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Welcome to the Year 3 Apple webpage.

Class Teacher: Mrs Taylor

Support Staff: Mr Hingley

Current Learning Journey: What makes us human? 

PE Day: Friday


Current Learning Champion

Learning Champion: Deana is this week's learning champion. She has been working hard at home especially in maths and helping her family.


Well done! 

I hope you are all managing ok. Here are some more activities if you would like them. They will also be uploaded onto class dojo as photos if you are unable to download a word document. 

Summer 2

We are now in our final half term of this school year. It seems strange to still not be seeing all your lovely smiley faces everyday.


Over the next few weeks you will all receive a new learning pack containing lots of activities linked to what we would be learning if we were in school this half term. I will also upload extra tasks on here a few times a week.
Parents/carers, please try not to feel overwhelmed and think you have to complete every piece of work

with your child. We appreciate that this is a stressful time and every family has their own challenges so I don't want to add to any difficulties you may be facing.
Please keep in touch with me and as I school we are still here to help you all as much as we can so let us know if you need any sort of support or if your financial circumstances have changed.


Below is the 10 in 10 for the whole half term and some activities if you would like them. 

Week beginning 18th May 


I hope you are all still well and managing to keep busy. Here are some more activities if you wish to do them.  

Week beginning Monday 11th May 


Below are some extra activities which you can complete if you would like to. 

Friday 8th May marks VE day 


 This 'Victory in Europe' day marks the end of the second world war.
Watch this clip to find out more:


There are many resources below to help you enjoy the day with your family and there are many more on:


Self care for children

Week beginning 4th May 2020


Good morning! 

Below are some learning activities should you require them. 

Many activities which can easily be done at home can be counted as learning and will help your children embed or learn many vital skills hopefully without pressure. Here are some ideas of things your child/ren can do:

  • Cooking/baking
  • Creating shopping lists
  • Playing board games
  • Puzzles


Week 2 all lessons - fractions of a set

Hi all!
After speaking to parents, Mrs Whittingham and Miss Hodkin I wanted to make it clear that during these difficult times our expectations are that you all stay happy and safe. We will continue to provide work for those of you that want to complete it but there is no pressure from us.
We love to see the things you are doing together as family; the things you see on your daily walk, the games you play, the films you watch, anything you have managed to bake or cook and even the Tik Toc dances you have learnt (especially if the whole family take part).



I would like you to visit:


and complete week 2 lesson 2 - find fractions of a set. 

Week beginning 27th April 


Now you should have your learning pack (if you don't please contact school asap) I would like you to complete a piece of learning from it each week day as well as read the book in the pack. 

I will also be putting extra tasks on here if you need them. 



Today I would like you to practise throwing a ball in the air, getting in the ready position for tennis then catching it.  If that is easy, see how many claps you can do before catching the ball. If you don't have a ball don't worry! You can use rolled up socks smiley 

This is the ready position: 


Today I would like you answer the question:


'If you could go anywhere where would you go and why?'


Think about your answer and make some notes before you make a start writing. 



Today I would like you to have conversations with your family in French. 

Just a reminder...


Bonjour (hello)

Salut (hi)

Comment t'appelles-tu? (what is your name?)

Je m'appelle... (my name is)

Et toi? (and you)

Quel age as -tu? (how old are you?)

J'ai ...... ans   (I am ....years old)



Plants knowledge organiser

15.4.20 Maths activity

14.4.20 conjunction task

Summer 1 10 in 10

                              Summer 1

Hi all! smiley

I hope you are all ok and are managing to rest and have some fun with your families. 

As we start the summer term our learning will continue to happen at home. Soon you will receive a new learning pack through the post for you to complete. I will also be uploading activities on class dojo. 


I love to see what you are all up to so don't forget to stay in touch and if you can, send me photos of what you have been up to. 


I hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Taylor



Easter Holiday

The Easter Holiday is from Monday 30th March to Monday 13th April (inclusive). I will be back online from Tuesday 14th April. 


Until then I have created another activity sheet for you. 

I hope you are all well and staying safe smiley 

                            Home learning


 Now we aren't at school remember to keep doing bits of learning. You can log onto class dojo (the log ins were given out on the last Friday of school or sent out to your home) where I will post regular activities for you to complete and you can also send me a message to say hello. 


Useful websites to visit:


For educational resources:

Times table practise:

Maths and English games:

Phonics/reading activities:

Reading books online:

Shaun’s Game Academy:

Shaun the sheep website which teaches children how to make online games. Suitable for whole school

BBC bitesize:

Website with lots of educational games. Suitable for all.

Nasa Kids club:

Children’s website about all things space. Suitable for all.

Education Quizzes:

Education quizzes on different subjects. Suitable for all.

Carol Voderman Maths

Maths website for all children

Prodigy Maths

Maths Game/Questions for all Year Groups

My Mini Maths

Maths work for Year 3 – Year 6

Jane Considine:

All Year Groups daily writing lessons



I have uploaded a range of tasks (look below at the documents) to keep you busy while at home. You don't need to do them all at once. You don't have to print anything off, use the book from your home learning pack or some paper. 


Spring 2 Curriculum map

Week 3

This week began in a wonderful way! We went to the Sheffield City Hall and performed some songs we have been learning along with 11 other schools and a live band. It was an amazing day!


In English we have been learning different grammar features which should help us write a story in a few weeks. We have been using conjunctions and inverted commas. We are using the text, Into The Forest to support our learning. 


In maths, we have been counting up and down in tenths. We have learnt how to show a tenth as an image, fraction and decimal and applied this in different ways. 


During science we had a new member of the class for the afternoon, Melvin (named by Denley). Melvin helped us learn some names of bones on the human skeleton. 

Sports relief

Week 2


This week in English we have written our own information texts to explain how the human body works. The children enjoyed using books and fact sheets to find information and turn this into their own texts. 


In maths we have been looking at breaking parts up into equal parts and calling them fractions. We discovered that unit fractions always have a numerator of 1 and that tenths always have a denominator of 10. 


On Thursday it was World Book Day. We listened to the story Cinderella and wrote instructions to help turn someone into a princess. After that, we discovered that Cinderella's carriage had broken down so we needed to design and make something that could take Cinderella to the ball. Our designs included, an aeroplane, a boat and lots of hot air balloons. 

Spring 2

Week 1


This week the children have been introduced to their new science topic, 'What makes us human?' We discussed the new vocabulary words that are linked to the topic and what they mean. The children were then given (pretend) poo to investigate and discover which animal it came from. 


In maths, we have been looking at parts of a whole and how parts can be equal or unequal. Children have used lots of practical resources this week to help them see the links between the parts and a whole. 


In English, children have learnt about simple past tense and present perfect tense within writing. They have completed a range of tasks to find adverbials that link sentences or ideas and find a range of sentence structures within a text. 



Week 6


This week in English we wrote a story based on a animated story 'The girl and The Robot'. We focused on using direct speech to advance the action, conjunctions, adverbs or prepositions to describe time and varying sentence structure. 


In maths we have been adding and subtracting measurements such as mm, cm and m. Then we began finding the perimeter of shapes. 


In DT we made our sunglasses case using felt and cotton. 


In science we had our showcase event. We went into year 2 to explain how light works and used shadow puppets to create our own shadows. 



Week 5


This week In English we have been revising using apostrophes for possession and contraction, ways to link ideas together and using speech to advance actions. 


In maths we have been discovering how to convert measurements from millimetres, centimetres and metres. After this, we started sorting and ordering objects depending on their size. 


In jigsaw, we have been working as a team to create own own garden ornaments. We enjoyed this and have some lovely decorations now. 


Parents are invited to our class assembly at 9.00am on Tuesday 11th February. 

Week 4 


In English this week we have been writing reports about our own Iron men. We worked hard to ensure we included subordinating clauses, adjectives for precision and linking conjunctions. As well as making sure we had had sub headings and our work was in paragraphs. 


In maths, we have starting learning about measure. We began learning about units of measurement such as, mm, cm and m. Towards the end of the week we began investigating the relationship between centimetres and metres. 


In science we were discovering how we see through our eyes and how the sun is amazing but can also be dangerous. We designed our own sunhat or sunglasses to protect our eyes. 



Week 3


In English this week we have began learning about the features of a non-chronological report. We have practised using paragraphs to group similar information, adjectives for precision, adverbs to modify adjectives and punctuation when using subordinating clauses.  


In maths we have been dividing a two digit number with a one digit number. We used diennes and numicon to help us and by the end of the week some of us were using a formal written method of division. 


In Science we have discovered more about light and what light sources are. We worked together to sort objects depending on whether they were a light source or not. 


In French this week we practised colours again. We designed our own animals, coloured it in and wrote a sentence about it in French. 

                          Week 2


What a great week this week has been!


In English, we used our class text The Iron Man to inspire us to write our own diary entries in the role of Hogarth who is a character in the story. Every child wrote a fantastic diary which made Mrs Taylor and Mr Hingley very proud of them all. 


In maths, we have been multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number. We began using dienne and numicon and developed to using the written method of multiplication.  


In French this week we played a game to help us remember how to say and spell the French colours. We had a line up and pass a coloured cube down the line. Each person said the name of the colour then the person at the end wrote the colour on a whiteboard before moving to the front of the line. 


This half term our computing focus is emailing using Purple Mash. We have enjoyed sending our class mates and teachers emails. 


Spring 1 Curriculum

Spring 1

Week 1


Year 3 have had a fantastic start to the new year. They are back with a great attitude towards their learning and some have even grown a little taller. 


We are learning about diary entries in English for the next two weeks. This week we have looked at examples of diaries and discussed the features we often see in diaries. We have used conjunctions to express time, place or cause and added  subordinating clauses. Our new English text is The Iron Man written by Ted Hughes. 


In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 8. We all need to practise our 8 times tables to help us answer questions quickly. On arithmetic Friday we recapped fractions of amounts and the vocabulary we need to understand when using fractions. 


Our learning journey focus is science this half term. Our key question is, 'What is a shadow?' We will use this question to help us learn about light and discover what shadows are. During our first lesson we watched some shadow dancing and used torches to make our own shadows. 


In PE we began learning gymnastics. This week we focused on balances and worked in pairs to create a sequence of balances. 


Our art topic is collage and we have learnt about the collage artist, Kurt Schwittters. We have looked at his work and discussed what we like and don't like about it. 




Week 7


We have had a busy but exciting last week of the autumn term. 


In DT, we used our own recipes to make bread dough. We let them set overnight and cooked them the next day. Although they didn't quite turn out as we hoped everyone enjoyed making them. 


To finish off our science learning this half term we invited our families in to help us make rock terrarium. 


We have also enjoyed our Christmas party. We played party games and got to eat the wonderful snacks that each one of us brought into school. 

On Thursday it was the Green card assembly and we managed to all visit the green card shop and receive a lovely gift.   


As well as all this we have wrote an explanation text to explain how rocks are formed and been learning how to multiply and divide by 8. 


We are now ready for our Christmas break!

                          Week 6


This week has been a busy one! We have watched the KS1 Christmas performance, had our own performances to do, watched a pantomime in school and voted in our very own parallel election. All of that, as well as our usual learning!


In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by four. We have used classroom resources such as, multi link and counters to help us see what happens when we multiply and divide. We have then been applying this to a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks. 


In English, our new WAGOLL is an explanation text. This week we have learnt about causal conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. Next week we will apply this to our own explanation texts.


We have had fun with magnets this week in science. We have been discovering how magnets work and what objects are magnetic. The children loved using magnets under the tables and making magnetic objects on top of the table move. 



Week 5


This week has been assessment week for us so we have had to concentrate really well and try and apply all the things we have been learning in lessons. We have completed assessments in spelling, grammar, reading and maths. 


In science, we finished writing up the experiment we completed last week. We discovered that the surface does effect the speed in which a car travels on. Lots of us had made accurate predictions. 


In English, We have spent the week writing our own stories based on the class text Ug. In maths, we have continued practising the 3 times tables and revising basic arithmetic skills. 


In computing, we have been learning how to use Microsoft Word to type and change the font. The children all got to explore the program and even save their own document. 

Week 4


This week in science we have investigated the question, 'Does the surface effect the speed which a car travels?'

A toy car was timed travelling down a ramps with different surfaces. We discovered that the car was faster on a smooth surface compared to a bumpy surface. 


In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 3.  On Thursday we completed some 3 times tables games and problem solving challenges. 


In English, we have been learning about different verb tenses and ways to convey a character when writing a story. Towards the end of the week we have began thinking about our own versions of Ug and what we want to happen in our stories.


In DT we made play dough so we could practise the skills of measuring, mixing and kneading before we make bread in a few weeks. 





Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4
Science 5
Science 6
Science 7

DT Playdough making

DT Playdough making 1
DT Playdough making 2
DT Playdough making 3
DT Playdough making 4
DT Playdough making 5
DT Playdough making 6
DT Playdough making 7

Week 3


This week in science we have been investigating the forces of push and pull. We completed a range of activities to find out which force was being used. 


In art we have been using watercolour paint to mix colours and creating a variety of shades. We have used the work of the artist David Taylor to inspire us. 


In English we have been began a unit of work on stories. This week we looked closely at the WAGOLL and  some of the grammar features in a story. using UG to support our learning. 


In maths we have moved onto multiplication and division. This week has focused on repeated addition to help us multiply and equal groups which will help us divide. 

Week 2


This week in English we planned and wrote our own instructions to help Ug and the people in the stone age make animal skin trousers. We had to remember, frontal adverbs, precise adjectives, questions and prepositional phrases. 


In maths we have been subtracting when exchanging from tens and hundreds and spent time looking at using estimating to help us work out answers to calculations. On arithmetic Friday we practised multiplying and dividing by 3. 


Science this week has been learning about soil and how it is made up. The children are now getting very good at using their knowledge organiser to help them learn new words and understand new concepts. 

Knowledge organiser 'Which superhero has the most powerful force?'

Autumn 2 Home learning

Autumn 2 curriculum map

Autumn 2 

Week 1


What a busy first week back! I have been blown away with how sensible the year 3's have been this week. They have come back after the holiday with an outstanding attitude to their learning. 


In English we have started reading a new book, 'Ug the genius of the stone age'. We have been learning about instructions and the features often used for instructions: frontal adverbs, adjectives for precision, questions and prepositional phrases. We began by getting to know the WAGOLL and ordering the instructions. We have practiced writing questions and also used prepositional phrases to describe where Ug is. 


In maths we began the week adding including adding with exchanging. We completed many reasoning and problem solving tasks to ensure we fully understand what to do. Towards the end of the week we moved onto subtracting in many ways. We used the dienes to help us exchange when subtracting. 


Our learning journey this half term is science. We are answering the question, 'Which superhero has the most powerful force?'.

This week the children were mesmorised by video of The Thing and Magneto. They then looked at a variety of rocks and sorted them depending on their appearance  and properties.  We discovered that there are 3 main types of natural rocks and how they are formed. 


The busy week was finished with a halloween/bonfire disco where children were able to come to school in their fancy dress outfits and dance the afternoon away! 

Autumn 2 Week 1

Week 8


The final week of the first autumn half term has been a short yet busy week. 


The children drafted, edited and wrote their own newspaper articles about Mr and Mrs Crisp, characters from the class text, disappearing. These will be printed and available to read in our reading area shortly!


This week in maths we have had lots of practise adding numbers using the dienes to help us exchange. This is something we began last week but lots of the children found it tricky. The children have all taken some addition calculations home to continue practising this over the holiday. 


We have had our final history lessons this week. Reflecting back over the topic and what we have discovered about the stone, broze and iron ages the children wrote their own reports and placed events over these times on a timeline. 

Finally, they worked in groups to prepare and present their learning to the year 4 class. 



Week 7

In history, last week and this week the children have used different sources such as, fact cards, books and the internet to research the bronze and iron ages. They have then used to information the discovered to answer questions about life in England at that time.


In English, we have been looking at newspapers and discussing their purpose and key features. The children have also been discovering the difference between direct and indirect speech and practising writing direct speech with inverted commas. 


In maths, we children have been adding and subtracting a three digit number and 2 digit number. We began working with numbers that didn't involve any re-grouping and are now moving onto exchanging from the tens or hundreds.  

                         Week 6

On Tuesday we enjoyed sharing our learning with the rest of the school and some of our important grown ups at our class assembly. 


In English, we have spent this week planning, drafting, editing and writing the final copy of our Paul Bahn biographies. With each editing session we do the children are getting more able to edit their own work with increasing independence. 


In maths, this week we have been subtracting a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number. We have been using dienes to help us exchange numbers when needed. We have always been working hard to increase the our mathematical vocabulary through discussions with our friends. 


During DT and our history lessons this week we have applied our knowledge of the stone age to create our own stone age huts using cardboard and paper. 

DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house?

DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 1
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 2
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 3
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 4
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 5
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 6
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 7
DT LQ: Can I use sheet materials to create a stone age house? 8

Week 5


Week 5 began with learning a new WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) in English. Our new genre of writing is biographies which will end when the children write their own biographies for the British archaeologist Paul Bahn. This week has been about getting to know the text type and learning some grammar features that are typical in a biography. 


In maths we have been using diennes  and number lines to help us add and subtract ones from a three digit number. The children have found this useful especially when it came to having to exchange from the tens. 


We have been learning coding skills in computing and having a go at inputting our own codes to try and make a monkey follow specific instructions. We have a couple of coding experts in the class who have been keen to share their skills. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Week 4


This week has been amazing! Apple class are starting to become more independent and reflecting on their own learning. They have shown this in English this week. The children have been drafting, editing and creating adverts for a Seawig competition from our writing text Oliver and the Seawigs. During the editing stations the children worked hard to reflect on their work and try their best to make appropriate changes to create the best possible advert. 


Instead of our learning journey lesson this week we had a visit from The History Van. This enabled us to truly take on the role of a stone age child and learn more about what life was like at this time. All the children listened really well and enjoyed the morning. I hope you enjoy having a browse through the photos. 



Week 3


In English this week, we have been learning about adverts. We have looked at a range of adverts and discussed their key features. We used persuasive language to try and persuade our friends to want our special object. 


In maths, we have continued to learn about place value and and revising some concepts that we were not so confident in, such as, numbers on a number line, 100 more and less and counting in 4's and 8's. 


Our PE focus this half tern is ball skills so each week we have been practising different throwing techniques and then putting them into practise during a variety of games. 

We used persuasive language to make people want our item.

                                     Week 2

This week has been busy and has flown by! 

We have finished writing our character descriptions after learning all about the main character in our class text, Oliver. 


In maths we have continued answering questions about the place value of numbers and using our ACE cards to help justify how we know something is correct or incorrect. 


We had our first lesson about the stone age this week, where we created our very own fact cards for others to learn about the stone age. 



Autumn curriculum information

                  Apple class are now in year 3!


Apple have had an outstanding start to the new school year. Every child has come into class with a positive attitude towards their learning which has been wonderful to see. 


We have began reading our English text Oliver and the Seawigs which will support us to write a range of genres this half term. We have began getting to know the main character Oliver and will be writing a character description based on him this week.


In maths we have focused on place value to ensure we have a secure understanding of how numbers are represented in many ways. 


Our reading text is, Varjak Paw. We have discovered that it is about a family of indoor cats who make one of the cats, Varjak feel like he doesn't belong in the family.  

Our first week in year 3!

Summer 2


Week 3


It has been another busy week in Y2 Apple!


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and recapping how to find a fraction of a shape and an amount.


In English we have moved on to look at our class text The Diary of a Killer Cat. We have been looking at the style the author writes in and looking at short and long sentences in preparation for the stories we will be writing next week.


In Reading we have been using the Spotter strategy to retrieve key information from the text.


In PE we have continued our Athletic learning when using hurdles.


In Art we have designed and began to make the first part of our cat finger puppets.


In Jigsaw we have been learning about how we have changed from being a baby to how we are now.

Summer 2


Week 2


It has been another very busy week of learning in Y2 Apple.


In Maths we have been learning about money. We have been looking at totalling coins, making amounts using different coins, additions and subtraction of different amounts and finding the difference between amounts.






In English we have been writing an explanatory piece of writing linked to our Science week work. We received a message form Doctor Simpson asking us for our help in finding a suitable material to use for their umbrellas. We carried out our experiments and are writing explanatory texts about a materials and their properties.



In PE we have been developing our skills in Gymnastics and Dance and Athletics. In Athletics we learnt about hurdling and the techniques of how to hurdle and get more height.



In Computing we have been starting to look at the different ways in which we can present ideas on Purple Mash such as an e book and mind map and a leaflet.

Here is an example from Purple Mash about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Summer 2


Week 1


It has been a really busy week in Y2!


Some of us have been to Whirlow Farm on a residential and some of us have been busy doing our learning in school!


In school in :


Maths we have been looking at applying our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to look at number bonds to 100, we revisited statistics and looked at creating a Tally chart to show how people get to school and on arithmetic Friday we looked at dividing by 5.


English we have been learning about expanded noun phrases, looking at homophones and near homophones particularly there, their and they're and adverbs and verbs.


In Jigsaw we have been learning about the life cycles of some animals.


In Reading we have been using clues from the text to make inferences.



At Whirlow Farm:


We went in groups of twelve and stayed over night in a farm house. While we were there, we did some farm jobs such as collecting eggs from the Hens, feeding Goats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and grooming Ponies. We went on a tour of the farm and met lots of different animals and learnt information and facts about them. We also went Pony riding which was very exciting!


We cooked our own tea and made pizzas which were yummy, we had hot chocolate and marshmallows before bed.


We had a fantastic time and we had so much fun!


Miss Gray and Miss Hodkin were very impressed with how well we behaved and joined in everything because it was the first time that some of us had slept away from home and we were very grown up.



Summer 1


Year 2 have been really busy this half term up to now. 


In English we have been practising our debating skills and completing conscience alley to decide whether we felt chicken who lay eggs should live in cages or be free range.  


The class decision was inconclusive and they didn’t have an overall majority for either side. 


In Maths we have been looking at measures such as weight, temperature and capacity. 

We have using different equipment to allow us to measure and have been learning how to read different scales. 


In Art we have been practising different printing techniques such as rolling, printing, rubbing and overlapping. We will be using some of these techniques for our end product. 


In DT we are designing and making a prototype tractor for the farmers in our class story. They wrote us a letter to ask for our help so we are designing , making and evaluating our models to see if they will help the farmers. 


In Science we are looking at things that are alive and things that are dead. We went in a hunt for wood lice to see which habitats they populate. We will be learning more about habitats and things which once were alive but now are dead. 


In Computing we have been learning how to create a picture on Purple Mash in the style of different artists. We have used styles such as Impressionism, Pointalism and using lines such as Mondrian. 


In PE we really learning football skills and are completing circuits. 


Keep up the hard work Y2!

Spring 2


This has been another busy week in Y2 Apple!


In English we have written information leaflets about animals. We used subheadings, paragraphs, comma's to list and a variety of conjunctions in our writing. We are really pleased with the end result and some of them will be going up on the wall next week!


In our Maths we have finished off our learning about fractions. This week we concentrated on 3/4, non-unit fractions and equivalent fractions such as 1/2 = 2/4.


In our RE learning we were thinking about Easter and how, why and who celebrates Easter.


On Thursday we went on a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House at North Anston. We had a fantastic day meeting lots of animals from all around the world. Pictures to follow!

Week 1 Spring 2


Welcome back Y2 Apple, what a fantastic week we have had!


In our English we have started our information leaflets about animals. We looked at the structure of a leaflet and the grammar features and we are really concentrating on our suffixes and our subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.


In our Maths learning we have been continuing our learning of fractions, moving on to 1/3 and unit fractions. On Arithmetic Friday we were looking at addition and subtraction and the different efficient methods we can use to solve problems.




In Geography we were learning about the seven continents and the five oceans and used some very good songs to help us to learn them.


In Art we have started to think about our salt dough animal project. This week we experimented with tools and manipulated the dough.


Week 6


It has been a very busy last week in Y2 Apple!


We have been editing the story of Rapunzel and publishing our own books. We thought about the characters and the things we could change and rewrote the story.


In Maths we have started to learn about fractions. We concentrated on a half and quarter this week. We used shapes and amounts to find fractions.


In DT we finished off our sewing of crowns. They were really tricky to do but they look fantastic!


In History we wrote a Biography about Queen Elizabeth I and compiled all of the facts and information we found out about her life!


This half term has been a fab one! 

Week 4

In English, we completed our book Rapunzel and have been writing letters to Rapunzel to persuade her to stay in the tower or to escape from the witch.  We looked at the word choices to use to persuade her.


In Maths, we have been learning our 3D shapes, we have been looking at their properties such as their faces, sides and edges. 


In Art, we have been creating collages of the witch, looking at the different shapes to create her and techniques of collage.


In PE we have been playing dodgeball and learning different skills when working in a team.


In reading we have been using the clue finder to make inferences. 


In History, we have been continuing our learning about Queen Elizabeth I!


Great work Apple!



Week 1 Spring 1


We have and a fantastic first week back in the new year in Y2 Apple!


We have started to learn about a new book in our English learning called Rapunzel. We have been completing story maps, role on the walls where we think about Rapunzel and the witch and decide on words to describe their feelings, personality and appearance. We also asked Rapunzel questions to find out more information.


In our Maths we have completed our learning about multiplication and division by focusing on dividing. We looked at different methods of dividing by 2 , 5 and 10. 


In our Arithmetic Friday learning we looked at different efficient methods for addition and subtraction.



In Computing we started looking at Spreadsheets.


We have had a fantastic week!

Week 3 Autumn 2


This week in Y2 Apple we have had another very busy but fantastic week!


In our Maths we have finished off our learning about money and have been looking at two step problems and finding change. We looked at effective methods to use to solve the two step problems and decided number lines was the best method.


Can you practise solving two step money problems at home?





In our English we have been learning about Advertisements and looking at the different ways of advertising. We have been learning about the structures of them including, rhetorical questions, tag lines, the use of offers and persuasions. Our product linking to our class text is the Everlasting Crayon- the crayon that lives for ever. We are looking forward to creating our own posters to advertise next week.


In our Geography we have been looking at the climate of different countries in relation to the equator.  We learnt about how being closer to the equator means the climate is warmer and being further away the climate is cooler.


In Art we have started to look at paint and we will be painting in the style of Steven Brown. This week we looked at colour mixing and concentrated on mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.


We continue to work on our handwriting and have been learning some new joins and it is starting to show in our presentation.


In Computing we continue to use Purple Mash to learn about Coding. We have started to use a variety of games and programmes to create algorithms.

Week 1 Autumn 2

We have had a lovely first week back to school on Y2 Apple but also very busy. 


In our English learning this week we have started to look at newspaper articles. This week we have been looking at our WAGOLL and identifying the features of a newspaper report and the grammar structures we will be using. We have looked at headlines, witness statements and including information such as who, what where and when. We also learnt about using commas to list and continued our learning about past tense, we looked at conjunctions but coordinating and subordinating. 


In Maths we have started to look at Money. We have been learning to count money, bridging pounds and pence and comparing amounts looking at greater than and less than. 


In our Art this week we have been making our poppies for our school Remembrance Field. We used the ends if bottles for the flower and painted them red. 


In out DT following the Remembrance theme we have decorated biscuits with poppies on them and included a little poem. 

I have a little poppy,

As red as red can be.

To show that I remember,

Those who died to make me free. 


In RE we have been learning about Diwali and looking at why and how they celebrate. We create hands with Mendhi patterns on which is a tradition carried out as part of Diwali. 



Autumn 1 week 7


It's been another busy week in Apple class!


We have been writing our biographies on Dick King Smith. We planned, drafted, edited them and wrote them in best. Some of us are really improving our presentation and they look extremely neat! We have also been thinking about past and present tense, contractions and time conjunctions.


Can you use any of the above in sentences?


In Maths we have been continuing our learning about addition and subtraction and using the column method to solve problems. We have been looking at adding two digit numbers with and without an exchange.


Can you solve some at home and bring them in to show us?


In our Art we have been drawing our final piece which is a sketch of the hedgehog in our class story.


In Science we have been drawing diagrams to show the changes that happened from when our Cress was planted to when it had grown.


Some of us have been using TTRock Stars regularly and it is starting to improve our times tables! Keep up the good work!!!

Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.

Next week is the start of Acres Hill’s 10 day Active challenge. Let’s try and get as many people travelling to school in an active way as possible.  1

Autumn 1 week 6


It has been another busy week in Y2 Apple.


In our English this week we have started to look at Biographies. We are going to be writing ours about Dick King Smith who is the author of our class text 'The Hodgeheg'.


We have been learning about different time conjunctions and using them in sentences thinking about where we can use them in a sentence. Can you write some sentences at home using time conjunctions?


After    Before    As soon as    When   


We have also been looking at past and present tense and changing words into the past from the present tense and back again.


Can you change these words in to the past tense and use them in a sentence?


sit     talk    fly    run     jump     have    drink



In our Maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting one digit numbers to and from two digit numbers. We have been using lots of different equipment such as dienes to help us. We have also started to look at the using the column method to answer maths questions.


Can you practise using column method to subtract one digit numbers from two digit numbers?


On Arithmetic Friday we looked at multiplying and dividing by 2. We had a really good practical lesson to help us learn how to do this an develop our two times tables skills.



In Science this week we have begun observing plants and their growth, we have planted some cress to observe how that changes over a short period. We are also in the middle of an experiment to see what happens to plants when they don't get what they need.


In our Art we have been learning how to cross hatch as a method of shading. We will be using this as a technique when we sketch our hedgehogs.



In Spelling we have been practising some common exception words. Can you practise these at home:
















Autumn 1 week 4


We have had another busy week in Y2 Apple.


In our English we have been doing lots of role play, acting out the story using actions and sequencing our stories ready for writing them next week. We have also been looking at adverbs and past and present tense.


Autumn 1 week 5


In our English this week we have been writing up our stories in our best writing. We planned, drafted and edited them before we did so we could make sure they were the best they could be.


In our Maths this week we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been looking at adding one more or taking one, adding 10 more and taking it away and starting look at different methods to work out our answers such as the column method. 


In Art we have been looking at cross hatching to add shade and lines to our work to look at giving our hedgehogs a spiky effect. 


In Science we have been making predictions for an experiment we are going to be doing to do with putting flowers in different conditions and seeing what happens. 




In Maths we have started looking at addition and subtraction. We have been looking at the relationship between different number sentences and looking how we can use this to work out more complicated number sentences such as:


2 + 8 = 10 so 20 + 80 = 100


In our Art we have been using the technique of shading to create pictures of hedgehogs and next week we will be looking at a new technique and putting that into practise. 


In Science we have been creating comic strips about the life cycle of a plant and using all of the language and vocabulary we have learnt on them. You can see some of these on our celebration of learning display in our classroom.


Autumn 1 week 3


This week in Y2 Apple we have been enjoying our learning and showing real enthusiasm.


In our Maths we have finished our learning our place value by looking at ordering numbers from smallest to largest and looking at what methods we can use to do this. We have also been looking at our 2s, 5s and 10s times tables.


In our English we have been starting our next learning outcome which will be a story. We are using Superworm by Julia Donaldson to inspire our writing. Last week we looked at some of the grammar we  will be using and concentrated on the past and present tense.


Can you right any past or present tense sentences?


Can you be a tense doctor and use was or were in sentences correctly?


In our Science learning we have been looking at the life-cycle of a flower and looking at all of the different stages of growth. This is in preparation for us creating our life cycle comic strips.


In Art we moved on from our shading lesson to look at filling the page. This is to help us to remember when we create our end piece to ensure we aren't sketching tiny pictures in the corner of our paper.


In Computing we are becoming more confident to use the laptops for our Times tables Rock Stars and continuing using Purple Mash to learn about programming and algorithms. 



Autumn 1 week 2


In Apple class this week we have been very busy!


In our English learning we have been learning about expanded noun phrases, we drafted, edited and wrote up in our best writing our setting descriptions from our class text. You can come and read these in our writing folders.


In Maths we have continued our learning on place value and have been looking at different ways to partition numbers using things such as part whole and place value charts. We have especially been thinking about how to show our working out and what method to use.


In our Art we have been looking at shading and how we can use different graded pencils to create different depths of shade.


In our Computing we have been started to use our new Purple Mash programme and have began to learn about programming and algorithms. 

Autumn One week One


We have had a lovely first week back at school and a very positive one settling into year two. 


In English, we have been starting to look at Descriptive writing about our class text, 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King Smith. We have been learning about the features we are going to use such as writing in the past tense and using the first person and concentrating on using expanded noun phrases in our writing.


In Maths, we have starting a big focus on our two times tables and using Times Table Rockstars. We have also been looking at place value.