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Y6 Holly

Welcome to the Year 6 Holly webpage.

Class Teachers: Mrs Kay, Mrs Turner & Miss Reynolds

Support Staff: Miss Travis.

Current Learning Journey: Goodnight Mister Tom.

PE Days: Wednesday and Friday.


Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion: Patryk for having such a fantastic attitude towards his learning and trying hard with everything he does!(21.9.2018)

Jigsaw Genius: Louis for being a fantastic role model and looking after others - he is a superstar at helping younger children on the playground! (21.9.2018)

Perfect Pencil Techniques!

Perfect Pencil Techniques! 1
Louis and Wajiha have been working extremely hard to use the skills we have been practising in art in their observational drawings! They have used cross hatching and cross contouring, tried to include scumbling and stippling where appropriate and have used a range of pencils to show tone in their work. Fantastic effort!

How has the author done it?

How has the author done it? 1
We have been analysing different extracts from our class text Goodnight Mister Tom, as well as looking in our WAGOLL, for examples of how the author uses language to convey meaning. We thought about how the author shows us rather than tells us key details and we looked at examples of informality in dialogue, historical language and a range of grammatical features.

Fantastic Home Learning!

Fantastic Home Learning! 1
Fantastic Home Learning! 2
Fantastic Home Learning! 3
Amazing effort from Katie, Daniel and Mayaar who have all brought in a range of home learning from the home learning menu. They have found out about currency used during the War, written poems and even cooked up some rationing style treats! Click on the link above to see if there's anything you'd like to try from the menu!

Expressive Poetry - WOW! What a day!

Expressive Poetry - WOW! What a day! 1
Y6 have been very lucky and have been able to welcome two visitors into our class today - Rhymical Mike and Raphael Blake. Both artists shared their journeys about overcoming difficulties and becoming the successful performers they are today. They worked with the children to create and perform their own poems, exploring some very thought-provoking themes. We can not wait to finish our poems and send them to you, Mike, and we are very excited for your return visit in April!

British Values Debate - Was it right to go to War?

British Values Debate - Was it right to go to War? 1
This week we have linked our learning about WWII to British Values and looked at how they were tested when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. Year 6 used their research about how the war began and how the War affected citizens across the globe to have a very mature debate about whether it was right for Neville Chamberlain to declare a state of War. Some interesting and thought-provoking points made on both sides - well done Holly Class!

Fabulous Home Learning

Fabulous Home Learning 1
What a fantastic piece of home learning from Katie! She has created a piece of work that tells us all about the money that was in circulation during the War. Amazing effort at home - well done, Katie!

We love to READ!

We love to READ! 1
We love to READ! 2
Here we have Mir and Kimarley enjoying the next part of Goodnight Mister Tom in our lovely reading area! Great to see so many children asking if they can go in there to enjoy their books! Happy reading, Y6 Holly!

Ordering and comparing numbers

Ordering and comparing numbers 1
Y6H have used their knowledge of place value to solve a wide range of problems involving ordering and comparing numbers this week. The children used different resources to help show their working out too!

Varying our clause structures

Varying our clause structures 1
Varying our clause structures 2
Varying our clause structures 3
In order to keep our sentences interesting and varied, we have been thinking about how we can vary the clauses and phrases in our sentences and how the words we choose, and the order we put them in, has an impact on the reader. Some great discussions - well done Y6H!

Show not tell!

Show not tell! 1
Y6 Holly have been working on writing their setting descriptions and have been working on how to show the reader what is in the scene rather than tell them too obviously. By picking out things they could see, hear and smell in the scene, they were able to gather lots of description ad then think about how they were going to transfer this into their writing. Well done on your hard work, Y6H!

Expanded noun phrases

Expanded noun phrases 1
This week, we have been learning how to write well-chosen expanded noun phrases in order to include them in our descriptions next week. We had great fun building up our expended noun towers, using prepositions, adjectives, determiners and even clauses to enhance the description of the noun!


Rounding  1
This week, we have been focusing on place value and rounding in maths. We looked at the value of each digit in numbers right up to ten million and thought about different strategies that we can use to help us round numbers, such as using a number line or a place value chart.