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Library Visits

Hello children, parents and carers.


Over the coming weeks each class will be visiting Darnall Library.


Dates - 2016/2017

These dates are subject to change:



Date – Mondays:

Year 4 Lime – Mr Timewell  

17th Oct, 5th Dec, 6th Feb, 3rd Apr, 22nd May, 10th Jul

Year 4 Holly – Mr Kirk

10th Oct,  28th Nov, 30th Jan, 27th Mar, 15th May, 3rd Jul

Year 5 Birch – Mr Taylor  

19th Sept, 21st Nov, 23rd Jan, 20th Mar, 8th May, 26th Jun

Year 5 Hawthorn – Mrs Harding  

26th Sept, 14th Nov, 16th Jan, 13th Mar, 8th May, 19th Jun

Year 6 Juniper – Mr Joyce  

3rd Oct, 7th Nov, 9th Jan, 6th Mar, 24th Apr, 12th Jun



Date – Tuesdays:

Year 3 Willow – Miss Morris  

27th Sept, 8th Nov, 10th Jan,  7th Mar, 23rd May, 13th Jun,

Year 3 Maple – Mrs Krajewska

20th Sept, 15th Nov, 17th Jan, 14th Mar, 2nd May, 20th Jun,

Year 2 Hazel – Miss Feetham

4th Oct, 22nd Nov, 24th Jan,  21st Mar, 9th May, 27th Jun,

Year 2 Sycamore – Miss Sides  

11th Oct, 29th Nov, 31st Jan, 28th Mar, 16th May, 4th Jul,

Year 1 Oak – Miss Charlesworth  

18th Oct, 6th Dec, 7th Feb, 4th Apr, 23rd May, 11th Jul,


Parent Helpers

If you would like to volunteer as a parent helper for your child's visit please complete this form, visits run from 1:30-3:10. In the message box please tell us: Child's Name, Class, Your name, Library visit date and Contact number.