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Welcome to Y1 Chestnut

Y1 staff team

Welcome to Miss Bidwell who is a student teacher working in our class this term.


P.E Day is Monday. Children come to school wearing their outdoor P.E clothes. They need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t-shirt and a plain grey/blue/black tracksuit.


Outdoor learning day is Wednesday. Please make sure your child has  wellie boots and a waterproof coat.

If your child is absent due to Covid-19, here are links to home learning that is based on the lessons being taught in class. 

Celebration of learning

Well done to the children given an award in assembly today. We have a new handwriting award. Writing has to be neat, well-formed and of a consistent size.

Read around the universe awards

Half termly curriculum information

Red Nose Day 2021. Thank you to all the families for their kind donations.

Look at how creative we are in our outdoor learning! We can build dens, structures and small imaginative games using a limited number of resources.

Y1 Common exception words

Here are some websites that will support you with your learning at home:


Please ask if you have forgotten any passwords


You can keep in touch with Mrs Fraser on ClassDojo. Teachers use the app to set home learning activities, pass on messages and to send you photos of your child learning at school. You can use the app to get in contact with Mrs Fraser and she will do her best to answer any questions as soon as possible. Let school know if you need instructions for how to access your child's Dojo account. 

Archive Foundation stage website below

F1 Thursday 30th April

F2 Thursday 30th April Here is a picture of the words I would like you to write.

F2 Thursday 30th April

Still image for this video
How to segment words

F2 Thursday 30th April

Still image for this video
Please join in practising our phonic sounds

Foundation Stage. Have a look in your home learning packs sent from school. You will find a Talk for writing booklet all about Mavis the magical cat and her friends. This is what the front cover looks like.

Wednesday 29th April F1 Challenges.

Have a go at playing ' I spy vegetable'.

Still image for this video

F2 Wednesday 29th April Can you use felt tips to add detail to your vegetable printing picture?

F2 Wednesday 29th April

Still image for this video
Hope you can join in with today's creative fun-vegetable printing .

F2-Tuesday 28th April.

More doubling fun. Click on the link below to watch the Numberblocks 'Double Trouble' video.

F2 Doubling numbers Tuesday 28th April

Still image for this video
Watch the video and 'have a go' at home.

F1 Tuesday 28th April Daily Challenges

Here is a video to support your learning.

Still image for this video

F2 Monday 27th April

Still image for this video
Can you sort the vegetables?

The Enormous Turnip story

Still image for this video

Good Morning FS! We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine! This week we will be learning all about the story...

Here are the F1 challengers for Monday:

Happy Friday everyone!


Here are some activities for you to get stuck into!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Head over to dojo to see a video of how to play cross my river.

F2 Friday

Still image for this video
Here's a fine motor challenge for you all. Make sure an adult helps you.

Happy Friday F2. Let's have some physical fun! Click on the link below to join in with the Go noodle Dinosaur Stomp.

F2 Thursday-pattern activity

Still image for this video
Can you create your own patterns?

F2 Thursday 23rd April

Still image for this video
Join in singing the pattern song.

Home learning at its best. 

Thank you for sending us pictures of your children taking part in home learning at activities.  

Here is our FSU Home Learning Gallery.

Thursday 23rd April F1 Challenges

Wednesday F2

Still image for this video
Watch the video and maybe you can make your own watering can at home. Don't forget to do your diary picture for today.

Please watch the video to support your learning.

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd March- Today's F1 Maths Challenges. Counting and Measuring.

F1 Mrs Saddiq will be reading the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' later on class dojo. So please remember to log in for story time.

Thank you. 


Still image for this video
Watch the video and see if you can plant a seed at home too x

Tuesday 21st April- Todays F1 Challenges.

What do we do next?

Still image for this video
Our challenge F1 was to plant a apple seed. I hope you all had a go.
Now I have planted my apple seed, Shall we have a look at what we need to do next?

Playing Garden I spy.

Still image for this video
Have a walk around your garden and look for things you could use.

Monday- F2 calendar

Still image for this video
Please help me do the calendar today.

Monday-Days of the week song.

Still image for this video
Please join in singing the days of the week song. Remember-Jasper and his beanstalk from last week. He did different things everyday. Please draw a picture everyday this week of what you have been doing at home.

Hi F1, Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! We are having another week of fun with Jasper’s Beanstalk. 

here at a few challenges to get you started. Don’t forget to check out dojo everyday and earn dojo’s for completing the activities!


Stay safe everyone, Mrs D x

Challenge 1: Can you grow a carrot plant?


Challenge 2: Can you draw what you think Jasper found at the top of the beanstalk?

It’s Physical Friday for F1 too today!


challenge 1: can you go outside for a walk and collect spring time treasures (flowers, leaves, sticks etc). Then can you make something with your spring time treasures (Mrs Deakin and her little girl made a bracelet and some flower potions)


challenge 2: can you complete the cosmic yoga activities:


challenge 3: can you use those pinching fingers to move small objects from one place to another (it doesn’t have to be tweezers and buttons you can use pasta or pom-poms or cereal with pegs or even just those pinching fingers).... make sure you try with both hands! 


Mrs Deakin is also going to read a story on dojo soon!

So F2, it's another physical Friday!
Why not go on Youtube and search Cosmic kids yoga to get you moving and stretching.

Then ask your grown-up to set a 30 second timer on their phone. How many jumps, hops, runs to the end of the garden can you do in that time?

Can't wait to see photos of you on Class dojo being active this Friday x

F2 Phonics week 1

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F2-Some words to read for phonics

Still image for this video

F1 phonics focus challenges.

Still image for this video

Pattern making for F2

Still image for this video
Watch the video and see if you can make a repeating pattern at home.

Please look at this with your grown-up. Talk about the different patterns. Can you make a repeating pattern?

F1 challenges so far.

Mrs Saddiq reading Jasper's Beanstalk

Still image for this video

This is a great learning theme to explore and enjoy as the weather becomes warm.


In Literacy we will be reading a range of books to develop our knowledge of plants through quality text.


Our focus texts this term are:


  • Jasper's Beanstalk written by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen
  • The Enormous turnip retold by Irene Yates
  • Oliver's vegetables written by Vivian French

The adults in the unit will also enjoy reading their favourite stories too. 


In Maths, F1  will continue to practise their counting skills and develop their number recognition . We will also be looking at place value, thinking about what number comes before/after or what is one more/one less and exploring patterns.

In F2, children will be counting on and back from 20, looking at patterns, doubling and halving and solving number problem solving.


Adults in the unit will be providing daily activities and challenges on the class dojo pages. Please complete as many activities and challenges as you can. We look forward to see all your work and to hear about all the things you have been up too.



Hello F2, 

Hope you have all enjoyed your Easter holiday at home and have managed to keep safe, happy and busy.

Our learning question this half term is: What shall we grow? We will be thinking about things that grow in our world.

This week's focus text is 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth. Please watch the video of the story on Youtube. Just click on the link below.


Sorry I can't read you the story myself but I don't have this book at home.

I hope you enjoy the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. He is not very patient is he. It takes a long time for most plants to grow. Can you remember what creatures Jasper dug up on Friday? Please draw a picture of them and label the pictures using your phonics (segmenting)








Hello Foundation Stage, we hope you are all keeping safe and busy while staying at home.

Thank you to all the parents who have logged in to Class Dojo-our new online classroom. It is great to be in touch with you all. We have enjoyed hearing all about what you have been doing at home. Please continue to post messages, send photographs and share your wonderful learning.


To continue your learning journey at home, here are some home learning menus to keep you busy learning!






The Easter holidays officially start now until Tuesday 14th April. Hope you all  manage to speak to family members you can't visit and keep your spirits up.

Here are some fun activities to keep you busy over the break x

1. Hard boil an egg-decorate it or use it as part of a "Easter model".

2. Go out in the garden-help dig or weed. Look for mini-beasts.

3. Go on a number hunt in your local area-look for numbers on houses, cars, signs etc

4. Draw and cut out Easter egg pictures-ask an adult to hide the 'eggs'so you can hunt for them.

5. Have some water fun inside or outside. Make sure you ask your grown-ups first!!

6. Snuggle down and watch your favourite film or TV programme.

7. Read/share your favourite book with someone else.

8. Move in different ways-Run, jump, hop, skip, crawl, slide outside in your garden or in an open space.


Take care of yourselves and each other. Speak to you all soon. Love all your teachers at school xxx

Some Easter craft ideas.

Log onto class dojo for next weeks activities!

Our first week of nursery home learning activities all based around the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Spring Term 2


This half term our learning question is ' How do we get there?'.


Our Focus text are:

  • Who sank the boat
  • Mr Gumpy's outing
  • The Train Ride
  • Things that go.


Friday was Sport Relief. We had a really active day in the unit. F2 used the apparatus in P.E.

F1 did dough disco

F2 finished the day with activities and exercises outside.

Thursday 5th March was World Book day. We had an exciting day doing activities based on the story-Goldilocks and Just the One Bear. We had an engineering challenge to build a bed for baby bear. Look at our fantastic creations!
On Tuesday 24th March, we celebrated Pancake Day and made our own pancakes.

Spring Term 1.


Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!


This half term, our learning question is:


How do we put things together?


For our end of term celebration, we held a parent workshop. The parents joined in with many activities based on 'materials' and our learning question 'How do we put things together'. 

In Literacy F2  wrote instructions on 'How to make a Gingerbread man'.

In Literacy F1 sequenced pictures of 'How to make a Gingerbread man'. We all baked our own Ginger bread man.

F2 decorated their Gingerbread man

F1 painted a Gingerbread man.

In Maths F2 have been working on number skills. They have been counting one more and one less and making comparisons. 
In Maths F1 have been practising our counting skills by matching the correct number to the amount. 
In DT we have been learning to thread using wool and a needle. We made character puppets and decorated them.

Our character puppets.

Our focus artist this term is Robin Brooks. Robin is an American artist who specializes in collage. We have been making collage story book settings in F2.
In Literacy we will be reading a range of traditional stories such as The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs and the Ginger bread man.

Here is some of our FS2 writing

We are very lucky to be a part of Our Street, Our Song Music Project.

Luke came to visit us.

We linked music to mark making.

As part of developing our oracy skills, we are now talking part in ' Rainbow Time' sessions.

We use our senses to develop our talk.

Autumn term 2.


This term our focus text are:


  • The shopping basket written by John Burningham
  • Hippo buys a has a hat written by Julia Donaldson
  • Don't forget the bacon written by Pat Hutchins

Week 3: This week we have been on a visit to Asda.

We got to take a look behind the scenes as well as doing a bit of shopping.

Friday 15th November was Children in Need. We came to school wearing our pyjamas and raised money for charity.

Lucas won the Pudsey bear raffle!!

Martin the musician came to school and we had fun singing with our families.

Autumn Term One


This term our focus texts are :


Titch by Pat Hutchins

Aren’t You Lucky! (Catherine Anholt)

This is Our House (Michael Rosen)

My mum and dad make me laugh (Nick Sharratt




Our end of term celebration was great!

We invited parents into the unit for a 'Keeping Healthy Workshop'.

  • We made healthy fruit kababs.
  • We created a healthy dinner collage.
  • We did observational drawings of fruits and vegetables.
  • We used the interactive write board to develop our counting skills and play games linking to foods we eat.
  • We completed interlinking fruit and vegetable jigsaws.
  • We looked at a range of fiction and non fiction texts all about 'Healthy eating' and 'Keeping healthy'.
  • Jean and her team from the school kitchen prepared 'more' healthy snacks for us all in the unit. the children all had a try and many enjoyed the fruit and vegetable tasting. 
  • Mrs Saddiq and Mrs Fraser both read a story at the end of the workshop.




Freddie's baby sister visited us. We talked about how we have changed since we were babies.
We have started reading the focus text-This is our house by Michael Rosen.
F2 have been drawing their own houses and have labelled their pictures using initial sounds.
In P.E this week, F2 have been using big balls to throw, catch and kick. we had lots of fun!
F2 have started doing their Rainbow challenges each week. This week we have been mixing colours with paint, reading books and playing a number game.
We have some pet fish. They are called Elm and Chestnut after our class names.
We have been exploring and enjoying our new classroom.

Making Friendships.

Early writing