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Welcome to the Year 4 Apple webpage.

Class Teacher: Miss Gerrard

Support Staff: Ms Catwell & Mr Thind


Current Learning Journey: Electricity

PE Day: Monday & Wednesday

Please remember to send your child to school in their PE kit. They need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t-shirt and a plain grey/blue/black tracksuit.

Outside learning day: Tuesday

Your children will need to bring wellies and a waterproof coat.



19/10/2020 - Update


Mr Joyce has taken up an opportunity to be seconded to one of the other schools in Sheffield South East Trust for the rest of this academic year. Having been at Acres Hill throughout his teaching career, he is keen to broaden his experience and we wish him all the best. 

When the children come back after the half term break, Y4 Apple will be taught by Ms Gerrard, who was part of the Acres Hill staff team last academic year. Ms Gerrard spent some time in Year 4 last week and is based in the class this week, so the children and she are already getting to know each other. We are very pleased to welcome Ms Gerrard back to the school and are confident that the children will quickly adjust to having her as their teacher.

Please contact Mrs Whittingham or Ms Hodkin if you have any questions or concerns.

Our certificates this week go to…

Curriculum overview, knowledge organiser and home learning for Autumn

Week 7

This week we have been learning about addition and subtraction with exchanges. We have also planned and started to write our letters from Libba Cotten's perspective. In Art we applied our collage skills that we have learned over the last 4 weeks and created a self-portrait in the style of Derek Gorez. In RE we answered our class question and applied our learning from our previous lessons.

Week 6

This week we have done some fantastic learning about fronted adverbials, capitals letters, exclamation sentences and full stops in our writing lessons. We learned about Libba's magnificent life and about how she contributed to musical history with her song 'freight train.'


In Art we learned more about the skills related to collage. This week we learned about tessellation and focused in on rotation to create a pattern/image. 

Week 5 

We have written fantastic explanation texts about Hummingbirds. 

In Maths, we are have learned how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers including an exchange.

In PE, we worked on our stamina and played a game called sheep through the gate to apply our new found skills.



Hummingbird explanation texts

Week 4

We planned our Hummingbird explanation text and have started to write it.

We learned about cutting and sticking. We then used these skills and applied them to a self portrait. 

In Maths we learned about place value and learned about fractions of amounts on Arithmetic Friday.

Arithmetic Friday - we found fractions of amounts. We found this a bit tricky and need a little more practice!

Arithmetic Friday Number bonds to 100.

Week 3

We started to learn about Hummingbirds and read the class story.

We conducted research and generated our own research questions.

We created pastel drawings and observations of Hummingbirds.

In P4C we discussed the environment and whether it is okay to drop rubbish.



Our Ode to the Hummingbird

Our super work on Hummingbirds.

Questions we generated from our class text the Hummingbird.

Week 2

In RE we learned why Muhammed (peace be upon him) is important to Muslims.

We worked hard learning about place value and completed our collages for 'Here we are.'


Week 1 

Welcome back everyone!

We had a good start to the year.

We did P4C and talked about whether it was okay to litter.

We worked hard to write a letter to a loved one and write a poem about our favourite place to be.


Well done Year 4!

'Here we are' artwork

You can keep in touch with Mr Joyce on ClassDojo. Teachers use the app to set home learning activities, pass on messages and to send you photos of your child learning at school. You can use the app to get in contact with Mr Joyce and he will do their best to answer any questions as soon as possible. Let school know if you need instructions for how to access your child's Dojo account. 

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