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Welcome to the Year 4 Sycamore webpage.

Class Teacher: Miss  Haden and Mrs Ord.

Support Staff: Mrs  Mellor.

Current Learning Journey: Settlements around the world.

PE Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion: Tupali- For trying really hard in her learning, giving it her all even if she does find some areas of her learning particularly challenging.

Jigsaw Genius: Ebony-For showing excellent encouragement towards her peers and contributes excellently when working in a team.  

Well done to you both! (9/11/18)

Today we have been working really hard in both our writing and maths lesson. (13/11/18)
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Before planning our newspaper reports, in writing we recapped our understanding of verb forms by highlighting the ones that were used as part of the newspaper witness statements. (12/11/18)
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We have finally finished our firework artwork. They look great! (9/11/18)
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Today in our arithmetic lesson, we have been practising adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers with exchanging. In pairs, we consolidated our learning through a game that helped us to practise applying our understanding of addition and subtraction through the use of the column method.  We rolled a dice to create our sum and whoever solved the sum the quickest gained a point. We had so much fun doing this! (9/11/18)
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Today in Writing, we have been learning about how to write a newspaper report about the disappearance of Lila. Before we begin to write our own, we came up with our own catchy headlines with the use of alliteration to make this even more effective. In the lesson we also completed an activity called Role on the Wall where we had to draw the outline of the characters in the newspaper report and write key words based on how they were feeling as well as what they may have said when being interviewed by reporters. This lead us to record and ask key questions via IPad to get us to feel what it would be like being a news reporter. (5/11/18)
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In this weeks music lesson we had the opportunity to look at the cornets we will be playing for the very first time. As well as practicing our rhythm activity, we also got to have a go on the cornets too. (22/10/18)



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Today in French we have been learning about colours, listening to how they are pronounced and spelt. From doing this, we completed a matching activity that allowed us to complete and identify these colours in our word search. (16/10/18) 
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Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.

Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.  1

This week in Maths we have been learning how to add 4 digit numbers together involving column exchange. Today's Friday lesson was an opportunity to display our understanding of doing this as well as carrying out subtraction to solve a range of problems. We had to justify why some questions had the wrong answer. 


Using place value counters really helped us to represent each problem for us to answer. 

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This week in writing we are preparing to write a biography about author, Philip Pullman who wrote our class text, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. In order to do this we have been looking at verb forms that we can use in our writing. Although challenging at first, the ordering and matching activity really helped us to understand the different forms. (9/10/18)

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In todays Art lesson, we have continued looking at developing our pastel techniques in order to create our firework art work in the upcoming weeks. Our focus was to look at how a snapshot of a firework from a piece of artwork can include a variety of pastel techniques within it. (5/10/18)
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Today was Arithmetic Friday in our Maths lesson where we were looking at multiples of 6. Using our base 10, we identified how we can use this to support our knowledge of our 6 times tables. (5/10/18)
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Today in History we have been using the IPads to research information about Guy Fawkes' life. This research will then help us to write up our very own Guy Fawkes fact files. (2/10/18)
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Every Monday in our music lessons we are learning to play the cornet. In order to do this we learnt to follow different beats through singing a range of different songs. Also, we had a go at drawing our own musical notes to help us begin to read music. We really enjoyed our music lesson taught by our visitor! (1/10/18)
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Today in Maths we have been learning to count in 100's and 1000's. In order to do this we used digit fans to make a 4 digit number, which we then used place value counters and base 10 to represent the changes in the thousand and hundreds column.  (27/09/18)
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Mount Cook Residential! 24/09/18-26/09/18

Mount Cook Residential! 24/09/18-26/09/18 1
Mount Cook Residential! 24/09/18-26/09/18 2

What we will be covering this half term:

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