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03 October 2013 18:49

Year 2


Hello and welcome to Year 2 

Ms Robb and Mrs Somerset are the class teachers in Year 2. Zoe is our teaching assistant.

We are all very excited to be working with the Year 2 children this year.



Week 1 in year 2

Week 1 was a very exciting week in year 2. The children discovered they now have a very big classroom with lots of fun areas of learning. We made a house of cards and found out what we already knew about buildings.


Week 2 in year 2

Week 2 was the week of our quick loca area walk to look at houses and buildings. We then drew some of the buildings from the walk. Children continued to complete their learning challenges and we completed our very first number facts tests. The number facts test is a set of 66 questions and the children have 10 minutes to answer all the questions.  We will complete the test every friday afternoon and children should try to beat their scores.

Nearly all children returned their homework books which was brilliant.


Week 3 in year 2

Week 3 saw the beginning of making models of a room from your homes using junk boxes that have been kindly donated by parents.

We have been looking at instructions in literacy and children will be writing their own instructuions for how to make a model home for the Year 1 children to follow. 


Week 4 in year 2

 During week 4 we all learnt about our Host country which is Chad. Chad is in Africa. I wonder if your child can tell you some more information about Chad?


Week 5 in year 2

Children have been busy building bridges and testing them with weights during week 5. Children have created some very unique looking bridges and some of them actually carried a 200g weight, WOW!




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