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P.E is on a Thursday.

Forest School is on a Friday.

Boxing is on a Friday.


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Tournament winners February 2022!

Our Class Learning - Summer 1

In maths, we have been continuing our topic on decimals. This week, we have been ordering and comparing decimals. We went outside and did some races and we used the stop watches to record our times. We then created leader boards by ordering the decimals from the quickest time to the longest time!

In Science, we have been working on retrieval practise. We did a Science quiz on the computers based on what we have learnt so far. We really enjoyed this as we had to compete against each other to earn points!


In Maths this week, we have been learning about decimals! We started the week by learning what a decimal is and why we use them. Then, we made decimals using the resources and this helped us explain the value of each digit in the decimals. When learning how to round decimals, we came up with a challenge for our group to complete. We used the stop watches to record their time and then rounded this to the nearest whole number.

In Science, we have started our new topic about the human circulatory system. In our first lesson, we learnt about the veins, arteries and the heart. Once we had learnt about this system, we went outside and drew around each other and drew the circulatory system in our bodies!

Our Class Learning - Spring 2!

In DT this week, we have been making our own clock towers based on our text 'Clockwork'. Next week, we will be creating the cogs to go inside to make the figures in our clock towers move! We worked well in teams to create these and made some fantastic designs.

In maths, we have been learning about square numbers. Thanks to the beautiful weather today, we managed to get outside to do some maths in the sun!

In PE, we have been learning tennis. Today, we got the nets out and had some tennis matches!



This week, the year 5 boys had the amazing opportunity to go to a boxing gym! They did lots of fitness activities and they learnt some basic boxing skills. It was clear to see that they were very tired at the end!!!

This week is science week! We have done lots of fun and exciting experiments throughout the week. Before starting the experiment, we predicted what would happen and then after the experiment we learnt the science behind how they work! 

Week 2!

In Forest School, we have been building our own dens! We were given scissors, string and a sheet and we had to work as a team to create our own den. It had to fit us in and shelter us from the rain - we did great!


This week was World Book Day! We did lots of fun activities which included making a whole school story! Here are some pictures of us reading in our PJs! 

Week 1!

Our topic in Science this half term is 'How Does the Way We Look Define Us?' and throughout this topic, we will be looking at different kingdoms and what makes up each of the kingdoms. This week, we have started by exploring what the word 'classifying' means. We classified animals into different categories based on how they were similar. After that, we had a go at some classification keys and we even made some of our own using lego!


In English, we are building up to writing an information text on foxes. This week, we have been researching foxes and finding out about their appearance, habitat and diet. We have used the grammar we have been learning to write our own sentences about foxes.



Our Class Learning Spring 1!

Week 6

In Art, we have been learning different collage techniques. We have focused on the artists 'Annegret Soltau and 'Derek Gores'. Using their style, we created distorted versions of our own faces. Here are some examples!

In Maths, we have started our new topic - fractions! Our first lesson was based on 'what is a fraction?'

We used numicon, cuisenaire and shapes to help us explore fractions and what they are. We made lots of different fractions and could talk about what made a fraction a fraction. 

Week 4

To our shock, this week we found out that the government wanted to ban break times to combat the educational issues of the pandemic! As a response to this, we had the task of writing to Boris Johnson about why break times are important in our day! We looked at what type of language we would use to ensure our writing was formal. Then, we used this language in our protests to the Prime Minister!

Over the next two weeks, we will be writing a balanced argument about whether Y6 SATs should go ahead. This week, we have been looking at what makes an argument balanced and what points we could use for and against for our topic. We were torn on whether the tests should go ahead or not!


In Science, we have been learning about adaptation. This week, we have researched different animals and learnt about the physical and behavioural traits that they have to survive in their habitat. Next week, we will be learning how species have evolved over time!

Week 2

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We have used the area model to multiply two 2-digit numbers together. Our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 was really helpful this lesson!

Week 1

In our Arithmetic Friday lesson, we have been learning about decimals on a number line. We started by finding decimals to one decimal place and then we moved on to decimals to two decimal places. 

In RE, we looked at the word 'eternal'. Using dictionaries, we found out the definition of the word and then we organised the sorting cards to decide what we thought was eternal and what was not eternal. We had some great discussions about this!

Our Class Learning - Autumn 2!

In our outdoor learning lesson, we used clay and natural resources from outside and to create some clay animals! We were very creative! Here are some photos of us making our creations.

Today we have started our new topic in maths - area and perimeter. We started by recapping how to measure with a ruler accurately. Then, we looked at measuring shapes to work out their perimeter. We are quite good at being accurate with our rulers!

We had an amazing time in outdoor learning today creating some animal pictures out of natural resources that we found in the woods. Here are some pictures of our creations!

In outdoor learning, we have been building homes for the hedgehogs ready for winter. We worked well in teams to build them homes and we used paper and leaves to make them warm. Here are some pictures of us building them!


Week 2

In Geography, we have been learning about South America during our Rainforests topic. We have been looking at what countries make up South America and used maps to identify these. After, we went on to identify human and physical features of the continent. We found out lots of interesting facts!