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04 March 2015 20:56

Y2 Acorns




Hello and Welcome to the Acorns!


This half term we are learning all about Flowers and Insects.  We have already been on a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House, pictures to follow soon.


We have a very busy half term with lots of exciting learning coming up including Science and Engineering Week the last week of term. Here is some more information about the days.


On Tuesday 24th March in the afternoon we have an exciting science show to watch in the hall. After the show we will be setting up experiments in our class using food colouring and flowers. Can we make the flowers change colour? How will this happen?  


On Wednesday 25th March the whole school will dress up as a famous inventor. Get your thinking hats on about who you could be.  In class in the afternoon we will be looking at the clever work of Bees and who invented the first man made beehive. Do you know who invented it? Can you find out before the day? We will also be making our own honey comb.... yum yum!


Thursday 26th March will be the insect boat challenge afternoon. Children will be working in teams to see who can build a boat for a non-swimming insect. I am sure children will have lots of fun exploring floating and sinking this afternoon. What materials would be good to use for a boat? Why? You could help your child with some ideas before the afternoon.

Spring 2 Learning in Year 2

This half term our topic is Flowers and Insects and our host country is Brazil. Children in Year 2 will be learning all about flowers, plants and insects in the local environment.

As part of the topic children will be planting pea seeds and bringing them home to look after for the term. At the end of the term we hope that the children will bring back their plant. There will be some prizes for the tallest, strongest, straightest etc..

 We will also be looking at life cycles of insects, the migration of the Monarch Butterfly and how silk is made. Wow lots of different things to research at home.

In Maths we will be learning:

·        2d and 3d shapes

·        Collecting and sorting data

·        Capacity, length and weight

·        Time

·        Problem solving


In English we will be learning:

·        Read and understand riddles

·        Write a riddle about an insect

·        Write a report about an insect

·        How to answer a variety of questions from our reading

·        Suffixes (ly, ing, ed, etc)

If you have any questions about your child's learning please come and have a talk to the staff in class.

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