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Current Learning Journey: Why does the Earth orbit the Sun?


PE Days: Monday and Wednesday. Please remember to send your child to school in their PE kit. They need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t-shirt and a plain grey/blue/black tracksuit. 



Here is the Home Learning Menu and the Learning Journey for Summer 1.

Here are links to different educational learning platforms. Children have their own usernames and passwords for all the sites. Please contact Miss Hodkin or Mrs Kay if you do not have any of the passwords.

If your child is absent due to Covid-19, here are links to home learning that is based on the lessons being taught in class. 

10 in 10

Week 5 


This week, we wrote our own version of 'The Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.' We tried to include a range of sentence types, some exciting vocabulary and some dialogue. 


In DT, we continued with our hand puppets which now look great! 


During our maths lessons, we were multiplying by 10 and 100. We were really good at this! 


This week, we were also lucky to get the chance for every child to have a cycling lesson. All of the children enjoyed this and we look forward to doing it again soon. 


In geography, we used the iPads to research Pittsburgh which is another Steel City, similar to Sheffield. 

Week 4 


This week, we practised writing fronted adverbials, speech and multi-clause sentences in English. We will use all of these skills to help us write exciting stories in the next few weeks. 


In reading, we continued to read 'The Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.' We were shocked by some of the twists in the story and we explored some of the reasons behind Bradley's unkind behaviour. 


In maths, we learned about prime, cube and square numbers. We used arrays, counters and times table grids to help us with this. 


During our geography lesson, we learned about the difference between physical and human features. 


We were lucky to have 2 PE lessons this week that were both delivered by PE coaches. 


We also elected our 2 school council representatives who will attend their first school council meeting this week. 

Week 3 


Another wonderful week in Y5! This week, we enjoyed our outdoor learning session and created some amazing paintings on some leaves that we had collected.


In Maths, we learnt about factors and multiples and in arithmetic Friday we ordered decimals.


During out computing lesson, we talked about online safety. We created images that we would be happy to share online and also images that we wouldn't be happy to share online.


In Jigsaw, we continued to explore the theme of celebrating differences. We talked about bullying and how we can make positive choices to support us. The snakes and ladders game the children created was great fun.

Week 2 


Another great week in Y5! This week, we wrote our instructions for making a hand puppet and continued to design them in DT. We included modal verbs, subordinate clauses and imperative verbs in our writing. 


In maths, we continued to learn about statistics. We looked at time tables and interpreted their data. 


During our geography lesson, we created our own geographical questions. This included questions about land marks, land use and population. The children then independently researched the answers to their own questions. We learned a lot about Sheffield in this lesson such as that Sheffield gets its name from the river Sheaf. 


In RE, we continued to explore the question 'Is the Christmas story true?' and in Jigsaw we discussed racism and designed our own anti-racism ribbons. 

Autumn 2 


Week 1 


We have had a great first week back. Everyone has been working really hard. Well done, Y5s!


In English, we began thinking about instructions. We will write instructions for our own hand puppets that we are going to make. We started to plan these in DT. 


During our reading lessons, we started to read 'The Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.' We discussed Bradley who is the main character.


In maths, we continued to focus on statistics and we drew our own line graphs. 


Our geography lesson focussed on maps. We look at the scale, grid references, locating countries and the 8 point compass. 


During our outdoor learning time, we created skeletons which was great fun! 


Week 7 


This week, we have started writing explanation texts about the life cycle of a penguin. The children now all have great knowledge about penguins and have really enjoyed this writing. 


In maths, we have continued to develop our estimating and approximating skills and have also begun to look at statistical work such as learning about bar charts. 


In science, we set up our own investigations about growing cress and mung beans. The children chose what they wanted to investigate and will observe their plants over the next week. 


In reading, we have continued to read 'The Green Ship' and the children have been able to confidently answer questions about it. 

Week 6 


This week, we have started using the book 'The Emperor's Egg.' We will be using this to help us to write our own explanation texts about the life cycle of a penguin. The children have really enjoyed learning about penguins this week and have impressed us with their penguin knowledge! This is closely linked to the work we have been doing in science where we have been learning about the life cycles of plants and animals.


In science this week, we played Top Trumps to help us to learn about a variety of different life cycles. We then created our own fact files about some mammals life cycles and included facts such as the reproduction process and gestation. 


In maths, we have been estimating and approximating and using this to help us to solve word problems. 


In our Jigsaw lessons, we have continued to work on our own class charters and have created posters for this. 


We continue to learn about Sikhism in RE as we explore the question ' How far will Sikhs for their religion?' 


The children also continue to enjoy their outdoor learning and PE lessons. 

Week 5


This week we have been planning and writing persuasive letters to try to stop the Green Ship form being demolished. The children have worked hard on this and we have seen an improvement in their writing this week. Well done everyone!

We have also continued our learning about living things and this week our focus was reproduction of flowering plants. To learn about this we dissected flowers. 

In maths we have been adding and subtracting 4 and 5 digit numbers. 


We will be sharing children's work and additional learning on classdojo. Please ask for a username and password if you have not logged on yet.

Current Learning Champion, Jigsaw Genius and Acres Attribute

Autumn 1 2020 Learning

Y4 learning

Week commencing April 27th 


You are doing really keeping busy. Here are some more activities you might like to have a go at!


Summer 1


Hi Y4, we are still learning at home at the minute so keep checking on here and on class dojo for lots of activities to keep you busy and learning. You will be receiving a new pack of learning soon but there will be additional activities too on here and dojo.


Week commencing 14th April


There is an activity around determiners and also an activity around writing a newspaper article about the Titanic ship that sank as the anniversary of it sinking is April 15th.



Easter Holiday Home Learning


Please find below a document of activities for you to have a look at and to keep you busy over the Easter holidays.




Home Learning


While we aren't in school remember to keep yourself busy and safe. There are lots of activities put on Dojo by Miss Travis and myself and you can earn dojo points by sending us pictures of what you have been doing. You can also send a message to us to say Hi!


We are missing you all lots! 


I will put some websites for you to access with lots of fun stuff and learning activities for you to do!



This website has a variety of learning activities for you to do at home.


Don't forget to go on your TTRockstars and practise your timestables!


Log on to your spelling shed account to keep learning your spellings!


BBC Bitesize has a variety of different games and activities covering lots of topics across the curriculum.



Here is some different things you might like to check out!








Week 3


It has been another busy week in Y4!


In English we have been learning about our new story called The Sound of Silence. We have been looking at the grammatical features used in the story and the WAGOLL. We have been focussing prepositional phrases and modifying nouns using adjectives.


In Maths we have been learning about decimals. We have been learning about tenths as deciamls on number lines and place value grids.


In Science we made cup phones to test how sound travels through a medium. We investigated what happens when we did different things to the string and saw how it was affected.


On Monday we participated in the SSELP singing festival with the Y3 class and 700 children across SSELP. We learnt different songs and sang to an audience of parents and the Mayor of Sheffield. We did our school very proud!

Week 2 Spring 2


It has been another busy week in Y4 Oak!


In English we have been applying the grammar we have learnt to our final information text about sound. 


In Maths we have began our learning about decimals. We focused this week on tenths and hundredths and how we can change tenths into decimals.



In Science we began our investigation into sounds and mediums by creating a cup phone. We will be investigating how changing variables such as distance, holding the string, the tightness of the string and other things.


In Art we have began to think about different techniques we can use when sculpting. We used playdough to practise skills such as building bases, creating layers, manipulate materials to create a desired effect.


On World Book Day our book was Cinderella. We were set a DT challenge to to help Cinderella to get from her house to the castle. We designed and made prototypes and tested our ideas. We had some amazing ideas such as teleporting TV's, zip wire chairs and jet packs.


Pictures to follow!!!!! 

Spring 1 Week 6


It has been a busy final week of the half term in Y4.


In English we wrote up out stories about Edgar the dragon. We applied all of our grammar that we have learnt such as subordination, adverbials, dialogue and expanded noun phrases. Here is a grammarsaurus video we watched about clauses to help us remember what to do at the end of a clause.


In Maths we have continued our learning of fractions and have moved on to calculating fractions of an amount using things such as word problems.


In DT we completed our beanbags that we have sewn for Active Acres. We used running stitch to sew our felt together and stuffed them with rice.




In Jigsaw we worked together as a group to design a garden. We thought about all of the important characteristics we need to work well together to achieve a goal.



We had our showcase and we made chocolate biscuits with the Y1 children to celebrate our learning about chocolate!





We had a spelling event between Y4 and Y6 where we looked at Y3/4 words and played fun activities. 


Week 5


It has been another very busy week in Y4.


In English we have started our next writing outcomes a story based on visual literacy. We are using the John Lewis Christmas Advert to inspire out writing. This week we have been learning about different grammar we will be using in context and using drama to help us to prepare for our story writing.




In Maths we have continued our learning about fractions. We have been learning about addition and subtraction of fractions and remembering that the denominator does not change when adding fractions with the same denominator.  In Arithmetic Friday we have been adding and subtracting using different efficient methods. 





In Science we have been planning an investigation to find out how quickly a solid can change state into a liquid. We considered what variables needed to stay the same and which could be changed to make it a fair test. We will be putting ice cubes in different locations and timing to see how temperature affects this.


In Art we have began to create our final collage in the style of Mary Spears. 


In DT we have begun to sew our beanbags to use in Active Acres. We used running stitch to attach our two pieces of felt together.


In Swimming we had our first assessment week to see how much we have learnt up to now. We had to swim as far as we could without supports. Miss Gray and Miss Travis were very proud of us!


We had our first session of forest schools this week and had so much fun!!!



Week 4 


In English we have been planning and writing up our best copies of a non-chronological report. We have been applying all of the grammar we learnt last week such as expanded noun phrases with prepositions, comparative and superlative adjectives and apostrophes for possession. 


In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We learnt about equivalent fractions and fractions greater than 1.




On Arithmetic Friday we looked and different strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems including two step problems.



In Reading we have been looking at inference. We complete inference questions in our guided reading session and our talk for reading follow up around Charlotte's Web. We really enjoyed our Reading for Pleasure session.





In Science we have been writing our information text about Chocolate. We researched the history of chocolate, how to make chocolate bar and about Cadburys. 


In Art we have been creating collages patterns using repeated patterns and precise cutting skills to cut out the shapes we needed.

Week 3


In English this week we have been learning about using expanded noun phrases with prepositions, adverbs and adverbial phrases and using comparative and and superlative adjectives.




In Maths we have began to look at fractions. We considered what a fraction is.




In DT we designed a bean bag that we will be making for us to use in Active Acres.


In At we looked at tessilation and montages. We used coloured paper to create different patterns in our books.


In Computing we continued our learning around looking at writing for different audiences.


In Science we started an investigation into gasses. We looked at what different gasses are used for and considered in particular carbon dioxide and how it is used in fizzy drinks. We started looking at whether carbon dioxide weighs anything. To do this we have shaken some bottles of fizzy drinks and are leaving them to go flat. We weighed them before and will weigh them after to see if there is a difference in weight.



Spring 1 Week 2


It has been a really good week in Y4 Oak this week!


In Maths we have finished our learning of multiplication and division. We have been looking at multiplying and dividing a two or three digit number by a 1 digit number. We also learnt different methods of working these out such as using a part part whole.



In English we have been planning, drafting and writing our diary entries from the perspective of Charlie Bucket from our class text.


In our Science learning we learnt about the water cycle and how temperature affects evaporation and condensation.


In Art we have been learning about tessellation and montage as a collage technique and practised this in class. 


In PE we continued our learning about balances and sequence in Gymnastics.



Spring 1 Week 1


It has been a really busy week in Y4!


In Maths we have been continuing our learning of Multiplication and Division. We have been learning about factor pairs, efficient multiplication strategies and multiplying and dividing three one digit numbers.


In English, we have began to learn about writing a diary entry. We started by looking at a WAGOLL and did some character hot seating to understand how the character feels to help us prepare for writing our diary entry. We then concentrated on some grammar aspects to use in our writing. This week we learned about using relative clauses and subordination. We have also been learning about pronouns and nouns. 




In Science we began to learn about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We learnt about the particles in each state and how they behave.



In Art we found out information about our new artist for the half term, we learnt about her work and compared different pieces of art work.


In RE, we started our topic about the Buddhist faith and started to think about our inquiry question, can everyone be happy?


Week 7


In has been a busy end of the half term this week!


We have been finishing off our explanatory texts about Volcanoes and have been including lots of subordination and fronted adverbials. 


In Maths we finished off our topic around multiplication and division. We looked at applying our knowledge to solve different problems.


In Geography, we have made different types of Volcanoes using newspaper and paper mache and had a little help from some of our parents.




In Art we completed our final pictures of mountainous landscapes in the style of Steven Brown.



Week 6 


It has been another busy week in Y4 Oak!


In English we have been learning about the features and grammatical features of an explanation text. 


In Maths we have been continuing our learning about multiplication and division. On Arithmetic Friday we learned how to count in hundredths. We used objects, pictorial representations and then the written method.





In DT we have been making some of our healthy sandwiches and snacks that we designed so we can evaluate them. We used different techniques such as cutting, chopping, grating and mixing.




In Art, we have began our mountain landscape final pieces. We are applying different techniques we have learnt and we are painting in the style of Steven Brown.


In Geography we have been writing and information leaflet about Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains.


Autumn 2 week 4


It has been another very busy week in Y4 Oak!

In English we are continuing our writing of our adventure stories. We have been concentrating a lot on dialogue to convey character, choice of fronted adverbials and adjectives for impact.



In Maths we have been continuing our learning about multiplication and division. 




In PE we had our final week of Cricket coaching and used all of the skills and techniques we have learnt and applied them.


In RE we made Christingles  and learnt about the meaning of them and why Christians use Christingles during advent. 






Autumn 2 week 3


It has been another busy week in Y4. This week we have had a really fun week using lots of different activities to learn new skills in all of our subjects.


In English we have moved on to writing a story. This week we have done some drama to think about the setting of our story and how dialogue can help to convey character. We also used Where's Wally? to help us to used expanded noun phrases with additions of nouns and adjectives. 


In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division by 10 and 100. We have been learning different ways of working out the answers to questions and looking at lots of reasoning problems. 


In Art we learned about creating mood using different shades of colours and looked at the work of Steven Brown to understand how he creates mood in his work. 

In PE we looked at batting in our cricket session and learnt the next part of our Spy themed dance.


In Geography we learnt about Europe and the different countries which are in Europe. We also looked at some of the most famous physical and human features in some of the European countries. 


Keep up the hard work Y4!

Autumn 2 Week 1


In English this week we have been learning about adjectives for precision and clarity and using commas when writing a list. We made some Rocky Road, and our end write up will be the recipe for this.



In Maths, we have been learning about finding the perimeter of a rectilinear shape. We first learnt about counting using a grid and then moved on to calculating it using centimeters.


In Geography, we began to learn about Volcanoes. We learnt about different types of Volcanoes such as Cinder Cone, Shield and Composite. We created factfiles about Volcanoes.


In Art, we began to learn about the work of our new artist Steven Brown. We looked at the style he uses and techniques to create his Art work.



In PE we had a Cricket coach come in and looked at fielding skills. 


​Week 7


It has been another busy week in Year 4!


We have been learning about direct speech and multi clause sentences. We looked at different positions of putting in our main and subordinate clauses. We also planned our newspaper report which is going to be base don our class text 'Krindlekrax'!


In Maths we have been concentrating on subtraction with and without exchanges. We also looked at different efficient strategies we could use to solve these.


In History we have been learning about the skill of chronology. We looked at plotting events in different centuries and plotting different Roman events on a timeline.



In Art we completed our sketches of the Colosseum by using the different techniques we have learnt.


In DT we have completed our Roman shields which we made using cardboard and painted them in red, yellow and black to reflect a traditional Roman shield. 


In French we added to our conversations the introduction of Madame, Mademoiselle and Monsieur.  


In Music we used the Boom whackers for the first time and used them to learn a traditional tribe song. 


Autumn 1 Week 5/6


We have had a really busy couple of weeks in Y4 Oak.


In Maths, we finished off our place value learning by recapping some of the things we found tricky such as Roman Numerals and using number lines to 10000. We have moved on to addition and subtraction and looking at different methods to use to add two four digit numbers together such as place value charts, bar models and column sums. On Arithmetic Friday we practised using these different methods and concentrated on addition.



In English we have been writing a biography about Julius Caesar. We concentrated our grammar learning on fronted adverbials, use of subheadings and paragraphs for the layout and use of apostrophes for both omission and possession. We found out lots of interesting information about him to use in our writing such as he was the person who developed the calendar we use today!


In Music we continued our learning of rhythm and beat in songs and used basket balls and hoops to help us do this.


In Art we have been sketching pictures of the Colosseum in the style of Paul Cadden. We are applying the different techniques we have learnt such as stippling, cross hatching and shading.


In DT we have began to make our Roman shields. We completed 2 designs and decided on the best one before we began to make it. 


In PE we have continued to develop our dibbling skills in Hockey.


In French we have been learning more conversational words and are now able to ask how people are and what their names are.


We also had a visit from the History Van which was fantastic and we learnt all about being a Roman soldier, about marching with our mules, how to build a bridge and how to fire catapults at our enemies.

Y4 Learning

Autumn 1 week 4


In our Maths this week we have continued our learning about Place Value concentrating on Roman Numerals and Negative numbers.

We represented different numbers and completed addition and subtraction number sentences. 


In English we have been writing an advert to persuade people to visit the Colosseum. We used a range of sentences and features such as slogans and exaggerated adjectives.


In French we have been learning different instructions and different French greetings. We are really enjoying using our French all around school.


In Art we have continued to sketch in the style of Paul Cadden and next week will be moving on to sketching the Colosseum.


In DT we have been designing our own Roman Shield.


We had a visit form the History Van and had an amazing time. We learnt how to fight like a Roman, build a mule to march with, build a bridge and file a catapult. 


It has been a fantastic week!



Week 3


In our reading we have been retrieving key information from our reading texts and our class book Krindlekrax.


In English we have been beginning to look at persuasion and looking at advertising. We considered the different aspects used as part of an advert and looked at the different types of sentence used.


In Maths we have continued our place value learning looking at counting in 25s and Negative numbers.


In Art we have been studying the work of Paul Cadden and looking at his hyperrealism art and have began to sketch in the style of his work.


In History we looked at the influence of the Romans on our roads. We looked at why they developed our roads, how they were made and what they were made out of.

Weeks 1 and 2


We have made a fantastic start to Year 4!


In History we have been learning about the Romans. We have learnt about the invasion of Britain and how they took over most of Europe.


In Maths, we have been continuing our Place Value learning. We have been learning about rounding and ordering numbers, Roman numerals and in arithmetic Friday we have been learning our number bonds to 100 and different methods of addition and subtraction.


In MFL we have been learning to count in French. We learnt numbers to 10 and played Bingo!



In English, we have been writing up our final copies of our character descriptions. We used expanded noun phrases to help to describe the character in more detail.


In PE we have been leanring about aiming and throwing beanbags to help develop our ball skills.




Week 6 


What a fantastic week we have had! 

It has been year 3 Oak's final week with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mennell so we wanted to make sure it was a good one. 

The children have worked hard right up to the last minute. In English we created our own leaflets to interest local people to come and visit our strange material characters.  We had to use a range of conjunctions and prefixes and suffixes in our writing. 

On our final day, we had a presentation event where we were all awarded certificates for different things, such as kindest child in class, cheekiest child and toilet king! 


Year 3 Oak have worked so hard all year and are now ready for the new challenges of year 4 which begin next week as they progress into early risers with their new teacher, Miss Gray. 

Week 5


This week we have been learning about time in maths. We drew clocks outside on the playground and used them to help us tell the time to 5 minutes.  


In English we planned, wrote and edited our own stories based on the class text 'Iron Man'.  Some of the characters we thought of was, Brick Man, Rainbow Girl, Book Girl and Marshmallow Man.  

In PE we have been lucky enough to have a professional dance teacher come into school to teach us. We have loved the lessons and have already learnt 1 dance and this week we have began learning another one. 

Week 4


This week has been assessment week for year 3. We have worked hard to complete assessments in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. We were also lucky enough to visit St Therera's Primary school on Tuesday and although we were all soaking wet we had  a great time. While we were there we had  a workshop from 'Now press play'. We each had a set of haedphones and listened to a story about our science topic friction. While listening we had to act out what was happening. The children had fun and will hopefully apply what they learnt into their science work in school.  

Now press play workshop

Summer 2

Week 3


This week we have been learning about time in maths. We began by learning how many days each month has and enjoyed listening to a song to help us (the link is below). We then revised telling the time when half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. In English we planned our own material man story based on our class text Iron Man. We will use our plans to help us write a story over the next week or two. In science we had fun learning about friction and experimented how friction effects the speed of a toy car travelling down a ramp.   



Art: Paper weaving

Investigating friction

Summer 2 

Week 2

This week in maths we continued practising how to find fractions of amounts, we are getting much more confident now! 

In English we have been revising prepositional phrases and expanded noun phrases and how to use them effectively. We have also been discovering the different functions of an apostrophe and had the chance to practise using them to show possession and contraction. 

Our sports day was on Monday and we all had fun completing the different activities. We took part in a variety of races and team games. 

Summer 2 week 1


We have had  a fantastic first week of summer 2 in year 3. This week has been science theme week. We have had fun investigating how light works and how it helps us see. We completed an investigation, 'Does the size of the shadow change when I move the torch further away?'  We discovered that the shadow started getting bigger when we moved the torch further away. 


In maths we have continued learning about fractions and finding fractions of amounts. 


This week was our class assembly and we revealed our Iron men!

This week in DT we have been busy building our own Iron men. The finished models will be revealed at our class assembly.

10.5.19 We have been looking at fractions on a number line today in different ways, we even made a human number line!

These children achieved full marks in the spelling test today, well done!

10.5.19 Can I practise my spellings?

9.5.19 Today we have been lucky enough to practise riding a bike at school. Here are some of us.

3.5.19 We have been practising our spellings and learning to use apostrophes to show possession.

3.5.19 In maths we have been learning our 8 times tables and found a pattern to help us!

Summer 1

Oak have begun the summer term with fantastic attitudes to learning across all subjects. 


In maths we have been busy measuring objects and discussing how millimetres, centimetres and metres can be equivalent to each other similar to ones, tens and hundreds. 


Our new English text, Iron Man will inspire the children to write a balanced argument for capturing the iron man or allowing him to roam free. 


In computing children have been introduced to branching databases and have already been sorting data which they will input onto a branching data base next week. 



26.4.19 Today we experimented printing using fruits and vegetables.

We have been practising using our new ACE structure to help us answer maths questions.

Summer 1 Curriculum information

This week has been assessment week for KS2 pupils across the school. Inbetween assessments Oak children have been very creative. They have used different fabrics to make animal inspired bookmarks and salt dough to make fish skeletons. It has been great to see the children be so creative with the resources and make wonderful items which they have taken home. 

Red Nose Day!

15.3.19 LQ: Can I explore which fractions are equivalent?

LQ: Can I give the correct amount of change?

Spring 2 -  Week 1


We have had a great start to the second half of the spring term. The children have been working with money in maths; making amounts and finding totals using different coins and notes. In English we have started reading a new book, Jemmy Button written by Jennifer Unman and Valerio Vidali. We will complete our first piece of writing, a diary entry, pretending to be the main character of the book, Jemmy. 


LQ: Can I explore a range of techniques using dough?

Spellings - We practised our spellings in class today to try and improve our spelling test marks.

Spring term Week 1


We have had a great week back to school. 

The children have started reading our new class text The Twits written by Roald Dahl and enjoyed discovering about the main characters in the book. 

In English we have been learning about fact files and the grammar features often found in them. We are using the text The Great Kapok Tree to learn about rain forests and the animals that live there. Next week each child will write their own fact file about the animals who call a rain forest their home. 

In maths, we have continued practicing multiplication and division and applying our skills in different ways. 


History week - Trains in Sheffield


The final week of the Autumn term has been spent learning about trains in Sheffield long ago. We discovered how trains have changed over time and why they were important in Sheffield. In groups children created their own steam train adventures and advertised them through a radio advert. 

Year 3 Oak would like to say thank you to everyone that came to see our Christmas performance. We enjoyed learning the songs and loved you all coming along to see us. 


Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mennell would like to say a huge well done to all the year 3 children for learning and performing our songs so enthusiastically. We are very proud of you all! 

Multiplying and dividing by 3!

Subtraction challenges

Our eruptions!

Year 3 Oak have had a great start to Autumn 2. 

In maths we have been practising using column addition when regrouping the tens. During arithmetic Friday we worked in groups to solve 2 step word problems. This was tricky but we all worked hard to solve as many as we could. 

We have been learning about newspaper articles in English and the features they often have. Next week we will be writing our own newspaper articles about a volcano erupting. 

Year 3 have had a fantastic start to the new school year. All the children have been working very hard and have enjoyed the learning we have completed so far. 


In maths we have covered place value up to 1000 and the children have been encouraged to prove how they know answers to questions. We will be progressing onto addition and subtraction over the next few weeks. 



Using our class text 'Who let the Gods out?' we have wrote a setting description to describe a rock where the main characters were trapped. We used effective adjectives and prepositional phrases such as, behind the scared children, to make our descriptions exciting to read. 



The class reading text is 'The boy in the dress' written by David Walliams. The children are finding this book engaging and funny so far. 


TT Rock Stars

Each child has brought home a log in for the Times Tables Rockstars website/app. They can practise times tables in a fun but competitive way. If your child can not find their log in details ask me for it again. I will be awarding certificates to children who use this site the most. 

We brought Ancient Greece alive during our history day.

Some of our maths learning