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OLD Foundation Stage Unit 2018-19


Welcome to the Foundation Stage Unit webpage.

Class Teacher's: Mrs Fraser (F2) and Mrs Deakin (F1).

Support Staff: Mrs Abbas Naziq, Mrs Woodhead, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Qadoos .

Current Learning Journey: What does it taste like?

PE Days: F2 PE day is Friday.


Week 5

F2 went to the 'Giraffes can't dance' music event at Darnall library. We joined in telling the story using instruments, our voices and actions. we had so much fun!

Week 3:

F2 did their class assembly all about Houses and Homes. We shared our learning about the materials used to build houses. We talked about different sorts of homes and who lives in our home. We retold the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and sang a song. 

On Friday we prepared for our Family Food afternoon. F1 made fruit kebabs and F2 made sandwiches. 


Our families came at 2pm and joined in eating the healthy snacks we had made.

Week 2:


This week we came into school to find that someone (or something) had eaten all the snack and drank all the milk... we also discovered that there was no water in the taps! I wonder what happened?


On Wednesday Martin the Music Man came to visit F1. We made up a song all about our favorite fruits. What is your favorite fruit?



Thank you to all the families who took part in the Easter competition. F2 had some proud winners.
F2 took part in an Easter hunt. There were 31 numbered bags to find and then put in order. Thank you to the parents group who organised the hunt for us.
F1 had to crack the code by reading the clues and finding the eggs. It was fun!
F1 have been hunting for eggs.  They had to read and match the numbers. 

Week 1

This week we are learning about festivals. We found out about the Sikh festival of Vaissaki and the Christian festival of Easter. We talked about why and how these festivals are celebrated.


Summer Term 1: What does it taste like?

Week 4

F2 have been reading non-fiction texts about homes. We wrote fact files about our own homes. On Wednesday we went for a walk around the local area. We spotted lots of different types of home.

Week 3:

We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

On Friday it was red nose day. We wore red clothes to school and helped raise money for charity. Thankyou to all the families who donated money.


Well done to F2 Pine.

We had the top attendance in school at 96%!! Keep it up F2.

Week 2: We have had a very busy week in the FS unit this week.


On Tuesday it was pancake day so we read the book Mr Wolf's pancakes and then made our very own.... they were very yummy. We had honey on our pancakes... What do you like to put on yours?


On Wednesday the morning nursery children went on a walk around the local area looking at all the different types of houses and what materials they are made from.


Unfortunately there was too much rain to go out for a walk in the afternoon. We will try and take F2 and the afternoon nursery children another day. (Mrs Deakin and Mrs Bennett tried to brave the rain with F1's but the rain was just too heavy!)


What kind of house do you live in?


Can you remember the names for the different types of houses we saw?

On Thursday it was world book day and we dressed up as our favourite book characters. We are looking at the Anthony Brown book: I like books.



On Friday we carried on thinking about world book day. We had a family fun morning with lots of activities about books.

Week 1: This week we have been looking at the story, The Three Little Pigs. We have been building houses out of junk and outside in our loose parts area. 


Martin the music man also came to visit the nursery children this week and we made up our own song all about what we want to be when we grow up.

Spring Term 2: How do I build it?

Foundation Stage went on a visit to Clinkard's shoe shop in Meadowhall. We went on the bus. 
We talked about different types of footwear.
We had our feet measured.
We looked in the stock cupboard.
We had a fantastic time on our trip and learned a lot about different types of footwear. Thank you Clinkards!

Spring Term 1: Why am I wearing this?

Week 1 (wb 05.11.18)

This week we have been exploring different festivals and special events that have been happening this week.


First we learnt all about bonfire night, how to keep ourselves safe and what noises fireworks make. We drew fireworks and even made some sparklers that we could eat (yummy!)


Next up was Diwali (the Festival of Light). We explored how people celebrate this special festival and compared it to other religious events that we know (such as Eid and Christmas). We also made rangoli patterns.


Finally we have been creating poppies from carrier bags for our whole school remembrance field as well as creating paintings of poppies.

Autumn Term 2: What is a shadow?

Week 8: 22nd October

Foundation Stage have been looking forward to Halloween. We carved pumpkins and used our senses to describe them.

We had a Halloween workshop for parents. We had lots of fun and did lots of learning!! Thank you to all the families who came to join in.

Counting spiders!
Decorating pumpkins with 2D shapes!
Making a rhyming potion!
Guess the weight of the pumpkin.
Well done to Kyden and Mummy! You guessed the correct weight-750g! You win the pumpkin.
Making masks!
Throw the hat on the pumpkin
Making playdough bats
Pumpkin cutting

Week 7 (WB 15.10.18)


This week FS1 have been for a woodland walk with their teddy bears to do some story telling.


Martin the music man has also been back to see us this week. 


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!


Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.

Week 6 (WB 08.10.18)


This week FS1 have been making porridge just like the three bears in our story Goldilocks and the 3 bears.


Can you remember what ingredients we us to make the porridge?

How did we cook it?

What did it taste like?


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!



F2 have been making porridge too. Ask your child to tell you how we made the porridge and what we used. We ate the porridge with some honey. It was delicious!

Week 5 (WB 01.10.18)


This week FS1 have made up a new song all about Autumn leaves.


Baa Baa Green Sheep, have you any leaves?

Yes I've seen some in the trees.

But some are orange, brown and red,

and those ones fall down on your head.


They're blowing through the window,

Coming through the door,

Falling down the chimney,

Crunching on the floor.


Can you find any leaves that are different colours?

Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!



Week 4 (WB 24.09.18)


This week FS1 went on an Autumn walk to look for Autumn treasures. We listened to the noises the leaves made in the trees and on the ground. We looked at all the different colours we could see.


Why don't you try going on an autumn walk and see what you can find? If anyone finds any conkers, pine cones or any other Autumn treasures we would love to use them to make Autumn collages in the next few weeks!


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!

Week 3 (WB 17.09.18)


On Wednesday afternoon Martin the Music man came to visit the nursery children. F1 will be taking part in a music project this year and as part of the project Martin will pop in to do some music sessions with us.


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!

Week 2 (WB 10.09.18)


This week F1 have been on a listening walk to see what sounds we could hear around school. Can you guess what sounds we heard?


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!

Week 1 (WB 05.09.18)


We have had a fantastic first week setting into school. We have had lots of fun exploring our new environment and making new friends. Some of us have shared our "My bags" with our friends at group time.


Watch this space for some photos of what we have been up too!

During this half term we will be learning all about what makes us special.


  • What makes you happy, sad or excited?
  • Who is part of your family?
  • What are your favourite things?


Every child in the FSU will take home a "my bag" so that they can fill it with some things from home that are special to them. Children will then be sharing these with their friends during group time.

Autumn Term 1:

What makes me special?