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Y4 Hazel

Autumn 1 - Year 4 Curriculum

Welcome to the Year 4 Hazel webpage.

Class Teacher:Mr White.

Support Staff:Mr Hingley.

Current Learning Journey: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

PE Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Our Learning Champion - 12.10.18


LC - Well done to our learning champion this week, Raghad. You have been impressing me more and more each day and Mr Hingley is so proud of how far you have come already in 7 weeks. Well done! 


JG - Well done to Leo, our jigsaw genius. You continue to show a mature and sensible attitude to everything you do and you are a fantastic role model for everyone in Hazel class. You keep putting the feelings of others before yourself and this is why everyone loves sitting next to you to have your support. 



Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.

Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.  1

Adding 4 digit numbers 


This week, year 4 are looking at adding 4 digit numbers together with no exchanging before moving onto exchanging. We have been using a range of resources to help us solve missing digit problems and some reasoning questions. 



Verbs tenses



Year 4 have been looking at different verb forms and how we use these effectively in our writing. We used the different verb forms to create sentences and match the correct verb to the verb form. 



We love music!! 


Year 4 are very lucky to have music lessons every Monday afternoon where we are learning loads of fantastic skills and techniques that will help us play different instruments. This week we have been focusing on different beats and the pitch in our voices. As a class, we are getting much better at keeping to the same beat. 


We love our learning walls!! 


Year 4 have been discussing different ways to improve their stories this week and the children were so enthusiastic about using the learning walls which are filled with fantastic resources we have used throughout the skills lessons. It’s great to see these being used in our stories. Well done Year 4!! 



Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius - 5.10.18


Learning Champion - Fayyad for giving 100% in everything he does and always showing a positive attitude to wanting to improve his work. 


Jigsaw Genius - Hamza for gong out of his way to make others feel included. He is always showing what a kind, mature and caring young boy he is and is a fantastic member of Year 4 Hazel. 





In Hazel class we love Fridays. Every Friday we take part in our weekly arithmetic and spelling lesson. 


This week in our spellings we focused on different homophones and when to use the correct one. 




 Maths Reasoning 


In year 4 we have been thinking about how we can deepen our understanding of place value through reasoning and problem activities. We love taking part in ‘what went wrong?’ problems to prove Mr White wrong. 





To support our story writing, we have been looking at how to use dialogue effectively to introduce our characters. 


Before we did this, we also had to look at how to punctuate our dialogue and think about different synonyms for the word said and when it would be appropriate to use these depending on what was happening. 



 Mount Cook 


Some of Year 4 enjoyed 3 days at Mount Cook where we took part in a variety of different activities that enabled us to work as a team and support each other in activities that some of us had never done before. 


I was so proud to witness every child attempt every activity with a positive mindset and just giving everything a go. Every memeber of Hazel class was a real credit to themselves and Acres Hill. 











4 Digit Numbers 


Year 4 have been focusing on their understanding of 4 digit numbers and how these can be made up. We started to look at what happens when we end up with 10 lots of tens, or 10 lots of hundreds and what this would look like. 



How would we feel?


To support us with our understanding of characters feelings and emotions in our stories, we started to look at the experiences our characters were going through and the impact this would have on them. 





We have been looking at what makes up a number. To help us make the links and see exactly what numbers are made up with, we used our base 10 to show representations. 



Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius 14.9.18

Learning Champion: Ali for showing a positive attitude towards all of his learning since we have returned to Hazel class. He is showing what a fantastic role model he is. Keep up the hard work, buddy! 


Jigsaw Genius: This week it goes to Halima for showing mature and sensible decision making when others are struggling to get along.