great week of learning in maths and always being ready to learn. Keep up the fabulous work! no

Summer 1 in Year 3 Sycamore!


Your teacher is Mrs Ord and your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mellor.  Please come in to say "Hi!"


This half term our new topic is Amazon Adventure! The children have all been given a new homework book today with copies of the learning overview and creative homework ideas.

You can also download copies of them from the link below.


It's All Greek to me!


As part of our Learning Journey "Who Let the Gods Out?" we have had a Greek day. 

This morning we made laurel wreaths. This afternoon we have made an Aspis (Greek shield), a theatre mask and some of us have had the opportunity to decorate a real terracotta pot in an Ancient Greek style.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Trip to Weston Park Museum


This morning we braved the rain and set off on our trip to Weston Park Museum to find out about the Ancient Greeks. We had some time to look around the museum during the morning. We enjoyed dressing up, and looking at lots of paintings and artefacts. 


This afternoon we dressed as Ancient Greeks and retold a story about Athena. We then dressed as Greek workers and built an amazing model of the Parthenon.



Science Week


Can you run as fast as Usain Bolt?


As part of science week and our work on humans we decided to investigate if we could run as fast as Usain Bolt. We watched him run 100m. We then planned an investigation to see if we could run as fast as he can. We used a measuring tape to measure 50m (our playground isn't long enough for 100m). We timed how long it took us to run 50m and doubled it to get our results. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Last week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a go at cycling. Mr Malkin brought in some bikes for us to try. Some of us were very nervous, but we all had a go. Some of learned that we need to keep trying even when we find things difficult. 


World Book Day


We had some great costumes for our delayed World Book Day celebrations.

Learning Champion 


Our Learning Champion for the week ending 9th March is: 

Afiza - for great moments of brilliance in this weeks learning.


Jigsaw Genius


Our Jigsaw Genius for the week ending 9th March is:

Dominik - for always being willing to help people around him.


Your child will bring home their log on details for Spelling Shed tonight.

Each child will be able to access spelling games and spelling lists.


You can play online here:


Spring 2


Our Learning Journey for Spring 2 is called Who Let the Gods Out, and is based on the book by the same name, written by Maz Evans.

We will be finding out about the Ancient Greeks.





Please see below for the Learning Journey Overview that has been sent home, along with the half-termly home learning.



Learning Champion


Our Learning Champion for last week was Daniel. Daniel has been trying hard with all his learning over the last few weeks.


Jigsaw Genius


Our Jigsaw Genius for last week was Dariusz. He always tries his best, is a good friend and is always helpful.





An end of half–term treat. Big thanks to Safa for this gorgeous gingerbread house.

An end of half–term treat. Big thanks to Safa for this gorgeous gingerbread house. 1

Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius


Last week our Learning Champion was Ayann for always trying his best with everything he does. A special mention was given for his great maths assessment too.


Last week our Jigsaw Genius was Dylan for always being happy to help others.


Congratulations to both boys.

Exploding Volcanoes 


We have worked in teams to build our own volcanoes and on Friday we used a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring to create a chemical reaction and make it look like our volcanoes were exploding.

Exploding volcano

Still image for this video



We have been playing around with Scratch this afternoon, creating sprites, backgrounds and using block coding to make things happen.


You can use Scratch at home for FREE! Visit:

Have fun and see what you can create.

Picture 1

Story Telling Week

Story Telling Week 1

Zayd's mum came into school on Tuesday afternoon to read a story to the whole class. We all really enjoyed it and listened really well.


If any other parents would like to do the same, then sign up on the sheet outside the classroom.

Times Tables Songs


We have been singing these songs to help us learn our times tables.

Please visit for more songs.

5 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!.mp4

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3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning! (1).mp4

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2 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!.mp4

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Class Assembly


Our class assembly is on Tuesday 30th January at 9am. We would love to see as many grown ups there as possible.

Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius


Last week our learning champion was Puneet - she always tries her best and produces some excellent work.


Last week our Jigsaw Genius was Haniya - she is able to set herself clear goals and works hard to achieve them.


Well done to both of you.

Fraction Games

Fraction Games 1
Fraction Games 2
Fraction Games 3
A strange thing happened yesterday - some of us got to slide down rainbows and run away from dinosaurs!!

Biscuit Henge

Biscuit Henge 1 We made models of Stonehenge using biscuits.

Stone Age Shelter Building

Stone Age Shelter Building 1
Stone Age Shelter Building 2
Stone Age Shelter Building 3
Before half-term we shared a great book called Arthur and the Golden Rope 
Picture 1

We used the book to generate some ideas for our own writing. Here is some of our writing.


Arthur set off on his journey. He ran into a huge sea monster. Luckily he fought it off and the sea monster swam away. Arthur was very lucky he was alive. Suddenly, the waves turned on him. His boat was all over the sea. It was scary. His boat was gone.


One blustery, windy night Arthur set out on the cold, blue sea for a quest; a quest to find the Viking Gods. Would he make it? But it wasn’t easy. He needed to battle a giant blue octopus. He needed help but there was no one to help him. He was scared.


One horrible, stormy, windy night Arthur set off on his journey to the Viking god. Would he make it, or would he not? Suddenly a big, green monster appeared out from the sea. It looked like a cyclops octopus. He was very frightened of the monster.


Despite being the youngest of his family Arthur set sail in the middle of the great blue sea alone with no one to chat to. After a while, Arthur felt quite sleepy and hungry. The good thing was that he had brought some food, such as a cheese sandwich and some juice with him. Eventually he saw a giant squid and felt like he was in great peril so he tried to fall asleep and he did! Soon enough he arrived at the cold snowy mountain.

Autumn 1

Our Learning Journey this half-term is all about Vikings.




Picture 1


In maths this half term we have focused on place value, addition and subtraction.


Don't forget that you can access RM Easimaths at home using your own login and password. Use RM Easimaths to improve your maths skills.


If you have forgotten your username and password please come and ask Mrs Harding, or email her using the contact form below.



In reading we have been looking at books by Anthony Browne. We have enjoyed the stories and love looking at the pictures. We are practising our inference skills by using the pictures.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
If you have enjoyed these Anthony Browne books why don't you visit the library and see if you can find some of the others he has written.



In writing we have been using How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell to base our writing on. We have also looked at Dragon poetry and are currently writing a set of instructions on How to catch your dragon.


Picture 1
During the summer a strange thing happened. Miss Palmer and Mrs Ord were walking on the school field when they spotted a strange box. They approached the box and then this happened...

Dragon Attack

Still image for this video


Help your child with these lower KS2 spellings.


Picture 1

Contact Mrs Harding

If you have any worries or need to talk to Mrs Harding about anything then please call in and see her. If she cannot see you straight away then she will be happy to make an appointment for a convenient time. Alternatively, you can send her a message using the form below and she'll get back to you as soon as she can.