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Y5 Lime

Welcome to Year 5 Lime.

Your teacher is Mr Timewell and your teaching assistant is Mr Rotherforth.


We are really pleased with the way all of the children have settled back into our class after the holidays.  Both their behaviour and work have been of a high standard.  It has been an amazing start to the term!


P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has a white t-shirt, blue or black shorts or leggings, socks and trainers or black plimsolls, in a drawstring bag to remain on their peg in class for the half term.


Your child will soon receive their half termly  homework. Please try to find time to help them work at home.  Your help and support will encouraged them to do their best.






Our topic in Autumn One term is 'Who's out there?' We will be learning all about space and the solar system.


We are reading the story, Phoenix by S F Said. This is one of the best books we have ever read and we're really pleased to be sharing it with you. Each week, we read a new chapter together, clarify the meaning of new vocabulary, focus on a key reading skill eg inference or retrieval, practise answering comprehension style papers and share a non-fiction text linked to our learning. WE LOVE READING at Acres Hill!


In writing, we are writing descriptions, a short chapter, letter and a newspaper report, using the story of Phoenix as our inspiration. Check out our amazing writing on display in our classroom- we are using Y5 features, such as, relative clauses, modal verbs and dialogue to help convey the character and move the action on.


In maths, we are learning how to read, write and order numbers to at least one million, use place value to solve reasoning problems, add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits using a formal written method and mentally calculate with increasingly large numbers.



We have already started our Spring topic 'Graffiti - Vandalism or Art?'  The children have enjoyed creating graffiti versions of their names! 


While you are out and about, please see if you can spot any examples of graffiti and discuss whether or not they think it is art and why.  Obviously, please try to shield the children from some of the more explicit language that people use. 


We will particularly be looking at the work of Peter McKee, whose work is well known in Sheffield.  See if you can find out where the picture below is in Sheffield.

Picture 1
Mr Rotherforth has injured his foot.  We will update you on his condition as we know more, but we are sure you will join us in wishing him well.  In the meantime, we are very lucky to have Mrs Mennell standing in.

Pete McKee came to visit us.  The children were really absorbed by what he had to say.  The questions ranged from 'How did you become a cartoonist?' and 'What picture would you go back and change?' to 'Do you own a jet?'!  We then asked them to try their own Pete McKee style pictures.  We have also asked the children to do their own 'tags' and graffiti theie own names. An example of every child's work will appear below. 


We are astounded by the quality of work the children have produced! Please enjoy our slideshow.

Star Pupils:


Hasan :  Outstanding pupil in an outstanding week.

Aleena: Helping solve a classroom problem.


Salek: Fantastic work and presentation.

Leyla: Thinking hard about her work.


Merybel: Looking after a new child.

David: Working hard for Mr Hingley.


Marcus: Huge improvement in writing.

Sofiya: Resilience in her art work

Something to try at home for half term:


Have you done the coke and menthos experiment?





Do things change if you use a bigger bottle?  What about if you use more coke?  How about adding more menthos?  Does the same thing happen if you use a different type of cola or fizzy drink?

Want to help your child progress?


Simple ways:-

Listen to them read aloud for a few minutes every day.


Help them learn all the addition and subtraction facts to twenty, off by heart.

Learn their times tables to 12x12 off by heart.


More complex ways:-

Ask them about what they have read.

For example:

Who did this?

What did they do?

Why did a character do something?

What will happen next?  Why do you think that?


Ask them about the school day.  Remember that, whatever you are told, we never do 'nothing' at school!

Ask what they did in Maths.  Can they show you how to do it?

Ask what they learned in English.  What terms have they learned and what do they mean?

They will have done other things.

If you're really stuck, ask them what they enjoyed.  Even if it's their lunch, or playtime, get them talking about school.


If you are not sure, please feel free to ask.  Despite what the children can sometimes say, we are approachable and have your child's best interests at heart!