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Y5 Holly

Welcome to Year 5 Holly. 


Your teachers this year are Mr.White and Mrs.Thompson. We have many exciting things planned across the year and the children will be focused on in-depth lessons based upon a high quality text. 


This half term our text focus is 'Stormbreaker' linking well with our 'Spy' topic.



Learning Champion


This weeks Learning Champion is Aisha who has been creating some beautiful pieces of writing. She has been working really hard to create pieces of writing that really interest the reader and she certainly has this week.


Our Jigsaw Genius is someone who stood up and took responsibility when thing didn't go to plan with his group. He admitted to his faults in the group sessions and this was a really mature thing to be able to do. Well done Karam. 

STEM Science 


This week in our STEM Science lesson we have been looking at 'energy'. 


We looked at all the different ways we create energy and then split off into groups to design a poster and then present our source of energy back to the rest of the class. 


We also discussed which energy source is the most renewable and how we should be looking to use these in the future to help prevent the alarming rates of global warming. 




Spy Bases


For our instructional texts, we have designed our own spy bases. We had to think about the layout of our bases and include some key features. We had to think about what rooms we wanted to include and the security procedures in place for example; eye and voice recognition and secret door knocks. These ideas will support us with our instructional writing next week. 



Letters to MI6


Our writing focus this week has been based on persuasive writing. We were very fortunate to receive a letter from MI6 asking for our help in a number of assignments. This week we had to persuade Derek Smithers, a technology consultant for MI6, why we should be hired as an agent. The children worked really hard to create some very pleasing pieces of work. We look forward to hearing back from MI6 regarding our applications.        


CV Writing


This afternoon we have been looking at CV's and how these help us with getting our dream jobs. We looked at different examples before creating our own CV's that we will be using to apply for the MI6 agency. 





This half term we have been focusing on multiplication. We have been looking at prime numbers, factors and squared numbers to help with basic multiplication facts. These facts have helped us move on to solving 4x2 digit numbers. This has been very tricky for many children but our hard work and resilience is now paying off and we are finally starting to get it. 



STEM Science 


Holly class have been very fortunate to have volunteers from Sheffield University coming in to teach us many great things in science. Each week will be a different focus and they allow us to investigate and use different enquiry skills to find out so many fascinating facts! This week the topic was about 'dinosaurs' and we looked at the different of the world and how the dinosaurs developed over a period of time until the present day. 


We we are already looking forward to our lesson next week!



Assault Course Task 


As part of our secret agent training, today we took part in an assault course to help train for field missions. A massive thank you to Errol for helping to train us today, we certainly worked hard! 



This week we have designed our own gadgets for MI6. We decided to use everyday objects as we felt they would go undetected by our enemies. 


Here is is a look at some of our imaginative ideas. Come and look at our secret agent file but remember you cannot tell anyone about what you see!





Secret Agents 


This half term we were surprised by a letter sent to us from MI6. In this letter we have been assigned 8 different tasks to complete. These tasks will assess whether we are ready to become secret agents. Keep checking to see how we get on with each task!

Acres Hill News


In our writing this week we have been focusing on newspaper articles. We imagined we were in charge of Acres Hill News and wrote an article about the strange issues happening on planet Pheonix from our reading text. This produced some fantastic pieces of writing which all included some interesting and very detailed quotes from eyewitnesses that saw everything! 

Class Assembly 


This week, Year 5 Holly performed their class assembly to the whole school and plenty of parent and carers. We were extremely proud to show off our high level writing skills that we had spent the first few weeks focusing on. We also presented our own solar system that we created. This is now on display in Holly class and we love it! To finish the fantastic assembly off in perfect style, we even showed off our musical talents and sang 'Don't Stop Believing' by The Journey which we are focusing on this half term. This was one of Mr. White's favourite songs and we all made him very proud, especially because of our dance moves. 

Our Topic this Term is

'Our Solar System'



This half term our learning journey is taking us to places we have never been before. Over the next few weeks, Year 5 Holly will be looking at the solar system and why it is important for us to know what goes on within space. This will see us creating our own solar system and starscapes for our ceiling. 




During the Autumn half term, Holly will be looking at the earliest civilizations from around the world and asking 'what did they do to help us today?'


We will be researching the Shang Dynasty and how this civilization formed many things that we still do in the present day. 

Home Learning 


Every Friday, children will be sent home with different tasks including; spellings, reading tasks and mental math activities. These are to be completed to the high standards we expect in Holly class and returned by the following Wednesday. Children also have their 'Home Learning' sheet with a range of different curriculum activities to complete over the half term. 

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