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The P.E. day for Y4 is Wednesday.

Y4 have Forest school on Thursdays.

Our weekly learning 16.5.22

During forest school this week, year 4 observed nature items and drew what they saw. They also took part in some forest school games with Mr. Thind. 🌲 🍃 🌱 ☀️

Our Weekly Learning 9.5.22

In our PE lessons this week the children continued to practise their stretching and holding partner balances.

Our Weekly Learning 3.5.22

This week in writing we have been focussed on our leaflet about the leopard. Today the children began their final writing piece.

Today we had our arithmetic Friday session. The children ordered mixed numbers on a number line using playing cards as the whole and dominoes as the fraction.

In art we have continued to study the work of Andy Warhol. The children created their own pop art soup cans and today began the process of adding colours.

Our Weekly Learning 25.4.22

Our forest school this week was so much fun! The children went on a nature walk to find all the new growths in the secret garden. The children found some beautiful flowers and lots of blossom!
After this, the children tidied up the secret garden by trimming branches and digging up some wood chip.
Finally, Mr Thind created some team work games using the parachute.
🌸 👩‍🌾 🌿

Our weekly learning 19.4.22

During our computing lesson this week the children began to animate pictures they drew using the animate software. 💻


We started learning about gymnastics in PE. The children created individual and partner balances using a range of gym equipment 🤸‍♀️


We have continued our decimals topic in maths and the children worked together to solve problems.

In English we started our new book ‘When the mountains roared’. The children acted our how leopards move, eat and behave. 🐆


Very impressively the children began to use tone and shade to create grayscales in their sketch books this week for art. ✏️

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Our Weekly Learning 28.3.22

The children created their own books for their written work. The children worked so hard on their make a maker project. They created their own toys this term using card including slots in the design.

Our Weekly Learning 21.3.22

This week in year 4 the children have begun planning their own story to entertain based on chapter 15 of Charlie and the chocolate factory. They started thinking about what the characters would say, see and do in the chocolate room. ✍️ 🍫 🖊


Our Weekly Learning 14.3.22

We celebrated science week by completing two science experiments every day!

The children also began working on their decimals topic using concrete materials such as nuimicon.

This week we began our story to entertain topic in English based on the book Charlie and the chocolate factory, so the children acted out how characters would behave in certain scenes. 

Our Weekly Learning 7.3.22

During our French lesson this week the children completed some tasks in the French booklets on numbers. In D&T we made use of cardboard to practice slotting skills in preparation for creating a toy. The children also practiced creating structures using rolled paper rods and different types of attachments. 🔨

The children also consolidated some learning in adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. The children used numicon, playing cards and a specially created board game to strengthen their skills.

Our Weekly Learning 28.2.22

We were riding on the back of another wave of victory this morning, as we began our maths lesson (focussing on adding fractions using a range of manipulatives such as playing cards and numicon) because our multiplication team had won yet again! This week they beat the team from Phillimore primary school. A huge congratulations to our four team members who won this week and last week! 🥳 🎉

We celebrated world book day this afternoon by creating a school wide story. 📖 📚 📕

We also had PE where the children engaged in a basketball tournament. 🏀

Our Weekly Learning 21.2.22

During our first week back after half term the children have been exploring paragraphs in English, representing improper fractions with manipulatives such as cuisenaire rods in maths and honing their dribbling skills for basketball in PE.

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Our Weekly Learning 7.2.22

We have started our fraction topic. The children used some concrete materials to get to grips with what a fraction is. They manipulated cuisenaire rods and numicon as part of their investigations. 

Whilst studying equivalent fractions, the children experimented with some manipulatives such as numicon and the fractions wall to find as many equivalent fractions as they could.
The children discovered that 1/2 is equivalent to 2/4, 4/8, 5/10 and so on.

Our Weekly Learning 31.1.22

Our children had some wonderful exploration and experimentation time today during their make a maker activities. We will be taking part in the make a maker project over the next few weeks. 🥽🔍💡

Our Weekly Learning 24.1.22

This week the children have been very creative!


They formed shapes and patterns in computing class, began sketching their waves for our art project and made bird houses from plastic bottles.

They have been studying the cornet in music and in science class they delved deep into the ear.

Our Weekly Learning 17.1.22

This week has been incredibly busy for learning!


The children worked on spotting subordinating conjunctions in a non chronological text in English 🔍


In our PE lessons the coach has been focusing on ball control skills. 🎾

During their Science lessons the children delved deeper into sound and made their own phones using string and cups 📞


In our forest school this week the children created birds nests using the items they foraged in our secret garden 🌳 🐦 🍂

Our Weekly Learning 10.1.22

Year 4 have began their studies around Buddhism and started to ponder the question can we be happy all the time? They created their own gratitude journals to follow their own moods and emotions over the course of seven days. 


In our French lessons the children have been focusing on numbers 0-20 and played games such as bingo to consolidate their learning. 


Our Weekly Learning 4.1.22

Year 4 have started work on diary writing this week in English. They have been looking at an example diary and finding all the features to better inform their own work later next week. 🖊 📔

In our reading lessons the children focused on using dictionaries to find meanings of words in a text. 📚 🔍

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Our Weekly Learning 13.12.21

In our maths lessons recently the children have been focused on their times tables. The children worked in pairs this afternoon to practice their multiplication skills.

In our arithmetic Friday lessons the children have been building on their division skills. Last Friday the year 4 were successfully working out how to divide with remainders.


In D&T this half term the children have designed and created their own decorations. The children planned their decoration, then used felt, cotton wool and a variety of sewing skills to produce their work.

Our weekly learning 06.12.21

This week the children worked hard to understand the features of explanation texts in our English classes. ✍️

They also had some fun creating woodland art using items they had foraged in the forest. 🌳

During the course of the week the children enjoyed a pantomime and continued to practice their dancing during P.E 💃

Our weekly learning 29.11.21

This week year 4 had some fun in the snow as part of our forest school. The children built snowmen, played snowball throwing games and created snow angels.


The children consolidated some times tables with a multiplication dice game.

Our weekly learning 22.11.21

What a week! Year 4 had fun at the cinema 🍿 for the film festival.

In forest school 🌳 the children created some art work using leaves 🍁

The children have also been enjoying the music class as they have been creating music with the cornets 🎶


Our weekly learning 15.11.21

In our English classes this week the children have been acting to explore character traits in order to write a story to entertain.

During our forest school lesson with Mr Thind 🌳 the children planned, built and placed hedgehog 🦔 shelters in our secret garden 
Can’t wait to see if we get some hedgehog guests! 🦔


Our weekly learning 8.11.21

Year 4 have had P.E class hosted by Meghan, the dance teacher. She taught them some new dance moves including the criss cross. 

The class have started looking at the digestive system and where each part belongs in the body during science class.  They drew around each other’s bodies to show where the organs belong.

This half term we are looking at sewing skills in D&T. The children began to practice their threading skills.  

Our weekly learning 1.11.21

Our weekly learning 1.11.21


Year 4 have had an active start to our new term! 🎉
The children worked on their multiplication skills using dice, playing cards and cubes to multiply numbers by 10 🧮
The children are taking part in PE lessons focused on their dance skills with our dance coach.💃



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