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Y5 Holly

Welcome to Year 5 Holly. 


Your teachers this year are Mr.White and Mrs.Thompson. We have many exciting things planned across the year and the children will be focused on in-depth lessons based upon a high quality text. 





Verb or Adverb? 


In our GPS lesson today, we have been looking at whether a word is a verb or adverb and how do we know? We made sure we understood the definitions before we started to put them under the correct heading. We then started to think about words in the context of a sentence and how breaking the sentence down into different word classes helped us understand what was a verb or adverb. 



3D Shapes 


Today we looked at how we make up 3D shapes. We had to use our knowledge of the 2D faces to help create our shapes. We then started to think about the way each shape looked laid flat and discussed that this was called a net. 



Persuasive Language 


To help with our persuasive letters, today we focused on just persuasive language. We will be writing a letter back to Grandma and Grandad from Will's point of view. We will be persuading them to let us stay in Indonesia so that we can search for our mum who went missing in the Boxing Day tsunami. 


We looked at the different ways we could use persuasive language and how the use of repetition with certain words or phrases can have a huge impact on the outcome of our letter. Look out for our final pieces of writing that will include all of these features. 



TT Rockstars 


Holly class continue to set the bar for times tables at Acres Hill. They are improving with their multiplication and division recall facts every day. 



Learning Champion 29.6.18


Well done to Tayyab, our Learning Champion, who has shown time after time, that he never gives up and gives 100% in everything that he does, even when he finds his learning tricky. 

Descriptive Writing 


This week we have completed our descriptive writing about and Indonesia island. We have done a lot of work around the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, linked with the Running Wild text so it was nice to create some descriptive pieces of writing focusing on the beautiful side of Indonesia. I am so impressed with the focus and quality this week. The weather in Sheffield definitely helped as it even felt like we were actually in Indonesia. 



Drawing Oona 


Today we have been using our sketching skills that we have developed in the summer term and beginning to use these techniques to draw Oona, who is the elephant that saves Will from the deadly tsunami in Indonesia in 2004. These will be completed over the next two weeks so make sure you look back to check out our final pieces of work. 



Learning Champion 22.6.18


Learning Champion - Wajiha for always putting in 100% into her learning. She always makes the right choice at the right time and is wanting to improve! 


Jigsaw Genius - Ammarr for going out of his way to help others when they are feeling sad or left out 



Poetry is Cool!! 


Year 5 were very lucky to have Mikey Markham come into school to do some poetry with them. They focused on using their favourite song lyrics and putting these together to create some poems. We were all so impressed by the quality of the poetry the children produced with some poems even leaving some members of staff in tears. 


Properties of Shape 


We have been looking at properties of shapes and seeing whether we can create the shape from the properties we were given. Before we drew them, we worked together with our partner to create the shape. 



Word Classes 


Today we looked at taking extracts for our Running Wild text and putting the words into their correct word classes. Before we could do this, we had to check that we understood the definition of each word class.



 Eid Mubarak 


Eid Mubarak to all our families celebrating today. Enjoy your time with your loved ones and I cannot wait to here all about it. 




This week, year 5 have re-visited angles in order to gain a deeper understanding of how we measure and calculate different shapes. After looking at what we measure angles in, we moved on to measuring angles accurately using a protractor. Using the tape across the tables, each pair had to measure the angle then name it correctly using our prior knowledge. We even started to notice patterns such as 4 right angles equaling 360 degrees. Each pair then moved onto the next table to check their angles were measured accurately. 


We then worked really hard to clean the tables to make sure they were tidy...




Tsunami Warning! 


For our writing focus this week, year 5 have created their own tsunami warning leaflets. We had previously researched what effects of tsunamis in Indonesia and discussed how we could stay safe in the event of a tsunami. 



Sentence Structure 


To help with our writing, we have been looking at our sentence structure and how these can be changed. We focused on different subordinate clauses and how the effect of the sentence changes, depending on the structure. It was really interesting to look at the didn't effects each time. 





In our ICT lesson this week, we linked it to our maths focus and started to look at creating different charts and graphs using word and excel. This will be very important because after half term, we will be looking at different rainfall and water levels in Indonesia across the year. 



Learning Champion 18.05.18


Learning Champion - Well done to Mir, who has been working so hard to improve his writing all year and this had resulted in some very pleasing pieces of writing produced over the last few weeks, especially his diary entry which I was supposed with, he was sent to year 6 to read it to them. 


Jigsaw Genius - Roman. Well done to Roman, who at such a young age, goes out his way to make sure everyone is happy and included in all games across the school. 

Animal Classes 


Year 5 have created their very own pack of top trump cards, to show the different animal classes. They worked incredibly hard on the presentation and even had to find the research for each animal themselves. They will now be able to use the top trumps during their wet break times. 



Multiply and a Divide by 10,100 and 1000


In our arithmetic focus this week, we have been looking at what method could help us solve problems that multiply and divide 10,100 and 1000. 





Word Classification 


We have been working hard this week looking at different word classification. We used our spelling strips to help identify different classifications such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, determiners, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. 


Learning Champion - 11.5.18


Learning Champion - Ihthishan for his hard work to develop his knowledge in maths reasoning problems. 


Jigsaw Genius - Katie for her mature and caring attitude towards her peers, often putting their needs before her own and always wanting to make sure everyone is happy. 

Animal Classes 


Year 5 have been using our classification knowledge to put animals into different classes. We used a matching activity to put different animals into bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian and fish classes. We then used this knowledge to create our own top trump cards which were scored against weight, height, lifespan and number of young. 


These top trump cards have been made into a wet break time game for the class to use. 



Editing Stations 


After writing our amazing diary entries, we used editing stations to independently edit and improve our writing. This was really effective and the children worked really hard to improve their work. 



Emotion and Feelings


We have been looking at different emotion and feelings and how we can describe these without using specific words. We watched clips of tsunamis hitting Indonesia and this allowed us to be in the characters shoes and imagine what it would have been like to be stuck in that situation. These skills will really help improve the quality of our diary entries. 



Learning Champion - 4.5.18


Learning Champion - Nicole. Fantastic effort in every lesson and really wanting to improve the quality of her writing using brilliant imagination for her diary entry ideas. 


Jigsaw Genius - Esah. Showing a very mature attitude towards solving issues outside on the playground and showing the rest of the class what a fantastic friend he is. Keep it up! 

Read Around the World


A big well done to Daniel who is the first child from Holly class to achieve their badge on the display in the main corrridor. He has read 20 times at home and achieved his Europe badge. Fantastic effort at home Daniel. Come in Holly, let's get some more names on the display next week! 

Living Things 


Here's a look at our lesson around Living Things using classification trees. The children loved coming up with their own questions to show off their animal knowledge. They used these examples to help produce their own classification tree after. 





Arithmetic Friday saw Year 5 continue to improve their knowledge about fractions. We looked at adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions and different methods to work these problems out. Some children were able to show representations of their working out to show a deeper understanding of the method to solve these problems. Brilliant learning, Holly! 



TT Rockstars 


Holly class are continuing to improve their times table knowledge every day thanks to times table rockstars. We have certainly seen an improvement in all areas of maths because of this. Keep it up guys! 





Year 5 have been working hard this week to take simple facts and turn these into multi clause sentences to add further detail. They have been producing some really impressive sentences which include a range of KS2 features ready for their diary entry next week. 



Learning Champion 27.4.18


Learning Champion - A huge well done to Aisha, who always puts 100% into everything she does. Her positive attitude towards learning is really showing and she is making so much progress this year. You should be very proud Aisha. 


Jigsaw Genius - Zaid. This boy has come on leaps and bounds this year and has impressed everything in school, and I mean everyone! He always shows his kind and caring personality to his peers every day. He is really making a great impact on the learning quality in Holly class right now. 



In year 5 we have been working really hard to improve our spellings. This week we had time to fit in an extra lesson and had a go at testing ourselves with different spellings from year 1-6. We had to write the sentence given to us and guess which word was the year group specific spelling word. 





This week our focus in maths has been time. We have discussed this is a life skill and essential to have when we go about our lives from day to day. We have been looking at analogue and 12 hr digital and how to convert these times. These skills will help us convert 24hr digital times next week when we look at different time tables. 



Learning Champion 


Learning Champion - Roman. Well done for your hard work and determination. You put 100% into everything you do and you are really starting to produce some lovely pieces of writing. 


Jigsaw Genius - Archie. Congratulations to Archie, who has really worked hard developing his skills to support his peers. He has shown great maturity and is now showing everyone how much of a brilliant team player he is in Holly Class. 

Maths Reasoning 


On Thursdays, Acres Hill children build on their fluency skills from across the week and develop on these either through fluency in different formats or moving on to reasoning and problem solving. This weeks focus in year 5 has been reflections and translations, which the children worked extremely hard on to gain a good understanding of this skill. 





We have been looking at new ways to remember our spelling rules in year 5. Today we had to unscramble the words to find the correct spelling. Once we found the spelling, we then discussed the meanings and the rules for these.   




This week in maths we have been looking at translation of shapes. To help us, we played a game of 'Simon Says' and this allowed us to understand the different translations that we would be looking at. 



Learning Champion - 29.03.18


Learning Champion - a big well done to Daniel for the quality of work he is producing and always with a smile on his face. He is setting a fantastic example to the rest of the class.


Jigsaw Genius - well done to Amir, who has worked really hard on his teamwork skills and this has seen him help and support his peers with their learning. 





In year 5 we are having a big push on our handwriting and seeing how many children can achieve their pen licences by the end of this year. We have linked this with our knowledge of year 5/6 words. 



Let It Go

Still image for this video
Some children wanted to finish our Antarctica focus this term with a special song.

Learning Champion - 23.3.18


Well done to our Learning Champion, Mayesha, for her brilliant attitude towards her learning. The quality of her writing is brilliant to see and she should be extremely proud of what she is achieving. 


Also, a big well done to Tayyab, our Jigsaw Genius for this week. His attitude to not only improve himself but to support others in improving is fantastic to see. I know everyone loves working with Tayyab because he is so supportive. 

TT Rockstars 


Holly class have loved TT Rockstars so far. We use this as a starter for every maths lesson to build on our multiplication knowledge. Our aim is to improve our recall in our times tables up to 12x12. Then, 3 times a week, we complete our TT Rockstars worksheet, which is against the clock and allows us to test our multiplication knowledge whilst listening to some brilliant rock songs! 


Each child also also has an account to access at home and this is a fantastic website to help with your child's multiplication knowledge. Mr White is very proud that children in Holly class are leading the way and using this on a regular basis, it is really make a big difference in their mathematical skills. 


A big well done to Shimaz, who completed 60 questions on her 3,4 and 8 times tables in just 1 minute. You are flying! 








Materials and their Properties 


Our Science this week was focused around materials and their properties. We used this opportunity to explore our school for different objects that are created using different materials. We had to list these objects under the correct material heading. 


After that, we discussed the properties of every object we found and completed a table to show each material and their properties. 


This knowledge allowed us to discuss the purpose for different materials and how certain materials are more appropriate for certain uses such as glass for windows because they are transparent and allow light to come through. This then led us to look at the blinds and discuss that their purpose was to stop light coming through and that this must be obpaque. 



3D Shapes


This week in maths we have been focusing on 3D shapes and identifying their properties from 2D representations. To do this, the children first has to identify the features using models of 3D shapes we had in the classroom. This allowed us to discuss their properties and answer true or false questions. 



Learning Champion - 16.03.18


Congratulations to our Learning Champion, Sheriff. He doesn't always find it easy with his writing but he has been trying really hard to improve the quality. This last week we have been looking at information texts about Antarctic and he has really enjoyed learning new facts and has produced a lovely piece of writing because of his effort. Well done! 


Another big well done to our Jigsaw Genius, Kimarley. He has really matured in Year 5 this year and adults across the school comment on what a kind and caring young boy he is becoming. You should be really proud, I know I am! 


British Science Week 


To celebrate British Science Week at Acres Hill, we have taken part in an investigation week, where our students have become mini investigators. This has allowed them to explore in-depth scientific skills. Our investigation in Year 5 Holly is looking at different materials and which one would be the best insulator for Mr White's and Mrs Thompson's cup of tea. This came about because we were both worried we weren't getting time to enjoy our favourite hot drink and hopefully with the help of the children, we can solve this issue! 


The children have had to think of the different materials to test and then decide which variable would be independent to ensure a we were solving the investigation question. The class then decided the other variables would be dependent so that a fair test was taking place. 



All things politics...


This week we were very lucky to have some Politics students from the University come in and do some work with us importance of politics, especially in this country. We looked at different reasons for debating and how this effects the decisions and laws created. 


We we are very lucky to have University students come in on a regular basis and we certainly love learning about new things like this! 





We have been writing information texts all about Antarctica this week. We decided to do this so that we could find our more information about the forgotten continent where Shackleton visited. 


We looked at Continent, Climate and Habitat for our headings and the children produced some very informative pieces of writing that we will be presenting to the public in a few weeks. 



Ice Skating 


Year 5 enjoyed there second week of ice Skating and we even got to put our skates on and get on the ice. For many children, this was the first time they had ever been Skating and I am incredibly proud of them for trying something new. I know we are already excited to come back again next week. 





Today we have been estimating and measuring angles on our tables. We had to use our knowledge of angles to name and estimate the degrees we believed it would be. We then used protractors to measure the accurate measurement. 




Learning Champion - 8.3.18


Well done to our Learning Champion this week, Aaron, who has shown a change of attitude towards his writing and this is really showing in done of the quality he is producing. He doesn't always find writing easy so this positive attitude is fantastic to see!


Well done to our Jigsaw Genius, Wajiha. She always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others in the class and she is a fantastic role model for Acres Hill.




We spent this morning working on different sentence skills. We used the strips to help with our spellings and we had to identify the year group spelling word in each sentence and ensure this was correct. To challenge ourselves, we then tried to find ways of improving the sentence, whilst maintaining the accuracy of the spelling. The children loved this activity and wanted to challenge themselves to make sure their spellings were always correct. 



Ice Skating 


Today, year 5 have been lucky enough to take part in their first ice skating lesson of the term. We used this session to get used to the ice in our shoes. We then moved on to painting on the ice, which was so much fun! We're already looking forward to next weeks lesson. 



10 in 10!


Every morning in Holly class the children take part in ‘10 in 10’ which is based on 10 arithmetic questions to be completed in 10 minutes. The children are finding this very useful every morning and it is helping them develop their mental recall skills. Using this everyday is definitely allowing the children to develop these skills within their maths lessons especially when moving on to word problems and reasoning skills. 




Learning Champion 


Well done to our learning champion, Rudolf, who has a brilliant attitude towards his learning. He towards always find everything easy but he always gives it his best and does it with a big smile on his face, which is brilliant to see! 


Another big well done to your jigsaw genius, Jahidul, who I think everyone in the class would certainly agree, is a fantastic learning partner for everyone. He really goes out of his way to support his peers and it is brilliant to see him mature in this way.

World Book Day 


It may well be a snow day today, but we can still celebrate World Book Day, no matter where we are. Mr White has been out and about making snowmen and even took some time out to read his favourite current book in the snow. Mr White is looking forward to see the Harry Potter play in London so he’s reading the book first! 




Ice Trap 



Our learning this half term will be based on the real life expedition by Shackleton and his crew in this fantastic book 'Ice Trap'. 

The book will allow us to look in-depth at life in Antarctica and begin to research issues in the world today such as global warming. 

Learning Champion 


Well done to our Learning Champion this week, Shimaz. She always has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and is always eager to want to learn more. She is a real role model for Acres Hill. 


Another big well done to Louis, our Jigsaw Genius, who has really changed his willingness to learning and is now supporting children around the classroom. Fantastic to see! 



A big special mention to the whole of Holly Class who achieved at least 10 green cards each this half term meaning they get a reward from the shop. Keep up the hard work! 


The Highway Rat 


We have created some fantastic work based around the Highway Rat. Our pastel drawings are beautifully detailed and we have worked really hard on our newspaper reports using the GPS skills taught this week. 





Parent/Carer Lesson 


This afternoon we were very lucky to have some of our parents/carers join us for our art lesson based on our text 'The Highway Man'. 


We focused on some cave art and created our own pastel drawings using the skills built up over the past few weeks. These skills enabled us to blend our colours which have resulted in some brilliant pieces of work. Check back on this page soon to see the final product! 


Many thanks to the adults for coming in, I know the children really appreciated it as did I. We look forward to doing more events like this in the nearby future. 



We have been continuing with our fractions work this week looking at adding 3 or more fractions together. We used the bar model to show visual representation and this helps us when we are struggling to find the common multiple in our heads. 


Some children then moved on to problem solving activities where they used trial and error techniques to get to the final answer. 



Newspaper Features 


Today we have been looking at a range of different features in newspaper reports. Whilst looking at a range of GPS skills, we have started to also look at the language choices used within different types of reports. We noticed that the language in newspaper reports is normally formal to engage the right audience but they often include many quotes and interviews that includes informal language. We also discussed the differences between using past and present tense throughout the reports and will look to include these skills in our own writing this week. 


Julia Donaldson Week



This is a very special week in school as we are focusing all our work on the brilliant 'The Highway Rat' book by Julia Donaldson. This is the first time the children have read this book and we have already enjoyed the language choices and the humour included throughout the story. 


We we will be using this story to write our own newspaper reports about a new robbery on the highway. We will also be creating our own cave art with our parents/careers this week, which we cannot wait for! 








Learning Champion


Congratulations to this weeks learning champion, Karam. He has a smile on his face every single day and really puts the effort in, in every lesson. He is a real credit to himself, his family and the whole school. Well done! 


Another congratulations to our Jigsaw Genius this week, Tayyab. He doesn't always find it easy in every lesson and is often worried about asking for help. This week, however, he has shown great maturity in wanting to ask probing questions to extend his learning. 

Thank You!


A big thank you to Pete Mckee who after inspiring us with our artwork, has delivered some very special gifts to Year 5. The children have learnt a great deal from Pete Mckee and are currently creating their own pieces of artwork that will be on show around school very soon! 




After several weeks of fluency work in maths, we have started to look at different problem solving questions, using a range of methods to help solve the answer. The children are really starting to apply the knowledge they have built up and this has given them confidence and the skills to solve these reasoning problems. 





Graffiti Designs 


This afternoon we finished off our draft designs based around Pete Mckee's work. The children have been improving their skills each day and we have been focusing on the different techniques needed for our drawings. These skills have allowed us all to develop our drawings each time. Our final designs will be created this week and displayed in the classroom. 



Learning Champion 


Well done to this weeks learning champion, Halima, who has been putting 100% effort into everything she does. The quality of her work has really shown and to top the week off, she was awarded with her pen licence. 


Another big well done to our jigsaw genius, Magyar, who has really gone out of her way to help others in the class when they are struggling with their work. This is a fantastic attitude to show and I am really proud of her! 




Today we looked at adding like and unlike fractions. At first we found this very tricky but we continued to show resilience and we finally felt confident by the end of the lesson. We used the bar models to help support us with our visual support. 






Reading Buddy


Year 5 have partnered up with Year 2 and become reading buddies to help support the children with their reading skills. This is a fantastic programme that the children love taking part in. You can definitely see the buzz around the classroom when these children are reading. 



Pete McKee Workshop 


This morning we were very lucky to have Sheffield artist, Pete McKee, come in and share some of his work with us. He even demonstrated some of his art skills to help us with our graffiti work. We loved this workshop and have definitely learnt new skills to make our work even better! We will post some of our work once we have finished. 



Pete McKee 


Ahead of our visit from Pete McKee this week, we have been learning a little more about this famous Sheffield artist. We have been researching all the different examples of art work he has produced and has on show in our amazing city. We are using this research to create fact files on Pete McKee that we will present to the rest of the class. We have been learning many interesting facts about this Sheffield icon. 





How fractions make up a whole 


Today in maths we have been looking at how fractions make up a whole. We have created our own fraction strips so that we can visually see how each fractions makes up a whole. We will be using these all week to help us solve different problems. 


Some us created our own fraction walls while others looked at what fractions (with different denominators) make a whole. 









Our maths focus this week has been decimals and we have been learning how to order, compare and convert. We have also been been working on our reasoning skills and applying these skills to answer 'deepen' questions. 



Learning Champion 


Well done to our Learning Champion this week, Esah. His positive attitude and willingness to succeed in his learning has helped him progress really well this week. Keep it up, Esah, you have been a real champion this week! 


Well ill done to our Jigsaw Genius, Izzy. Her kind and caring personality has seen her really help out her peers this week. She always has a smile on her face and is a real credit to Holly class. 





This half term we have been focusing on poetry, linking in with our graffiti and art topic. We wrote poems about 2018 and what we wanted to achieve by the end of this year. The children then read aloud their poems to the rest of the class using expression and actions to create imagery. These poems were fantastic and many children even used a range of poetry features including rhyme, similes, repetition and personification. These features really improved the quality of our poems. 







This week we have been completing our graffiti names for our display. To looked at a range of designs from the internet and used these to help create our own. This will help us as we work on our graffiti wall that will be displayed in the classroom. 



Reading Text 


Our reading text this half term is Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone and we are loving it! The story is set in Antarctica and focuses on the adventures of two children. The children are using this text to improve on our reading knowledge and we can't wait to find out what happens in the story next.



Learning Champion 


Well done to this weeks learning champion, Zaid. He has really shown a fantastic attitude towards his learning and is starting to show a willingness to want to improve in everything. 


Another big well done to Aryan, our Jigsaw Genius, who has really come out of his shell this week and has seen him flourish into a really popular member of Holly class. 

Dreams and Goals


This week in our Jigsaw lessons we are looking at dreams and goals. We focused on everyday jobs and how these jobs contribute to the society we live in today. 



Graffiti - Vandalism or Art? 


We have already started our Spring topic 'Graffiti - Vandalism or Art?'  The children have enjoyed creating graffiti versions of their names! 


While you are out and about, please see if you can spot any examples of graffiti and discuss whether or not they think it is art and why.  Obviously, please try to shield the children from some of the more explicit language that people use. 


We will particularly be looking at the work of Peter McKee, whose work is well known in Sheffield.  See if you can find out where the picture below is in Sheffield.

Spy Day preparation 




Preperations for our spy day have continued his afternoon as we have started to think about our Dragons Den pitches. For this we have designed gadgets with ideas that will hopefully set our gadgets apart from the rest. We are excited but nervous about entering the Den as we have heard the judges can be very strict! 

Learning Champion 


This weeks learning champion is Zaid. He doesn't always find learning easy, however, this week he has shown a fantastic attitude and willingness to improve at everything and has done it all with a smile on his face! 


This weeks jigsaw genius is Daniel, who as a learning partner, show a fantastic attitude to wanting to support them! 


Well done to both of you! 

Spy Agency 


As we continue our work towards our Spy day, we have been looking at instructions in our writing. We will be writing a set of instructions to break into the enemy base and successfully complete a retrieval of secret files. We look forward to sharing these with you next week. 

Learning Champion


This weeks Learning Champion is Aisha who has been creating some beautiful pieces of writing. She has been working really hard to create pieces of writing that really interest the reader and she certainly has this week.


Our Jigsaw Genius is someone who stood up and took responsibility when thing didn't go to plan with his group. He admitted to his faults in the group sessions and this was a really mature thing to be able to do. Well done Karam. 

STEM Science 


This week in our STEM Science lesson we have been looking at 'energy'. 


We looked at all the different ways we create energy and then split off into groups to design a poster and then present our source of energy back to the rest of the class. 


We also discussed which energy source is the most renewable and how we should be looking to use these in the future to help prevent the alarming rates of global warming. 




Spy Bases


For our instructional texts, we have designed our own spy bases. We had to think about the layout of our bases and include some key features. We had to think about what rooms we wanted to include and the security procedures in place for example; eye and voice recognition and secret door knocks. These ideas will support us with our instructional writing next week. 



Letters to MI6


Our writing focus this week has been based on persuasive writing. We were very fortunate to receive a letter from MI6 asking for our help in a number of assignments. This week we had to persuade Derek Smithers, a technology consultant for MI6, why we should be hired as an agent. The children worked really hard to create some very pleasing pieces of work. We look forward to hearing back from MI6 regarding our applications.        


CV Writing


This afternoon we have been looking at CV's and how these help us with getting our dream jobs. We looked at different examples before creating our own CV's that we will be using to apply for the MI6 agency. 





This half term we have been focusing on multiplication. We have been looking at prime numbers, factors and squared numbers to help with basic multiplication facts. These facts have helped us move on to solving 4x2 digit numbers. This has been very tricky for many children but our hard work and resilience is now paying off and we are finally starting to get it. 



STEM Science 


Holly class have been very fortunate to have volunteers from Sheffield University coming in to teach us many great things in science. Each week will be a different focus and they allow us to investigate and use different enquiry skills to find out so many fascinating facts! This week the topic was about 'dinosaurs' and we looked at the different of the world and how the dinosaurs developed over a period of time until the present day. 


We we are already looking forward to our lesson next week!



Assault Course Task 


As part of our secret agent training, today we took part in an assault course to help train for field missions. A massive thank you to Errol for helping to train us today, we certainly worked hard! 



This week we have designed our own gadgets for MI6. We decided to use everyday objects as we felt they would go undetected by our enemies. 


Here is is a look at some of our imaginative ideas. Come and look at our secret agent file but remember you cannot tell anyone about what you see!





Secret Agents 


This half term we were surprised by a letter sent to us from MI6. In this letter we have been assigned 8 different tasks to complete. These tasks will assess whether we are ready to become secret agents. Keep checking to see how we get on with each task!

Acres Hill News


In our writing this week we have been focusing on newspaper articles. We imagined we were in charge of Acres Hill News and wrote an article about the strange issues happening on planet Pheonix from our reading text. This produced some fantastic pieces of writing which all included some interesting and very detailed quotes from eyewitnesses that saw everything! 

Class Assembly 


This week, Year 5 Holly performed their class assembly to the whole school and plenty of parent and carers. We were extremely proud to show off our high level writing skills that we had spent the first few weeks focusing on. We also presented our own solar system that we created. This is now on display in Holly class and we love it! To finish the fantastic assembly off in perfect style, we even showed off our musical talents and sang 'Don't Stop Believing' by The Journey which we are focusing on this half term. This was one of Mr. White's favourite songs and we all made him very proud, especially because of our dance moves. 

Our Topic this Term is

'Our Solar System'



This half term our learning journey is taking us to places we have never been before. Over the next few weeks, Year 5 Holly will be looking at the solar system and why it is important for us to know what goes on within space. This will see us creating our own solar system and starscapes for our ceiling. 




During the Autumn half term, Holly will be looking at the earliest civilizations from around the world and asking 'what did they do to help us today?'


We will be researching the Shang Dynasty and how this civilization formed many things that we still do in the present day. 

Home Learning 


Every Friday, children will be sent home with different tasks including; spellings, reading tasks and mental math activities. These are to be completed to the high standards we expect in Holly class and returned by the following Wednesday. Children also have their 'Home Learning' sheet with a range of different curriculum activities to complete over the half term. 

Reading support at home

Class Teacher Contact Page

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Maths Puzzle 4th November 16

Our Golden Rules across the school

Holly Class Charter - agreed and shared

Home Reading Question Cards

Learning and Having Fun

Year 4 Sheffield South East Learning Partnership