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Welcome to Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage 1 Holly (Nursery) 

Foundation Stage 2 Larch (Reception)

Staff Foundation Stage 1

Foundation Stage 2:

The P.E. day for F2 is on a Monday.


F2 have Forest school on Friday morning.

Summer term 1.


This term our learning question is ' How does your garden grow?'

We will be learning all about plants, what plants need to help them grow, what kind of plants can we eat, how we will look after our plants and lots more!

Week 6- The Queen's Jubilee

This week our learning focus has been all about 'Queen Elizabeth Jubilee'. We have been creating our own tea party, painting portraits of the queen, painting and making flags and bunting.
We have developed our fine motor skills to make paper chains too!


In Literacy, we have been writing facts about Queen Elizabeth. 

Week 5: Supertato

F1 have had a busy time again this week, We have been busy caring and helping our friends.In Maths we have been looking at shapes and identifying if they had a straight side or curved sides. Lots of fun building a track for cars to travel along. As we are going to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee we have been painting portraits of the Queen and designing some Knickers.

F2: In Art we have been developing our paint skills and painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

This week in our F2 outdoor session, we enjoyed creating bark rubbings with Mr Thind.

Week 4- Supertato


F1: In Science we have been sorting healthy and not healthy food .Also used our chopping skills to chop vegetables

F1 worked hard to to predict what was hiding under the cover.

In Literacy we wanted to catch the evil peas, so we designed a poster.

We also had lots of fun climbing and building outside.

This week in Maths, F2 have been adding more. Some children went above and beyond and were able to write their own number sentences. Well done!

In Phonics, F2 have been using our sound knowledge to write longer words.

This week F2 visited our school library. They enjoyed looking at a range of books.

Week 3- Oliver's Vegetables.

Well done F1 another busy week. We have been using real vegetables in Mathis to practice out counting skills and creating amounts. We used potatoes to sing a potato song.
We had a look at vegetables in Mrs Stirling garden, we used our senses to name, feel and smell them.

This week in Forest school, we have been building bug homes.

This week in Maths we have be designing shape pictures.
Some children celebrating Eid, showed us their henna patterns.

In our theme this week, we have been working hard at learning about how things grow,

Week 2:

In Maths, this week we have been counting and using numicon to make numbers beyond 10.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from some animal friends. It was fun. We had a chance to hold the animals and learn all about them.

In Forest school this week, we looked for signs of strings and then enjoyed playing games using a parachute.

This week we have had lots of fun.
We have develop our fine motor skills by molding play dough, name writing and moving our bodies in different ways.
We have been exploring size in our Math's focus, using language such as length, big, tall, short and small etc We have also been sequencing number 0-5.
In Literacy, we have sequenced the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk and talked about Jasper.

Week 1: Jasper's Beanstalk.

Well done to our new F1 friends, settling into nursery and all our F1 friends coming back ready to learn.
Here are some pictures to show you all what we have been doing this week.
We have been busy!
The children have been planning vegetables with Mrs Stirling. Thinking about what plants need to help them grow.
They have enjoyed cutting vegetables and thinking about why vegetables are healthy.
In Maths, the children have been sorting beanstalks by size, using the language long, longer, short, shorter.

This week the children learning all about 'planting beans'. The children have planted beans, enjoyed playing in our florist, planting outside and explore our natural environment.

In Maths, the children have been counting beyond 20 and making amounts more than 10 using numicon.

Spring term 2.


This term our learning question is ' How many legs do you have?'. 

This is a science focus as we will be learning about minibeast and their habitats. 

Week 5: Spinderella.

This week in Maths, F2 have been learning all about Shapes. We went on a 3D shape hunt around our classroom. We founds loads!
We have also been developing our knowledge of positional language and took turns giving our friends positional demands outside.
It was great!

F2, this week in our outdoor learning session with Mr Thind, we used natural resources to make patterns, shapes, letters and numbers.

Well done F1 another AMAZING week. Well done.
Look at all our wonderful learning.
We have been developing our mark making skills by drawing spiders.
We have been creating patterns on butterflies, by using pastels for our caterpillar display.
We have been finding shapes in our environment in the sand and home corner was fun!
We have practised our counting skills by counting the correct cubes to the numerical.
Well Done everyone!

Week 3 and 4- The very hungry caterpillar. 

Look at all the wonderful things F1 have been learning about this week.
In Phonics we have been listening for sounds. In Maths, we have been learning about positional language and pattern. We have been watching our caterpillars grow and remembered key parts of the life cycle of a butterfly.
Snack time:  we now have snack in provision and enjoy sitting around a table

F2: In Maths this week we have been developing our 1:1 pointing and counting. We have been thinking of place value by working out the missing number.

The very hungry caterpillar: We have been sequencing the life cycle or a butterfly, writing simple sentences and retelling the story.

This week in Phonics we have been using whiteboards to spell words using the diagraphs we have learnt.



This week in PE, we continued to develop our spacial awareness and movement.


Week 2

This week on Tuesday 1st March was pancake day. We enjoyed making and eating pancakes for a snack treat. 


Here is some of our learning this week. In DT we have been practising our folding skills and created a folding caterpillar.

In the creative area we have been moulding playdough to make minibeasts.

We have used block paint this week to paint minibeast.

In our understanding of the world session, we continued to explore the season of 'Spring'. We learnt names of baby animals born in spring and matched them with their mother.

World Book Day.

We came to school in our pyjamas. 


Our focus text was ' A child of books'. This children enjoyed listening to the story and thinking of where they imagination will lead them. 

Mrs Whittingham came to read us 2 stories. We enjoyed listening to super worm by Julian Donaldson. Some of the children decided to create a piece of writing.

Week 1: Mad about Mnibeasts.

F1 have been busy building homes for minibeasts and counting the blocks. They have enjoyed exploring our learning environment and learning facts about minibeasts.

Look at all the things we have been up too.

In Maths, F2 have been making numbers by adding 2 groups together. This has helped us improve our counting skills. 

In expressive arts and design F2 have been making minibeast masks. We have been developing our cutting and sticking skills.

This week in our outdoor learning, we found tracks. F2 enjoyed following the tracks to investigate where the tracks led too.  Mr Thind also helped us make a huge den. 

It was so much fun! 

This week in PE F2 have been practising our balancing skills. 

Spring Term One

Tuesday 4th January-Friday 11th February

Welcome back!

Week 6: Have a look at all our wonderful learning!

This week in Expressive, Arts and Design F2 have been using felt to make stick puppets.


In our Jigsaw sessions, F2 have been developing our team work, communication and problem solving skills- we worked together to construct bridges using a range of resources.



In Maths F2 this week have be using cubes to measure lengths. We have been using mathematical vocabulary such as longer/shorter than and practiced our 1:1 counting too!

F2 have worked hard in handwriting this week. We have been practising to form our letters correctly. 

Week 5: The three billy goats gruff

This week in Art F2 have continued to be inspired by the work of Robin Brookes and created collages and paintings.


In the constructions area, the children have been using the block play to build bridges. 


Chinese New Year

Musical Stories


We were very lucky this week to have Polly and Jack the musician come to visit us. They retold the story of 'Mouse and bear' through music and song. We all joined in and had so much fun!

Week 4

F1 enjoyed making their own Gingerbread men.

Week 3- The Gingerbread man.

This week in Maths, F2 have been measuring mass. The children selected a range of objects and used pebbles, counters and cubes to develop their understanding of mass.

F2 In Literacy have designed their own Gingerbread men using pencils to draw and created collages, using a different types of paper. 

Some children developed their writing skills by writing captions.

Forest School with Mr Thind.

This week we collected natural materials to make bird nests. Look at our work!

F1 Holly


The children have enjoyed retelling the story of 'The Gingerbread man' through role play and mark making. They have been learning about the number 2 in Maths , by making 2 using objects, finding number 2's around the classroom and having a go at writing the number 2 too.
Another great week F1, well done!

Week 2


In PE F2 this week we have been exploring movement. We have been using our whole body to move in a variety of ways and create balances.

This was fun!

F2 in Art and DT we have continued to build our knowledge of materials. This week we have made a house of sticks, thinking about 'how the sticks can join together'.

Joining sticks.

F2 in Literacy have been working hard with their writing. We have been writing labels to describe 'The big bad wolf' and created posters to warn the three little pigs.

Week 1


The children have come back amazingly and ready to learn. It has been a busy 4 day week and full of lots of learning.


Well done to our new F1 nursery children you have settled in wonderfully and are becoming familiar with our daily routine.


Have a look at some of our learning this week, we have been busy!


F2 Literacy:


This week in Literacy our focus text is 'The Three Little Pigs' we have been using our phonetic knowledge to hear sounds in spoken words. We have been writing labels, speech bubbles and simple captions. 


F2 Maths:


We have been developing our knowledge of number, by counting, making correct amounts and making comparisons.


F2 Phonics:


We are now working on our Phase 3 letters.

This weeks sounds have been:


ai ee igh oa

Can you help your child with their Phonics at home?


Science: Materials

Week 6

We have had another busy week in F2! We enjoyed being festive in our classroom making different crafts. We have also enjoyed reading our book 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and using this to help us with our writing. We have been amazing in Maths this week and made Miss Gray really proud of our number recognition! We can't wait to show you what we have been doing!


Pictures to follow due to technological issues (sorry)

This week in Phonics F1 have had fun making and hearing arrange of voice sounds to tune in to hear initial sounds.


F1: During our Rainbow Talk sessions we have been practising sing the Rainbow song to develop our knowledge of identifying our senses. We have been using our Rainbow fans to help us use talk to express and share our ideas and solving problems. 

F1 have been busy developing our mark making skills by creating circles, lines and zig-zags. This helped us practise holding our writing tools comfortably. 

Week 5

F2 have had another busy week in the unit and have really enjoyed getting in the festive spirit and the unexpected snow we had on Monday.


In Maths we have been learning about one more and one less than a number, in English we have been using out Phonics to write food from around the world. In our theme we have been painting different fruits in the style of Cezanne, we have been thinking about the people who help us and what their jobs are. Below are some picture of our week 5 learning!

F2 Week 5

The festive spirit!

 We have enjoyed putting up our unit Christmas tree and taking roles in our play as 'little helpers'.

* cutting and wrapping paper as presents.

*measuring 'how long'.

*using key vocabulary to share ideas.

*turn taking and waiting.

*counting the amount of presents.

*name writing.

Santa's workshop!

F1: This week in Maths, we have been practising recognising numbers and making the correct amounts. The children enjoyed playing 'bingo'.

F1: We have been looking at the work created by an artist called Paul Cezanne.
In art this week we have been working on our paint skills and created observation paintings of fruits. 

Week 4


F1 have been busy developing their language skills by taking part in directed role play.



In Maths we have been exploring and following instructions focussed on positional language.

All the children in the Foundation Stage unit, have worked well in the ASDA role play area.

* taking on roles such as customers, workers and cashiers.

*using key vocabulary in their talk such as payment, item, cost, customer service etc

*linking their experiences in play.

Week 3 .


This week we had some visitors come into school. Carla and Julia came to visit from the local ASDA store.

We learnt all about the different types of products on offer at ASDA.

We took part in a healthy fruit tasting activity. Julia explained where the fruits had come from by reading the label.

Carla displayed some pictures of how ASDA has changed over time. We looked at 'now' and 'past' pictures.




Children In Need.



The children enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas and took part in activities around the classroom.

Thank you for all your kind donations.

Week 2: Food Tasting


This week in our understanding of the world we have been thinking and learning about 'being healthy'. We took part in a food tasting session.

Well done to all the children for having a go and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.


A huge 'thank you' to Taylor Shaw at our school for providing the delicious fruits and vegetables.


In F2  we have been trying lots of different fruits and vegetables too! We gave nearly everything a try to see whether we liked it! It was delicious!



Food tasting

In F2 in our Maths learning we have been learning about ordering numbers to 10, matching numeral and quantity and recognising numbers. 



In Maths F1 (nursery) children have been learning about shapes.

  • We have explored shapes in our classroom environment.
  • We have labelled common 2D shapes.
  • We have played 2D shape snap.
  • We have looked carefully at the shapes and used key language to describe the shapes. (corners and sides)

Thursday 11th November 2021: Remembrance Day.


The children in the Foundation Stage took part in many activities throughout the day.

We looked at pictures and photograph to develop our understanding.

We had a think about all the people around us now and then that cared and look after us.

We shared a 'thank you'.

We made a printing collage of a poppy field.

We painted a poppy.

In F2 In weeks 1 and 2 we have been enjoying our new shop role play area and exploring that. We have been using our book the shopping basket to help us write shopping lists from the story and sequencing parts of the story. In Maths we have been looking at positional language and where different positions can be and looking at 2d shapes and their properties. We have also been enjoying our new outdoor area and using the bikes outside.

Autumn Term 2


We are looking forward to welcoming you back into school.


This term our learning question is ' What shall I buy?'


Browse down and have a look at all the wonderful things we will be learning about.



Remember you can always send in photographs of work completed or the special and busy things you do at home via our class dojo page.

Our focus texts this term are:

Our F1 children will be taking part in a 2 week Stories for Talking programme. We will be using the text ' The washing line'.


We will be......

- labelling the things on the washing line.

-using our talk to think of other things to put on the washing line.

-sequence the stories using objects and pictures.

-to develop our oral story telling by following a story map and creating our own actions.

-to act out the story and play a role of a charcter in the story.




F2 Larch- Week 3 and 4


In our English we have been using the book 'Our favourite Day' to help us to sequence grandpa's day and to think about who is in our family. In Maths we have been looking at number recognition and recognising numbers to 10. In Art we have been practising our lines and circles ready to draw our self portraits in the style of Picasso. In PE we have been developing our skills using balls and in RE we have been learning and thinking about who is special in our lives.   

Autumn Term 1

This term our learning question is " Why am I special?".

We will be learning all about our friends in the unit and talking about 'how we are all different but all so special'

This term our focus text are:

Knowledge Organiser Autumn Term 21

F1 Holly: week 3 and 4- Stories for talking, Goldilocks and the three bears.


In nursery the children have been deep diving in the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We have been using prompts to develop our listening skills, following instructions to develop our understanding and retelling the stories using masks to develop our expressive language.

Photographs coming soon

Week 4 Learning in F2