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2019 Leavers Holly

Welcome to Year 6 Holly's webpage.

Class Teachers: Mrs Kay  

Support Staff: Miss Travis

Current Learning Journey: Exploring the Seas!

PE Days: Wednesday and Friday


Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion:  Aryan for having a positive attitude and always trying to improve his learning. Well done! (14.6.19)

Jigsaw Genius:  Katie R for her wonderfully thoughtful and kind actions outside of school - Katie has had her hair cut and donated it to The Little Princess Trust. What a lovely thing to do! (14.6.19) 

Solving Ratio Problems

Solving Ratio Problems 1
We have enjoyed developing our understanding of ratio this week. We have used different resources to help us explain our working out and reason our responses!

Rain Rain Rain

Rain Rain Rain 1
The rain has been relentless this week which has unfortunately meant lots of our playtimes have been indoors. We have been using some theraplay activities to help get rid of some of our energy and keep us focused on our learning!

Ratio Problems!

Ratio Problems! 1
We have been taking part in some transition work which some of us will continue at secondary school next month! This week our maths work has been centred around ratio and fractions. Great partner work, well done, Y6!

Sports Day Fun!

Sports Day Fun! 1
Here we are having fun on sports day! Everyone tried their best and really enjoyed themselves as they had a go at each activity!

Explaining electricity!

Explaining electricity! 1
Explaining electricity! 2
During science week, Y6 have been investigating electricity and using their work to write a detailed explanation. Some great questioning and thinking skills, well done, Y6!

Perfect Printing!

Perfect Printing! 1
Perfect Printing! 2
This half term we have been learning about different printing techniques. We have been learning about Hokusai and his famous 'Great Wave'. This week, we have turned our drawings of his work into prints with repeating patterns. They look brilliant and the class worked extremely hard! Well done, Y6 Holly!

Poetry into song with Mikey Markham and Beetone

Poetry into song with Mikey Markham and Beetone 1
Poetry into song with Mikey Markham and Beetone 2
How lucky we were to have Mikey Markham and Beetone back in school to work with our Y6 children. To begin with, the children thought about creativity and what that really means before moving on to turn famous and inspirational quotes into their own poems. The children then worked on creating beats using software to turn their poems into music! We can't wait to hear the finished results! A huge thank you to both Mikey and Beetone who were so very inspirational to our Y6s!

Hokusai and The Great Wave!

Hokusai and The Great Wave! 1
In art, we have been learning about the work of Hokusai as his picture inspired the front cover of our text, Kensuke's Kingdom. We are using his work to inspire our own prints, which we will be using different techniques to create over the half term.


Debate! 1
We held a debate to consider different opinions surrounding Y6 SATs. Great speaking and listening and some interesting points made!

The Titanic!

The Titanic! 1
As part of our new topic, we are learning about different explorers and voyages. The Titanic took a very famous voyage - its maiden journey was its final trip. We explored the events during the famous sinking and ordered the events chronologically before discussing the very different lives of the people on board.

Should primary school children sit SATs?

Should primary school children sit SATs? 1

To begin our new genre, discussion writing, we looked at our WAGOLL and summarised the different viewpoints. We had some pretty interesting thoughts on the matter being discussed - should children take tests in primary school? Some great speaking and listening!

Grammar into story writing!

Grammar into story writing! 1
Grammar into story writing! 2
Grammar into story writing! 3
We have been focusing on revising different aspects of grammar and applying this in our story writing. We have been reading 'Clockwork' and before we read the ending, we decided to write our own! We have some excellent authors in Y6 and I have been very impressed with the vocabulary chosen to create suspense and even fear!

Sculpture Specialists!

Sculpture Specialists! 1
During this last half term, we have been practising the skills and techniques used to create clay sculptures linking to props encountered in Macbeth. Our final pieces will look fantastic, I'm sure!

Delightful Drama and Conscience Alley...

Delightful Drama and Conscience Alley... 1
Delightful Drama and Conscience Alley... 2
To help us with our story writing, we have been taking part in lots of drama and role play activities. We did some readers' theatre where we focused on key words to emphasise and act out before moving on to a conscience alley activity to consider what decisions the key characters might make. Some brilliant responses were given - well done, Y6!

Story Mapping!

Story Mapping! 1
We got creative with our story maps and worked on different aspects at a time to help us build up our ideas and vocabulary choices. Great teamwork!

Story Creation!

Story Creation! 1

To start off our story writing unit, we began by looking at four images and seeing if we could use them to create our own oral stories. Some great ideas were shared - what an imaginative group we are!

During science this week, we recreated how nutrients are transported through the body.

During science this week, we recreated how nutrients are transported through the body. 1

Basketball with Sheffield Sharks!

Basketball with Sheffield Sharks! 1
We are very lucky to have been receiving coaching sessions from Sheffield Sharks! We love working with them and improving our skills and techniques in basketball!

A letter from Macbeth...

A letter from Macbeth... 1
We have been writing a letter in role as Macbeth. We have looked carefully at the language used in the story to help us write in the same way that Shakespeare did! Some of us then wrote a second letter, in role as Macbeth in 2019! Some very different language choices were very well selected!

Is it a phrase? Is it a clause? How can we sort them?

Is it a phrase? Is it a clause? How can we sort them?  1


Jigsaw... 1
Jigsaw... 2
Jigsaw... 3
Jigsaw... 4
Jigsaw... 5
Jigsaw... 6
Jigsaw... 7
Jigsaw... 8
Jigsaw... 9
Jigsaw... 10

Collage skills...

Collage skills... 1
Some great work building up in our sketch books with our collage skills! These skill development lessons will mean we are able to use a wide range of techniques in our final pieces!


Mentoring 1
Some of our Y6s linked up with their mentors at Park Academy this week. They enjoyed looking round the school and participating in the different activities! Lots of fun was had by all!

Using drama to understand characters' feelings...

Using drama to understand characters' feelings... 1
We acted out the first few scenes of Macbeth to understand how Macbeth and Banquo might have felt after the withes made their prophecies. We thought about how the characters might stand and move and what clues their facial expressions might give us!

Getting creative with collage!

Getting creative with collage! 1
This half term, we are developing our collage skills. Look how fantastic a start we have made! We looked at different skills including tearing, coiling and mosaic. Great perseverance skills, Y6!

Adding the suffix 'fer' to root words ending in vowels!

Adding the suffix 'fer' to root words ending in vowels! 1
Great investigation work in Y6 this morning as we tried to work out whether to double the R when adding the suffix! Keep practising your spellings at home on Spelling Shed or with the word list sent home!

Exploring the Characters!

Exploring the Characters! 1
This week, we have been exploring our new text, Macbeth! We looked at the characters and their position within society and tried to group them based on their relationships or social status. Great discussions in Y6!

Understanding colours!

Understanding colours! 1
As we have now moved on to a paint topic in art, we are beginning by revising our skills of colour mixing and our knowledge of the colour wheel. What fun we had on Friday afternoon!

Maths Morning Fun!

Maths Morning Fun! 1
What a wonderful morning we had on Friday morning when we were joined by lots of parents for our maths morning! We began with a Times Tables Rock Stars challenge - parents could not believe how fast we were! Then  we had a great time finding fractions of amounts using smarties and bar models to solve different problems! Thanks to everyone that came! And for anyone who couldn't make it but would like to find out more about all the fantastic things we are doing in school with maths, please do get in touch!

They ate what during the War?!

They ate what during the War?! 1
This week, we prepared and cooked some vegetable turnovers using a recipe from WWII! This has helped us to learn more about rationing and we will use our learning this week to help write a recipe for a war time cookery book next week!

Formal or informal... and why?

Formal or informal... and why? 1
We have been learning about how authors vary the formality of their writing depending upon the reason for writing and the intended audience. We have learnt all about nominalisation, passive constructions, the subjunctive mood, contractions, everyday language and multi-word verbs to name but a few and considered their levels of formality!

Varying verbs to affect the reader!

Varying verbs to affect the reader! 1
We have been looking at where the verbs are within sentences and what type of verb tense have been used. We have considered how varying their position within sentences can affect the reader, for example beginning a sentence with a verb can make the reader feel like they are being directed! We have thought about how to use this learning to persuade our readers in our advertising campaign next week!

Duck Soup!

Duck Soup! 1
We were very lucky on Friday when we got to visit the Showroom Cinema and watch Duck Soup! We laughed along with the characters and our behaviour was fantastic - well done, Year 6!

Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR!

Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 1
Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 2
Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 3
Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 4
Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 5
Drafting and editing our reports... Village Reacts to Declaration of WAR! 6
We have been working hard this week in the build up to producing our final newspaper reports - I can't wait to read them and see how you are applying your recent learning!

Variety in Verb Forms!

Variety in Verb Forms! 1
We have been learning about how authors use different verb forms and the different effects that can be created through such choices. Here we are sorting some different examples found in Goodnight Mister Tom!

Cracking our comprehension!

Cracking our comprehension! 1
Before we look at our weekly comprehension extract, we always pull apart the vocabulary to make sure we have lots of strategies to help us know what to do when we don't understand a word or phrase. Some great team work shown here - well done, Y6 Holly!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7
Remembrance Day 8
Remembrance Day 9

This week, we have been thinking about Remembrance Day and to mark the 100 year anniversary since the end of World War 1, we have been taking part in some special events across the week as a school. We started the week with a special assembly and then each class created their own poppies. Mrs Bamford and her husband made some stunning wooden silhouettes of soldiers and a wooden cross and on Friday, we created a Remembrance garden with our very own field of poppies. We came together as a school to have a special service led by Mrs Whittingham and we listened to the Last Post. We then had a two minute silence to think about those affected by war. The children were very respectful and we are all very proud of them - well done Acres Hill!


'When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today.'

Fabulous Fractions!

Fabulous Fractions! 1
We have been learning to find and use the highest common factor in order to simplify fractions to their simplest form. Some great discussions during our reasoning and problem solving activities! Well done, Year 6 Holly!

Terrific Tenses!

Terrific Tenses! 1
We have been learning and revising different tenses this week in order to ensure we include a range in our newspaper reports next week. We really enjoyed sorting them out and moving around the room to display them and the children were really good at using their reasoning and discussion skills to sort the different sentences! Great participation, Y6!

Drama and role on the wall...

Drama and role on the wall... 1
Drama and role on the wall... 2
In order to understand how Tom, William and the other residents of Little Weirwold felt (in Goodnight Mister Tom) when listening to the declaration of war on the wireless, we created freeze frames of the moment as it was described in the text. We used clues to think about how the characters might have looked (their expressions) and how we could represent this so their emotions were clear. We then picked a character and created a 'role on the wall' to think more deeply about what the character might say. We can then use these to help us include quotes in our newspaper reports next week!

Passive or Active?!

Passive or Active?! 1
This week, we have been learning about the passive and active voice to help us include examples within our newspaper reports. Great discussions, Y6!

Meeting Tom Palmer at the library!

Meeting Tom Palmer at the library! 1
On Wednesday, we went to Darnall Library for a special Armistice workshop. We got to meet the children's author, Tom Palmer, who was really inspirational and commented on how fantastic the class were! We listened to an extract from his story, Armistice Runner, before participating in a question and answer session and then finished with a game! The children asked really thoughtful questions and their behaviour was exemplary - well done Y6 Holly - you are superstars!

How Spooktacular!

How Spooktacular! 1

Everyone looked fantastic all dressed up on Wednesday - here's Esah, who looked particularly scary after his sister helped him get all made up as a spooky vampire!

Poetry and Geography Themed Week

Poetry and Geography Themed Week 1
During our last week, we had a special geography and poetry themed week. In Y6, we started the week with a fantastic launch event where Mr White ran a poetry workshop and supported the class to come up with some fabulous expressive poetry using popular song lyrics! We then covered a range of geography skills and linked this with Belgium - the setting for the poem we studied: 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. We used this as a stimulus to write our own poetry as told through the eyes of Joey, the main character in War Horse, our current reading text. The poetry is stunning and will look fantastic displayed around school alongside our geography outcomes in the new half term!

The Sheffield Sharks

On Wednesday 17th October we had a visit from The Sheffield Sharks. We had a great afternoon developing our basketball skills, learning how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and how to use the internet safely. 

Brilliant Biographies!

Brilliant Biographies! 1
We have been working hard to plan, draft and write our biographies about Winston Churchill. We have been learning to use colons and semi colons, punctuate parenthesis with dashes, commas and brackets, vary our clause structures and use a range of organisational devices so I'm looking forward to seeing lots of these skills applied well in our biographies!

How can we separate clauses?

How can we separate clauses? 1
We have been learning how to use a colon and a semi colon to separate clauses or introduce lists. To help us, we looked at clause strips and identified the two separate clauses. Great discussions and fantastic use of knowledge of verbs to help us talk about the clauses! Well done, Y6 Holly!

Persevering to perfection!

Persevering to perfection! 1
It's taken Kimarley several weeks to finish this observational drawing but he's taken every bit of feedback and really tried to use the skills we have been practising! Well done, Kimarley - this will look great on display!

Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration!

Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 1
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 2
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 3
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 4
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 5
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 6
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 7
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 8
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 9
Clauses, conjunctions and careful consideration! 10
We have been learning about clauses - ways to identify them and ways to separate them. We worked in teams to look at multi-clause sentences and identify the individual clauses. Together, we worked hard to find the verbs and look at phrases within the clauses. We also learnt some interesting facts about Neville Chamberlain in the process!

Fascinating Home Learning!

Fascinating Home Learning! 1
Fascinating Home Learning! 2
Fascinating Home Learning! 3
Daniel has brought such a fantastic range of home learning in since the start of term! Look at his newest additions, which include maths (a graph about different army sizes during the War), art and design (his own poppy) and even a newspaper from during WWII!

Formal Written Multiplication

Formal Written Multiplication 1
Formal Written Multiplication 2
In maths, we have been solving fluency and reasoning problems involving multiplication with larger numbers. Some of us chose to use Dienes to help us show our working out.

War Horse

War Horse 1
War Horse 2
War Horse 3
In our whole class guided reading, we are sharing War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. As well as hearing Mrs Kay read parts of it and reading sections to ourselves, we also read in partners and give each other feedback on our reading! We are getting good at becoming mini teachers with excellent feedback on fluency, expression and how to make better use of punctuation to enhance meaning! Well done, Y6 Holly!

Words, wonderful words...

Words, wonderful words... 1
Words, wonderful words... 2
Words, wonderful words... 3
Words, wonderful words... 4

Before we got stuck in to our comprehension activity today, we had a look at some unfamiliar vocabulary in the text. We tried to match the words with their definitions and challenged ourselves to decide what the word class was. Some good explanations were shared and the children were using clues to help them work out the meanings - well done, Y6 Holly!

What an incredible day we have had with The History Van who came and turned our hall into a WWII experience! We immersed ourselves in finding out what life was like during the air raids on Sheffield and we now know how it felt to be evacuated - which is very beneficial as our class text, Goodnight Mister Tom is all about a boy who has been evacuated! Year 6 were enthusiastic and engaged from start to finish and The History Van were very impressed with our high levels of interest and participation! Well done, Y6!

Inference Investigators!

Inference Investigators! 1
This week, we are learning about the skills of inference (Key character: Clue Finder) and developing our strategies in this area. During our task force session today, our independent group had a special box presented to them. It contained a compass, a map, a letter, some gloves, a hat, a scarf and a journal. It was the group's job to decide who they thought the items belonged to and what the person might be doing! Some excellent discussions and some interesting written responses... well done, Y6! 

Perfect Pencil Techniques!

Perfect Pencil Techniques! 1
Louis and Wajiha have been working extremely hard to use the skills we have been practising in art in their observational drawings! They have used cross hatching and cross contouring, tried to include scumbling and stippling where appropriate and have used a range of pencils to show tone in their work. Fantastic effort!

How has the author done it?

How has the author done it? 1
We have been analysing different extracts from our class text Goodnight Mister Tom, as well as looking in our WAGOLL, for examples of how the author uses language to convey meaning. We thought about how the author shows us rather than tells us key details and we looked at examples of informality in dialogue, historical language and a range of grammatical features.

Fantastic Home Learning!

Fantastic Home Learning! 1
Fantastic Home Learning! 2
Fantastic Home Learning! 3
Amazing effort from Katie, Daniel and Mayaar who have all brought in a range of home learning from the home learning menu. They have found out about currency used during the War, written poems and even cooked up some rationing style treats! Click on the link above to see if there's anything you'd like to try from the menu!

Expressive Poetry - WOW! What a day!

Expressive Poetry - WOW! What a day! 1
Y6 have been very lucky and have been able to welcome two visitors into our class today - Rhymical Mike and Raphael Blake. Both artists shared their journeys about overcoming difficulties and becoming the successful performers they are today. They worked with the children to create and perform their own poems, exploring some very thought-provoking themes. We can not wait to finish our poems and send them to you, Mike, and we are very excited for your return visit in April!

British Values Debate - Was it right to go to War?

British Values Debate - Was it right to go to War? 1
This week we have linked our learning about WWII to British Values and looked at how they were tested when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. Year 6 used their research about how the war began and how the War affected citizens across the globe to have a very mature debate about whether it was right for Neville Chamberlain to declare a state of War. Some interesting and thought-provoking points made on both sides - well done Holly Class!

Fabulous Home Learning

Fabulous Home Learning 1
What a fantastic piece of home learning from Katie! She has created a piece of work that tells us all about the money that was in circulation during the War. Amazing effort at home - well done, Katie!

We love to READ!

We love to READ! 1
We love to READ! 2
Here we have Mir and Kimarley enjoying the next part of Goodnight Mister Tom in our lovely reading area! Great to see so many children asking if they can go in there to enjoy their books! Happy reading, Y6 Holly!

Ordering and comparing numbers

Ordering and comparing numbers 1
Y6H have used their knowledge of place value to solve a wide range of problems involving ordering and comparing numbers this week. The children used different resources to help show their working out too!

Varying our clause structures

Varying our clause structures 1
Varying our clause structures 2
Varying our clause structures 3
In order to keep our sentences interesting and varied, we have been thinking about how we can vary the clauses and phrases in our sentences and how the words we choose, and the order we put them in, has an impact on the reader. Some great discussions - well done Y6H!

Show not tell!

Show not tell! 1
Y6 Holly have been working on writing their setting descriptions and have been working on how to show the reader what is in the scene rather than tell them too obviously. By picking out things they could see, hear and smell in the scene, they were able to gather lots of description ad then think about how they were going to transfer this into their writing. Well done on your hard work, Y6H!

Expanded noun phrases

Expanded noun phrases 1
This week, we have been learning how to write well-chosen expanded noun phrases in order to include them in our descriptions next week. We had great fun building up our expended noun towers, using prepositions, adjectives, determiners and even clauses to enhance the description of the noun!


Rounding  1
This week, we have been focusing on place value and rounding in maths. We looked at the value of each digit in numbers right up to ten million and thought about different strategies that we can use to help us round numbers, such as using a number line or a place value chart.