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P.E. day for Y1 is Friday. Children need to wear school uniform to school and bring their PE kit in a bag so they can change before the lesson.

Y1 have Forest school on Wednesday's. Children need welly boots and a waterproof coat.


Summer 1. Our learning question is: What does a plant need to grow?

Summer 1 Curriculum overview.

Summer 1 Home learning.

Week 5 Learning Champion Assembly.

Week 5. We are learning about the Queens Platinum Jubilee. We read a story called 'The Queen's Knickers'. Then we made some pants for the Queen. Mr Hingley made the 'pants' into bunting!

Week 5. In Art we painted our portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

Week 5 Forest school. We worked in the indoor classroom, drawing natural objects. Then we played a fun game outside.

Week 5. We enjoyed our weekly visit to the school library.

Week 5 Maths. We have been making an 'array' in Maths. This helps us learn about multiplication.

Week 5. In English we have been writing interesting sentences about plants and flowers. We are using adjectives and 'and' to connect our ideas.

Week 5. We are getting more confident when doing Times Tables Rockstars.

Week 4 Learning Champion Assembly.

Week 4. In PE we worked on bouncing the tennis ball using the racket.

Week 4. We are getting more confident riding a bike.

Week 4. In Art we drew portraits of Queen Elizabeth.

Week 4. Our Forest school session was exciting as we went out of school and helped the foresters put mulch around the new trees in Mather Park.

Week 4. In Maths we have been making equal groups.

Week 4. We have started reading our new focus text called 'The Extraordinary Gardener'.

Week 3 Learning Champion Assembly

Week 3. We love 'Ready, steady bike'. Some of us can ride a bike without stabilisers and some of us are learning to balance so we can use the pedals.

Week 3 In PE we worked with a different coach. We played a game where you had to listen to instructions and stretch up or bob down. It was fun!

Week 3 Science, we planted some bulbs.

Week 3 In Maths we are learning about capacity and volume.

Week 3, We are able to read more words now so we enjoy library time.

Week 3. On Tuesday we planted some bedding plants to cheer up our outside area.

Week 3. It has been a quiet week as lots of our friends celebrated Eid at home. On Tuesday, some of us designed a stamp to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee..

Week 2 Learning Champion Assembly.

Week 2. We started our 'Ready, steady, bike' learning this week with Mr Hingley. It was fun!

Week 2 PE. In PE we worked with Matt to improve our tennis skills.

Week 2 Art. We practiced drawing different lines then we mixed primary colours in paint.

Week 2, Forest School. We helped Mr Thind carry lots of resources into the nature garden. We lined the flower beds with cardboard to stop the weeds growing. We searched for signs of Spring. Last we had fun playing with the parachute!

Week 2: We always enjoy our time in the school library.

Week 2: We were learning about the importance of sleep in RSHE.

Week 2 Handwriting. Our handwriting is really improving.

Week 2. We did Tables Times Rock stars this week.

Week 1 Learning Champion Assembly.

Week 1. It is great to be back at school. In Science we planted some sunflower seeds. We hope they will grow!

In Computers we are learning to present our own ideas.

on Wednesdays we use the school library. We love reading!

In Art we are learning about the work of Dan Llywelyn Hall. He paints portraits. We drew a self-portrait in our new sketch books. We looked carefully in the mirror.

In PE we met our new coaches-Matt and Tom. They are going to teach us how to play tennis. It was fun!

Spring 2. Our learning question is: How do we make music?

Spring 2 Curriculum overview

Spring 2 Home learning menu

Week 6 Learning Champion Assembly.

We are so proud of the moving pictures we created in Design Technology.

Week 6 Design Technology. We evaluated our final pieces.

Week 6 PE. We practiced straight and barrel rolls then Belle taught us how to do forward rolls.

Week 6 Jigsaw. We discussed how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Week 6 Our handwriting is really improving.

Week 5 Learning Champion assembly.

In design Technology we added a frame to our pictures and some moving parts-a slider and a pivot!

In Handwriting we are working hard to write on guidelines and reduce the size of our writing.

Week 5. In PE we practised making shapes and then using them in a roll. We had to be strong to hold a shape.

Week 4 Learning champion Assembly.

In Forest school we looked for signs of Spring in the nature garden. Mr Thind showed us the new mud kitchen and we found a worm! We played a fun game called cups and domes.

Friday was comic relief-red nose day. We wore red clothes and donated money to charity. We also had fun doing a 'red nose hunt' in our yard.

In Design Technology we continued creating our moving pictures. We cut out a second musician and added a background to our picture.

In PE this week we worked on jumping and landing safely.

Mr Hingley made a volcano using coca cola and a fizzy tablet!

'Dancing pen' experiment.

'Lava lamp' We created a lava lamp using water, oil and a fizzy tablet.

'Static electricity hair' experiment.

'Water walking' experiment. Look how the colour travelled along the cups!

'Cup trick' experiment. We blew between the rims of two cups and the cup lifted up and sometimes blew across the room!

'Paper cup challenge' We had to find a way of standing on paper cups without breaking them!

'Take the money' experiment. We had to try and pull the bank note from under the bottle.

Week 5 has been Science week in school. We have had a lot of fun doing different experiments. We have also been climate scientists who study the weather.

Week 3 Learning Champion assembly.

Week 3 Forest School. We helped Mr Thind pick up litter and move woodchips to make the path safe. We also helped plant some hedge to make the garden more private. At the end we played forest statues in the trees!

Week 3 Design Technology. We started making the musicians for our moving pictures. The cardboard was hard to cut!

Week 3 PE. We worked with Belle to improve our balance. We had to be strong when holding a shape.

Week 3 Science. We tested different materials to see which were suitable to make an umbrella. It was fun!

Week 3 Jigsaw. We are talking about having a healthy lifestyle. We did a workout with Joe Wicks.

Week 2 Learning Champion Assembly.

Week 2. It was World Book day on Thursday 3rd March. We wore our pyjamas to school. We helped create characters for the school story.

Week 2 PE. We worked with a partner making shapes.

Week 2. In Science we investigated the suitability of different materials to make a strong bridge.

Week 2. In Literacy we have been using adjectives to describe different materials. We used bendy and stretchy!

Week 1 Learning champion assembly

Week 1 In 10 in 10, we are learning to count tens and ones.

Week 1 Science. We were sorting different materials and recording our findings.

Week 1 Library. We love reading in the school library.

Week 1 P.E. We have a new coach called Belle. She is teaching us about gymnastics.

Week 1 Design/Technology. We are learning about mechanisms so that we can make a moving picture of a band. We investigated books with moving parts. We watched some music videos. We practiced making a sliding mechanism.

Week 1 Forest school. Our school forest has been cleared so lots of light will get in and make things grow. We built dens which was fun.

Spring 1. Our learning question is: Could a lion live in Darnall?

Spring 1 Home learning menu.

Spring 1 Curriculum overview.

Week 6 Learning Champion Assembly.

We had fun outside as a treat for working hard all term.

In English we used a 'hot seat' to interview the Emperor penguin from our focus text.

We are getting more confident talking to a partner.

In Forest school we worked with a partner to plan what we would like to have in our playground. We also played Hide and Seek.

We have been working hard in Year One this week. In English, we have been using the 'ing' suffix in our writing.

Week 5 Learning Champion Assembly

In Art we are working on creating a collage of a lion's face.

In PE we worked with the coach to develop skills in basketball.

In English we have been learning to use the suffix 'ing'.

We enjoyed climbing on the trim trail in Forest school.

We love reading books in the school library.

We had lots of fun in the 'Make a Maker' workshop this week.

Week 3 Learning champion assembly

In P.E we worked on controlling the ball.

In Forest school we made bird's nests.

In Science we have been learning about micro-habitats. We searched our Y1 garden to see what we could find.

We visited our school library this week.

In Jigsaw we have been talking about achieving our goals. We know that we have to follow steps to achieve what we want. We followed the steps to make a pretend jam sandwich!

In Handwriting, we are learning to write on line guides.

We are getting really good at using 'Times Tables Rockstars' to practise our times tables.

Week 2 learning champion assembly.

Week 2. In PE we worked with the coach, Jacob. We were practising sending and receiving a ball in pairs.

Week 2. In Forest school we explored the field and found natural objects of interest. We played on the trim trail and Mr Thind taught us how to play 'Blind Mans Bluff'.

Week 2. In Maths we have been working on making 10. We worked with a partner.

Week 2. In Science we are learning about animal habitats.

Week 2. In music we learned some animal songs and did some actions.

Learning champion assembly-week 1

Week 1 In Science we have been sorting animals that may or may not live in Darnall.

In Computing we are learning to draw with different tools.

In Forest school we explored the nature garden and looked for seasonal changes.

In PE we met the new coach and played invasion games. It was fun!

In Art we are learning how to make collage pictures.

In RE we started to explore the idea of doing a task at 'regular intervals'. We copied what Mrs Fraser was doing.

Learning champion assembly Week 7

We had fun at our Christmas party!

In Forest school we made cards and explored the adventure playground.

Week 6 Learning Champion assembly.

Mrs Hartley very kindly bought us the next Izzy Gizmo book for our classroom. She also gave us a book each to take home x

Friday was also Mrs Hartley's last day with us. We made her a surprise card.

On Friday we had a film afternoon with drinks and snacks. It was fun!

We have worked together in the creative area to make a fabulous sleigh!

In RE, we were acting out the story of the first Christmas. can you spot the three kings following Mrs Fraser?

Week 6. PE was so much fun again. We are really good at dancing!

Week 5 Learning champion assembly

In forest school we looked for seasonal changes and animal homes outside. Then Mr Thind gave us delicious hot chocolate to drink.

We enjoy painting.

We used lots of energy in our PE lesson with Megan.

Jigsaw learning. We were talking about friendship and what we like about each other. we made friendship tokens.

Week 5. The week started with snow on the ground. We had lots of fun exploring outside!

Learning champion assembly week 4

Week 4. In PE we warmed up with a 'copy me' game then we learned how to dance like pirates!

We built a bus outside and had fun travelling to different places.

We help each other when we work on the laptops.

In Forest school we foraged for leaves and berries then used them to create pictures.

We have been learning our number bonds to 10. We had to match the halves of the ladybird to make 10.

We have started decorating our decorations.

Learning champion assembly Week 3

Week 3 In English, we have been interviewing the farmer from our story using a 'hot seat'. We have also been writing newspaper reports.

In forest school we made hedgehogs out of clay and put them in the hedgehog houses in the nature garden.

In Science we have been learning about the human lifecycle.

Learning champion assembly Week 2

Week 2: In English, we have been acting out the story of 'What the ladybird heard'. We have also 'hot-seated' a character and asked them questions.

Working on Purple Mash using the laptops.

In Forest school we have been exploring outside and making characters.

In Science we have been thinking about good hygiene. We observed what happened when soap and germs meet.

We also did a Science experiment to find out how many times we need to wash our hands to remove germs.

Outside we have worked as a team to build a ball run.

It was remembrance day on Thursday. We made poppies to show our respect and remember the brave soldiers.

Week 1: In Science we are learning to classify foods into the groups-protein, carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy, fatty and sugary.

Our learning question this half term is:

Can I have chocolate cake for breakfast?

Curriculum overview for Autumn 2.

The science knowledge organiser for Autumn 2.

The home learning menu for Autumn 2.