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Y3 Cherry


Welcome to the Year 3 Cherry webpage.

Class Teacher: Miss Gray


Support Staff: Miss Booker

PE Day: Thursdays 

Current Learning Champion, Jigsaw Genius and Acres Attribute Champion



Learning Champion: Timea for a fantastic effort in her writing. 

Jigsaw Genius: Nabila for joining in with her friends and making others feel welcome. 

Acres Attribute Champion: Chelsea for being able to control her feelings positvely and reflect when she needed to.


It has been another fantastic week in Y3!


In our English we have started to look at one of our books for the half term The King who banned the dark! We have een using the pictures to help us to understand the text and we have been learning about the use of adjectives in our writing. 


In Maths we have continued our Place Value learning by learning about three digit numbers, numbers to 1000 and counting on a number line to 1000. On Arithemic Friday we revisited our unmber bonds to 10 and to 20.


In Science we learnt about how the sun is both good and bad for us. We learnt about the positves and negatives of this and how important it is to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays.


In our outdoor learning there was an emergency in the Trolls village. It had been ruined.  We needed to work together to build a new village for them so we needed to make sure they had everything they needed. Pictures to follow!....



In Art we learnt a little bit about the artist we will be using to inspire our work. We looked at his art work and how he creates it using collage, ripping and tearing. We will be using this style to create images of shells from our text The Bluest of Blues.


In PE we had a focus on our sprinting techniques and tried to develop and improve.


Fantastic work Y3! Keep it up!


This has been our first full week back and what a busy one it has been!


We have been enjoying settling back into school and getting into our school routines. 


In our English we have been writing information leaflets linked to our whole school texts about Here we are by Oliver Jeffers. We created leaflets about How to keep safe from Coronavirus.



In Maths we have been learning about place value and on Arithmetic Friday we looked at addition and subtraction and different effiecient methods to answer these calculations.


In Art we have been creating pictures using the theme of our book and painted in the style of Monet's Starry Night. We experimented with differetn shades of blue and then stuck the Earth on to tie in with our theme Here we are.




Fantastic first full week Y3!


Welcome to Year 3 Cherry!

Our class texts for this half term are:



This half term in Year 3 we will be learning all about light and dark and learning how a shadow is made.


Here are our knowledge organiser, home learning menu and curriculum overview for the half term.



Week 2


This week in year 2 we have been writing an information text about polar bears. We learned lots of new information about polar bears and created an information text to show off all of our wonderful new information.

Ask any child in year 2 to tell you a fact about polar bears and I bet you will be impressed!!!!


This week we have been looking at multiplication and using facts to help us solve problems. We have been talking about groups and how many objects are in a group. We linked this to repeated addition. During arithmetic Friday we looked at fractions and remembered some of the facts and structures we have learnt to help us find fractions of amounts. 

Spring 1 Our Learning Journey: What do we know about Sheffield?

In our maths we have been looking at measuring. We used rulers and metre sticks. We were looking for things in the classroom that were longer and shorter than 1 metre.

In our writing we have been looking at adjectives, nouns and verbs. We rearranged some words to create a sentence.

We are learning taekwondo in our PE lessons. We are having a great time!

We love reading in Year 2.

Still image for this video
Every Friday we have Reading for Pleasure in Year 2. This is when we can read to a friend, read with a grown up, share a book and use our reading area. Here are two fabulous readers in Year 2 sharing a favourite book.

In Design Technology we have been learning the skill of sewing. We have been learning how to thread a needle and also the running stitch.

Our Learning Journey: Who was the Lady of the Lamp?

Please click the links above to find out more about what we will be learning during our first half term as well as the home learning menu of challenges you can try at home!   A copy of this half term's knowledge organiser has been sent home with your child. Spare copies are available outside the classroom

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

We had a wonderful time on our school trip. We met Florence Nightingale and helped her make some medicine. We learnt all about the Environmental theory and the 5 environmental factors. The day ended at the Crimean war and we become soldiers and nurses.



Number and Place value

During our maths learning we have been focusing on Place Value. We have been using different maths equipment to partition numbers into tens and ones. We have then used this to look at different ways of partitioning.


We have also been looking at using the signs <  >   = and using the language greater than, less than and equals to.


Letter Writing

In our writing lessons we have been using a book called "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket. We found a letter from Laszlo (a boy in the story) to The Dark and we have decided to write one back from The Dark.




Welcome to the Year 1 Cherry webpage.

Class Teacher:  Mrs Saddiq.

Support Staff: Miss Catwell.

Current Learning Journey: Dogger by Shirley Hughes.

PE Days:

Monday afternoon and Friday morning.



Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion: Jurie for working hard in Literacy and creating a fantastic leaflet.

Jigsaw Genius: Chelsea for being a 'always' child, treating everyone with respect and sharing wonderful ideas.


                Summer Term 2


Continue the hard work year one!

Week 5



We made our own clocks to help us tell the time.

In DT ,we designed and made pull along toys.

Week 4




This week in Literacy we have been learning about leaflets. We have written persuasive sentences and have taken part in role play to persuade a friend to buy a toy.




This week in Maths we have been learning about telling the time. We have played ' What time is it Mrs Saddiq?' and looked at the hands on the clock.

We have learnt to use mathematical vocabulary to describe the time and have explore o'clock and half past.



Telling the Time.

PE- Coaching


We were lucky to have visitors from Park Academy. They helped us with our ball skills and we look part in coaching activities. 

It was great fun!



During our ICT lesson we collected information and recorded this by creating a Tally Chart. We explored further and used this information to make our very our Y1 Favorite Toy bar chart.

Week  3




This week in Literacy we have been writing own innovated stories. We have planned using story maps and used some stem sentences alongside keywords to help.




This week in Maths we have been learning about Money. We have been recognise coins and notes, the value of coins and creating amounts. We used our Friday Maths Arthetic session to exploring 'giving change'.

How much chnge ?



This week in our RE lesson we have been exploring meaningful celebrations. We have made comparisions between celebration we celebrate within our own personal beliefs and those of people who follow the relgion of Judaism. 

Hannakkah is the celebration we will be further exploring and deeping our knowledge of people and religions.


In Art this week, we have developed our weaving skills and with continue weave wool to create a piece of cloth.


In our Jigsaw  lesson this week we have been thinking about change and how this makes us feel. We looked at and create our own lifecycle of a human. We will be using our lessons to begin to think about how we can cope with change and how change can be positive.

                                Week 2





This week in Literacy the children enjoyed exploring the story of Dogger. We sequenced the story in order, discussed the moral of the story and made links to our own experiences.



In Maths this week we have been learning about Place Value. We have been ordering numbers and find missing numbers in a 100 square.

We have also been making comparisons by using mathematical talk to discuss our answers to convince Mrs Saddiq. 


Greater than, less than, more than, before, after etc.




The children have worked wonderfully well to complete the end of year Phonics Screening. 

Please continue to support your child with weekly spellings and reading at home.




Eid Mubarak Everyone- enjoy your celebrations and family time.

What a Fantastic start to the Summer Term Year 1!


This term our focus text is 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.


Week 6




In Literacy this week we have been writing our own instructions for Mr Grinling. On Monday we planned our instructions by making a choice of the type of sandwich Mr Grinling would like. Then we drafted our instructions making sure we had adverbials of time in our writing for a sequence. We took care with our writing in our final write to make we did not miss anything out.




Our Maths focus this week has been 'Direction and Position'. We used directions to instruct our friends to move around in 1/2 turns, 1/4 turns, 3/4 turns and a full turn. It was FUN!

Giraffe disappeared and we couldnt fing him. Where was he? Was he in, under, behind, next to, beside, infront of the box?




This week in Phonics we have been busy readers, reading as many words as we can! We have been looking at the diagraphs we are still a little unsure about and took on the challenge of reading real and nonsense words within 3 minutes. 





This week in our DT we followed our designs and made our very own Lighthouses. We developed our cutting sticks and used glue to strengthen the lighthouse structure.

 We are following instructions by describing turns
Look at our amazing Lighthouses.
We made card lighthouses too!

Week 5




This week in Literacy we have been exploring and following instructions.First we had a look at sequencing instructions and discussed the adverbials of time and why key word choices were important. Then we followed instructions and made our own mustard and salad sandwiches. 




This week in Maths we have been working on Fractions. We have identified the correct factions by exploring, how many equal parts there were and if the shaded part of the shape or object was correct. We took our learning further by working out 1/2 and 1/4 of amounts, using a familiar method.




We have continued to work hard with segmenting and blending real and non-sense words.





Making Mustard and Salad Sandwiches.

Thank you to Caroline and Dawn for coming to school with their pets.

PE Games- We have been developing our ball skill and are now playing team football.

Week 4


Well Done Year 1 Cherry.





This week in literacy we have been writing our own informative newspaper. We have been using adverbials of time. We have focused closely on grammatical features.






In maths this week we have been working on fractions. We have been exploring the concept  of what is a fraction and have been finding halves and quarters of shapes. 





This week in Art we have been developing our skills to create repeating patterns and overlapping. We linked this with our Science theme of animals and decided to create our own Rainbow Fish.



We used apples to create repeating patterns.

Week 3





In literacy this week we have been exploring a newspaper article. We have been writing a variety of different sentences to explain, sequence and write commands.




This week in Maths, we have been sharing equal groups and dividing.




This week in Phonics we have continued to work on our Phase 3 and Phase 5 diagraphs.

Please continue to read and write the common exception words.


On Wednesday we enjoyed our visit to the Botanical Gardens.

We explored the range of flowers, plants and trees. We enjoyed sketching and labeling our favorite plants.



Sharing amounts.

Year One at the Botanical Gardens.

Week 2



In Literacy this week we have been writing from a characters point of view. We have been thinking of character emotions, character behaviours and character expressions.




In Mathematics this week we have been using our knowledge of our times tables to work out array problems. We have looked at equal groups, what an array is and writing number sentences to prove our answers. We have used  new strategy to promote 'Maths talk'. using the ACE method. A= Answer, C= convince and E= evidence.




This term our science topic is 'Animals including humans. We have enjoyed building on our scientific vocabulary. We have looked at different types of animals and sorted them according to their given family.  

we look our learning further by looking at facts about the animals and what made them different.




We will continue to work hard in our Phonic looking at Phase 5 diagraphs and trigraphs. 



Welcome Back Y1!

Spring Term 2

This term our curriculum text is

Little Red Riding Hood by Lori Don.

Week 4




This week in literacy we have been exploring traditional stories. We have be using the 'Pie Corbett' approach to storing. We have created our own story maps. We have used adjectives for describing our characters and settings and adverbials of time.




In maths we have been measuring. We created a Year 1 height chart. We have used non-standard units and rulers to measure objects and different lengths.




This week in art we have painted our character masks following our designs from last week. We have continued to monitor the growth of our sunflowers in science by creating a first now and then sequence of events.




We have continued to focus on our Phase 3 and 5 diagraphs and orally snapping our 'tricky words'.


Please continue to read daily at home and practice weekly spellings!


Measuring using non-standard units.
Painting our charcter masks.

Week 3


Due to the gusty wind and ensuring the health and well-being of our children, our Botanical Garden Trip was cancelled. However we will be rearranging this trip next term after the Easter break.




This week in Literacy we have been exploring traditional tale characters. We have been taking part in role play and thinking of character descriptions using adjectives. We took our writing further by thinking of our own story beginnings.





We have continued to work on our times tables. We have been counting on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s using a number line, grids and working out missing number sentences.




In Science this week our investigation questions was ' will all the sunflowers grow?'

First we needed to collect all the equipment we needed and then thought of instructions we needed to follow in order to plant. It was Great!

We  took our learning further and we made predictions.



Acting out a role of a character.

Week 2


We had a Brilliant Week in Year 1!




In art we used playdough to mould our own story characters.

In Maths, we have been multiplying by 2, 5 and 10.

Thank you to the Year 5 Reading Buddies.!


Week 1



This week in Literacy we have been exploring an informative text. The children have enjoyed looking at key features of a leaflet and piecing it back together. We have written our very own headings and sentences to inform.






This week in maths we have been using our knowledge of the 2 times and 5 times tables to highlight an circle numbers by counting in 2 and 5. To work out number sums using a method of 2 lots of 3 is 2 people in 3 groups. We have also looked a missing number sequences and bridge the number we have added each time.




This term in science our learning topic is 'Plants'. This week we have looked at the parts of a plant. We have used our observational skills to draw and label plant.

During our Jigsaw time we have been looking at 'a healthier me'. We had a think of ways we can become healthier and the positive impact it will have on our health.

Exploring trees in our school woodland.

We developed our skills as a team and took part in problem solving together.

Friday Fun with Phonics

think of words with the 'th' diagraph.
Using a phoneme frame to write 'th' words.
Looking at root words and suffixes.
Look how many words i have made with suffixes!
Checking if my words make sense.
writing words.
Looking for tricky words.
Is it a real word or a nonsense word?
Sounding out and blending.
Its a real word.
"It says 'giving'"
Sounding out blending.
Look what i have done!
Using a phoneme frame.
Using phoneme frames
Reading and writing tricky words.
Where is that tricky word?
matching tricky words.
erm what words has the 'th' diagraph?
Sounding out and blending.
Looking at words with different diagraphs.

Spring Term 1


This term our focus text is ' The way back home' by Oliver Jeffers.


Week 5




This week in literacy our WAGOLL was a letter to 'Helen Sharman' the Sheffield born astronaut. We looked closely at the letter openings, the types of word choices and different use of sentences in the letter.

We had a go at thinking of our own questions to ask Helen Sharman.




This week in maths we have been working hard on place value. We have sorted numbers in the correct order, we have completed missing number lines and have learnt how to 'partition' using tens and one.





On Tuesday 5th February, t was internet safety awareness day. We took part in a class discussion and explored a variety of ways of how to stay safe on the internet and increase awareness. 




Please continue to practice reading and writing our year 1 exceptional words!

We have been working hard this week to remember the sight words:


little    called   are  you  look  asked


Our Friday Fun Learning of Phonic activities..

A Huge 'Thank You' to all the parents that came along to our Library visit on Monday.



Photographs to come soon. 

Friday arithmetic: We have enjoyed halving numbers.

Week 4.




This week in Literacy we have completed our Neil Armstrong diary entries. We have construction sentences in first person and used adverbials of time to recount his great achievement of ' Neil Armstrong's Mission to the moon'.




This week in Maths we have continue to work on  subtractions. We have practiced counting back with a whole number in our heads and used a number lines to jump back.




This week in Phonics we have been developing our segmenting and blending skills further by exploring real and non sense words, which have been tricky but FUN!




This week in Theme we have research other famous astronauts. Helen Sharman and Tim Peake. We have continued to investigate 'forces' to reason and provide detail explainations of how our rockets launched.


Week 3.


It has been a fun learning week in Year 1 Cherry!




This week in Literacy we have been looking at a diary entry. We have looked closely at the use of adverbials of time, suffixes and word choices to describe how Neil Armstrong felt.




This week in maths we have been developing our understanding of 'subtraction'. We have been using effective tools in maths to help us think about the whole number and part.




This week in phonics we have been practicing our segmenting and blending skills and making links with our writing.

We will continue to spot sight words (tricky) in our reading books, focus text and print around us.

Please encourage your child to practice these words. This week we have been learning the following tricky/sight words.


come     some   people   asked  oh

don't      Mr      Mrs.




We have had a great time in our theme lessons this week we have planned and carried out a rocket launching experiment.





We selected resources and put them to the test!

Week 2


Another wonderful week with fantastic learning outcomes.






This week in Literacy we completed out Neil Armstrong fact files. First we planned our fact files by gathering keywords on a timeline of Neil Armstrong achievements. We then used the keywords on our plans to draft purposeful sentences. After that we edited our drafts and rewrote or sentences.

This piece of writing was the first piece to go in our extended write folders. 




This week in maths we have been exploring number bonds to 10 and 20. We have used a variety of mathematical tools to support our learning and build on our understanding of number bonds to 10 and 20.

We also had a go on TT Rock stars in our computer session, using our own log ins.






This week in our theme sessions we have been designing our rockets and thinking carefully of what kind of parts and materials will be needed to make a junk model rocket. We then took our learning further and made a junk model rocket ready to launch next week.

In our history focus theme this term we continued to explore a part of space. This week the moon. We looked through non-fiction texts in our classroom and gathered interesting facts about the moon. We used the facts to create our own fact sentences about the moon.




This week in Phonics to make our learning directed to our individual learning outcomes we have been working in smaller groups.

We have continued to look at Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds and had a focus on our 'Tricky words'.


Please practise and apply the 'trick' sight words at home to develop your child's reading.






Week 1 




This week in Literacy we have been learning  about 'Neil Armstrong'.

We have used the computers to research and write facts about him and his space mission. 


This week in maths we have used a hands on approach towards our learning. We have used 10 frame to add, make amounts and solve word problems. On Friday's arthematic session we used flash cards and created subtraction number sentences of our own. We put the large number in our heads and counted back.

He we are using a 10 frame.


We have been developing our cutting skills and created wonderful planet collages. We have explore 'Planets' and have started to design our very own rocket.




This term we will recapping our Phase 5 sounds.

Here are the diagraphs we have learnt this week:


ay oy ea ou


How many words can you write with the diagraphs above?





We will be exploring dance and apparatus in PE.

Autumn Term 2

This term our focus text is ' The Jolly Postman' written by Allan Ahlberg.

Week 7: The man on the moon school project and History week.


This week as part of a whole school project we took part in a project.

In our Literacy lessons we watched the advertisement of ' The man on the moon' by John Lewis.

The children really embraced the deep meaning and purpose of the advert. We then sequenced the first part of the advert and created our own meaningful recounts. 




This week in History we went back in time. It was great!

We explored the classroom in the past and how things have changed over time.






Week 6




This week in Literacy we have complete our instructions for ' The Jolly Postman's lunch'.We started the week by drawing out a map of instructions. This helped us remember the order of our instructions in the correct sequence .We have used adverbials of time and the conjunction 'and' in our writing.




This week in Maths we have been continuing to ' Subtract'. We have be using key vocabulary in our word problems such as subtract, take away and minus. 

We have also been developing our reasoning skills by looking at word problems and being able to explain the answer.




In Phonics this week we have continue to work through our phase 2, phase 3 and phase 5 sounds. The split diagraphs are still challenging us to do more.......









This week in PE we have been exploring 'Movement'

Friday Maths Arithmetic- We have been creating our own addition sentences and working out the answer. ..

We rolled the dice to create our addition sentence
We counted the dots to make the amount.
We took turns.
We counted on using our fingers
we counted on.


I am extremely proud of Everyone.

Week 5




This week in Literacy we have been working hard on grammatical features in our writing. Looking closely at using correct punctuation in our writing and remembering finger spaces. Our focus piece for the next two weeks is 'Instructions'. We have been writing bossy sentences and sequencing instructions such as 'How to brush your teeth'. we have used adverbials of time too.




This week in Maths we have been working on subtraction. We have been practicing to 'take away' a number from a given number and explain our subtraction number sentence . We have used our knowledge of fact families and created subtraction number problems. we have taken our learning further and been working hard with subtraction word problems and being able to explain our answer.




This week in Phonics we have continued to work on our Phase 5 sounds. This week we have been learning the split diagraphs:


a-e     e-e   i-e   o-e

Our tricky words this week


people    said   come  their

Phonics Challenge.


Can you write 15 words that have a split diagraph? 



Remember to practice spellings at home and read daily with an adult.




This week in Theme we have been writing questions for a Postman. We have researched the Royal Mail and found out facts about the service.

We have been learning and singing our Christmas songs too.







Friday Maths Arithmetic- Having numbers


Week 4


Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our Magical Maths lesson. 

The children enjoyed showcasing our learning and Problem solving.






In Literacy we finally completed our Adverts. The Jolly Postman needs some help as it is a busy time of the year.

We have put our adverts up around school in hope find a Jolly Helper.

We have written three types of sentences in our advert writing.

1- simple noun clauses

2- question sentences

3- exclamation sentences.


Please continue to support your child with their writing.



This week in Maths we have been adding. The children have worked on addition sentences, missing number sentences and fact families making amounts of 10, 12, 15 and 20.

Maths Challenge:

How many different ways can you make 10? (don't forget you can subtract too!)




This week in Phonics we have continued to work on Phase 5 sounds.

The sounds we have learnt this week are:

aw  wh  ph a-e


We have been learning to write our Phase 4 tricky words too.

their  people  said  have  come


Please continue to practice the sounds and tricky words at home.

Don't forget to practice our weekly spellings.



The Jolly postman sent us a letter. He had forgotten his jam sandwiches at the house of the three bears. He wanted us to write Goldilocks some instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and to make him a delicious jam sandwich too, as it was his favourite sandwich.




Delicious Jam Sandwiches!

Week 3




This week in Literacy we have been exploring and learning  about'Adverts'.

We have closely looked at and watched a range of adverts. This has allowed us to think of the kind of advert we will like to write. Linking to our theme 'The Jolly Postman'. We decided to write a Job advert for a helper.




This week in Maths we have been looking at adding two numbers together, making amounts and finding the missing number. This has allowed us to practise our counting on strategies. We used our fingers, counters, numicon and 10 frame to help us.



This week we have enjoyed mixing powder paints to create different shades of red. 



Week 2.



This week in Literacy we have been planning and drafting our very own newspaper article. We have looked closely at our word choices and used words for effect.

Can you think of WOW adjectives at home?




We have been shape investigators, this week in Maths. We have created our own shape patterns and looked at the difference between a 2 D shape and 3D shape.




We are getting better!!! This term we will be working on Phase 5 sounds and looking act even more tricky words. Please practice the sound cards and tricky words your child brings home.

What a Wonderful start to the term Y1!




In Literacy this week we have been looking at newspaper articles. We have been looking at and name key features of a newspaper. Our Literacy WAGOLL this week and next we is a newspaper article bases on our curriculum text this term ' The Jolly Postman'. We look our learning further and have written our own newspaper HEADLINES and exclamation sentences.




In Maths this week we have been exploring 3D shapes. We have looked at familiar objects and named them using the correct 3D shape name.  We have also looked at the 3D shape properties by looking at the faces, edges and sides.

We have also started to count in 10s, and 2s.




In Phonics this week we have learnt the vowel diagraphs


 ay aw au ea

We have been using sound buttons to practise segmenting and blending sounds together to read and write words.


Phonics Challenge:


Can you write 20 words with the 'ay' 'aw' ' au' and 'ea' diagraph ?




This week in Topic we have learnt about why we celebrate Armistice Day and why it is very important today to remember, respect and be proud together. In art we have drawn and painted our very own poppies, which we have planted in our play field.


A trip to the Cinema 


Thank you to all the parents and staff that made this trip happen. The children had a great time at the cinema and I hope this has inspire our children to become more happy readers and writers. 

Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.



In our Literacy this week, we have been looking closely at grammatical features especially punctuation.

We have been highlighting punctuation and writing out sentences with the correct punctuation.

We have been researching and finding out facts about Julia Donaldson, as next week we will be preparing to write our own biography called Julia Donaldson. 



This week in Maths we have been exploring number families and looking at the patterns of numbers used to write out number sentences. We have also began to count up in 10 and will be counting in 2's next week.

Help your child practise number bonds of 10.


Design Technology


This week in Design Technology we followed a recipe and baked our own Gruffalo Crumble.

It was delicious!

The children then were able to sequence the pictures correctly in order and write simple noun phrase as a recount.




We have been learning the diagraphs or   ur   oi   ow and the trigraphs ear and air.

Please continue to practise spellings sent home and listen to your child read daily.



THANK YOU CAROLINE! We had a visit from Caroline, she bought in her pet stick insects. The children enjoyed looking at them and discussing their habitat.

We have been busy in Maths too. We have been exploring Addition

The children have been using numicon, number lines and unfix to think of ways to solve addition problems. The children have be working on addition sentnces, fact families and number bonds of 10.

It is important for children to use arrange of tools to problem solve in different ways. We will be continuing to work on addition and will be looking at subtraction too next week.

Using unfix to explore addition and work out the answer.

This week in Literacy we have been thinking of our own wow adjectives to describe a Gruffalo.

On Wednesday 26th September, we went to watch the Gruffalo's Child at the Sheffield Lycuem Theatre . It was a fantastic production and the children embraced the experience. 

Our Science topic this term is ' Materials'. We have been on a material hunt around our classroom. We found objects and things that were made out of a variety of materials. Paper, Glass, Metal, Plastic and Fabric were the most popular materials.

We then decided to sort the materials . We used day to day familiar objects and discussed ' why' the objects and things were made with a particular material. It was a great hands on approach!

Exploring Place Value through Numicon.

Our Gruffalo Trial in our school woodland area.