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Class Teacher: Miss Haden

Support Staff: Miss Travis

Current Learning Journey: How do our lifestyle choices affect our health and wellbeing? Summer 1

PE Day: Wednesdays. Please remember to send your child to school in their PE kit. They need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t-shirt and a plain grey/blue/black tracksuit.

Outdoor Learning will take place every Friday. Please make sure your child wears suitable clothing and footwear.

You can keep in touch with Miss Haden and Miss Travis on ClassDojo. Teachers use the app to set home learning activities, pass on messages and to send you photos of your child learning at school. You can use the app to get in contact with Miss Haden and Miss Travis and they will do their best to answer any questions as soon as possible. Let school know if you need instructions for how to access your child's Dojo account.

Our topic this half term is...

This week's certificates go to...

Summer 1- What we have been getting up to...

Our topic this half term is...

This week's certificates go to...

We love to read!

Spring 2- What we've been getting up to...

Chapter 7 - part 3

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Chapter 7 - part 2

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Chapter 7 - part 1

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Chapter 6- part 1

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Chapter 6- part 2

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Chapter 6- part 3

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Chapter 6- part 4

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Chapter 5 - part 1

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Chapter 5- part 2

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Chapter 5 - part 3

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Chapter 5 - part 4

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Spring 1 - Week 1 w/c 4/1/21

10 in 10


Geography Learning Journey

Week 7 Home Learning

writing lesson 3 part 1.mp4

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writing lesson 3 part 2.mp4

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writing lesson 3 part 3.mp4

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Writing lesson 2 part 1.mp4

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Writing lesson 2 part 2.mp4

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Writing lesson 2 part 3.mp4

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Monday's writing lesson 1.mp4

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Monday's writing lesson 2.mp4

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Monday's writing lesson 3.mp4

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Monday's writing lesson 4.mp4

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Monday's writing lesson 5.mp4

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10 in 10

Maths- Mixed addition and subtraction.

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Maths- Mixed addition and subtraction.

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This week's certificate winners are...

Week 5 - W/C 30.11.20

Another great week from the class; they have put so much effort into their learning! 


In writing, they have all written incredible stories in the perspective of one of the characters in Fox. I can't wait to read their final copies!


In maths, the children continue to work really hard in their fraction work and building on the knowledge they have previously learnt in their maths lessons. We are looking at adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and numerators and how to make them equal. 


In our science lessons, we have began looking at our zoo project and have designed a zoo by categorising the animals into different enclosures. We will then be making our own digital leaflet to advertise our own zoo. 

Week 4 w/c 22/11/20

This week we have been really busy completing our half term assessments. We have put in so much effort to prepare ourselves for SATs in the summer term and what areas of learning we can revise on. 


In writing we have learnt more about grammar and punctuation needed to write a story. We have create expanded noun phrase trees and looked at punctuating speech correctly and using this to convey character and advance the action. 


In maths we have continued to look at fractions and how to convert improper fractions into a mixed number. 


Our science topic continues to focus on living things and we have evaluated our mould experiment and explained the results based on our findings. 

Our mould experiment!

The children evaluated their findings of their experiment and explained whether their predictions were correct or not based on the results. We discovered that mould grows quicker in warm and wet conditions. We discussed how this is needed for living things to grow. 

Week 3 - w/c 16/11/20

What another great week from Y6 Olive! They have all worked extremely hard in all areas of their learning and are challenging themselves in everything they do. 


In writing the class have began looking at story writing and have this week unpicked the language of a range of stories and how the writer has used specific language for effect. We looked at our new text this half term, 'Fox' and used a range of oral re-telling and drama to empathise the characters. 


In maths we have began focusing on fractions. This week we have learnt about equivalent fractions and how we can use our factor knowledge to help us do this.


In our science lessons we have carried out an experiment to see how much mould can grow on bread in different conditions over a week. This experiment will help us understand and support our learning on how microorganisms grow and why they are classed as living things. 

Week 3 learning

Week 2 w/c 9/11/20

This week the children have engaged really well in all areas of their learning.

The children have made me incredibly proud with the amazing instruction writing they have written in writing this week. The children have really taken their time and effort to perfect their writing. 


In maths the children have worked hard to revise their knowledge of factors, multiples and prime numbers. They are now getting more confident at answering different calculations that involves BODMAS. 


The children have also really enjoyed learning about classification of living things in science so far, particularly classifying the Liquorice All sorts and learning about the characteristics of different groups of living things. 

week 1 w/c 2/11/20

The children have worked really hard during their first week back. Here’s what we have got up to this week:


In writing, we have linked our first piece of writing to our DT learning which we will be making our own fox cushions. We will therefore be writing our own set of instructions on how to make these cushions. In  order to do this, we have looked at a range of instructions and evaluated their effectiveness. Looking at the grammar used in these examples, we have completed learning based on clauses, phrases, colons and semi-colons used in lists and the layout and organisational structures of instructions.


In maths, we have continued to focus our learning on the use of long division to calculate a range of division calculations and have moved onto looking at factors and multiples.  


Our Learning Journey topic this half term is ‘How does the way we look define us?’ These science lessons will involve learning about living things and their habitats. This week we have looked at how and why living things are classified based on their similarities and differences .      

The evolution theory of man.

The children have really enjoyed learning about evolution and inheritance this half term and have learnt lots of amazing facts along the way. The children this week have completed a topic quiz to see how much they have learnt by linking the knowledge organiser vocabulary into this.  (19/10/20)

The children have designed their own class charters with the rights and responsibilities that they have. Some children decided to create a poster whilst others created a presentation explaining about each right and responsibility. 

Week 6 - w/c 5/10/20

The children have been working really hard within their learning this week and are continuing to settle in well.

This week in our writing lessons we have been focusing on information texts linked to our class text , 'Moth - An Evolution Story'.  The children really enjoyed reading the story as it links closely to our Evolution and Inheritance science topic and are now completing a range of grammar activities (clauses, phrases, cohesive devices and different sentence types) that will help them begin to write their own information text about the peppered moth. 


In Maths this week we have been revising basic multiplication using both the formal written method and area model. We have used our understanding of this to progress our learning onto multiplying three digit numbers by two digit numbers. Also, we have been completing many different reasoning questions to support our understanding.


This week's science lesson has involved learning about the evolution of man and how humans have evolved over time. We researched the different stages of the theory and have begun using these facts to write an explanation based on the stages. 


Our art learning this week is about applying our knowledge from the skills and techniques we learnt about in last weeks lesson to help us begin creating our own collages based on the work of Annegret Soltau and Derek Gores. 



The children are working really hard learn all of the y5/y6 common exception words that the children are required to spell correctly and use within their writing.  Here is a copy of the spellings that you can practise spelling at home:

Here are some learning activities that will support your learning at home:


Please tell us if you have forgotten your passwords.

Home learning w/c 12/10/20

Home learning w/c 5/10/20 

Autumn 1 week 3 w/c 14.9.20

The children have settled into school well and are now working really hard in all subjects.


In writing, the children have been focusing on the text 'The Matchbox Diary' and have made many predictions about what the illustrations show throughout the text. They have then used this to understand how key characters feel through different events that take place in the story. This knowledge of the characters has been  transferred into what it would look like if key characters were to write a letter to their loved ones. The boy in the story left for America to be reunited with his father and in return has written a letter to his grandmother that was left behind in Italy. The children have focused on the differences between a clause and a phrase as part of their grammar lessons and have begun to identify these well. 


In maths, the children have been learning about place value and are now beginning to answer a range of reasoning questions to support their understanding. The children have looked at a range of true or false questions to allow opportunities for them to problem solve and reason. 


The children have become engrossed in their science topic so far this half term and have learnt how we inherit characteristics from our parents and how living things adapt to their environments. 

If your child is absent due to covid reasons, here is a link to home learning that is linked to the lessons taught in class that week:

Welcome back Y6 Olive!

Welcome back Y6! We are so happy to have you back in school and back learning with us again. 

Here is a copy of the autumn 1 curriculum overview, home learning and science knowledge organiser. We would love to see some of the home learning that you complete at home over the half term!

As we have begun learning about evolution and inheritance in science, why not test yourself by creating a quiz using the knowledge organiser vocabulary?

Home learning!


Hey Year 5 Sycamore! Hope you are all safe and well at home! We are missing you all! I know many of you have already signed up for class dojo but if you haven't then you can use your login details (in your home learning pack) to create your account and join us! Me and Mrs Mellor post daily learning activities and some random photos and videos to keep you all entertained. You can also message us to say hi! 


Here are some websites that will support you with your learning at home:


See below for some more learning activities that you can do at home. Send them me via dojo and you will earn dojo points!


Stay safe Sycamore!


See you soon!


Miss Utley


Welcome to the Year 5 Sycamore webpage.

Class Teacher: Miss Utley 

Support Staff: Mrs Mellor

Current Learning Journey: Why does my ice cream melt?

PE Day: Thursday


Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion: Daruisz for working really hard in Maths and Writing. He is using lots of different language in his writing and he is becoming confident with fractions in his maths. 

Jigsaw Genius: Kevin for understanding how to be safe. He always tells an adult if he has any concerns.

Acres Attributes: Tupali for being a kind and caring person. She looks out for other people to help keep them safe and happy.

Arithmetic Friday!

In this week's Arithmetic Friday, we have been consolidating our knowledge on multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. We started off by doing a recap quiz and then we did some different games and activities to help us practice. 

Easter Week!

In RE, we have been focusing on Christianity. We have been learning the events of the Easter Week. Each group focused on section of the story and we had to present our section back to the class. We then created a story map to help us remember all of the events in the right order. We will be looking at our key word 'destiny' and we will be deciding whether each part of the Easter Story was destiny or whether it just happened. 

World Book Day!

We turned our classroom into a construction zone as we had a design technology focus this World Book Day. We read the story of Rapunzel and then we had the task of rescuing her from the tower. We used junk materials to build and construct something that would save her. Some of us built slides whilst others built parachutes and lifts. We then tested our designs to see if they would work. Rapunzel only survived twice!


This week, we have completed our puppets. We added the finishing touches by sewing on the buttons for the eyes. We then stitched around the puppet to sew it together. We have some really good puppets that we are going to show the younger children!

Exploring trees!

In Science, we investigated some tree cuttings to see what we could learn about the growth of the tree. We learnt about how the cuttings can determine the age of the tree. We then wrote up our findings like real scientists would!

Boccia and Curling!

This week, we had a very fun PE lesson. Some expert coaches came in to teach us all about boccia and curling. After learning the rules and the techniques, we got to have a go ourselves! We were in playing against each other in teams and we had very good sportsmanship!


In P4C, we used the video 'The Man on the Moon' to help us discuss the themes and ideas that the video raised. We came up with lots of key words from the video including: planets, kindness, loneliness, caring and perseverance. We then discussed these key words in our groups and came up with some questions that we could discuss the following week. The question with the highest votes was: Is there life on other planets?

Making Ladders!

Over the past few weeks, we have been creating different designs and art work using natural resources. This week, we created ladders using sticks and string. We had to learn how to make safe and secure knots that would keep our ladders together. We made some amazing ladders!

Puppet Making!

In Design Technology, we have been designing our own hand puppets. We are focusing on fairy tale characters and after brain storming some ideas, we have chosen which character we are going to make. After creating our design, we gathered our materials and began drawing, cutting and sewing. Next week, we will be sewing the two halves of the puppet together to make our complete puppet. They look great so far!

Animal exploring!

In Science, we have been learning all about the life cycles of animals. This week, we have been looking at how long it takes animals to reproduce. We explored some animals facts and had a game of animal top trumps to help us learn the facts. We learnt some exciting facts! For example, we learnt that Carps can lay up to 300000 eggs at once! We then wrote our own reproduction cycle for an animal of our choice.

Practical Maths!

This week, we have been learning how to multiply large numbers by 1 and 2 digit numbers. We have learnt 2 methods - the column method and the area model. We have been using deans and counters to help us visual the numbers. We have then gone on to learn how to formally set out the calculations. 


This half term, we are learning about gymnastics. This week, we looked at different types of balances and how we need to use our muscles to help us balance. We looked at symmetrical and asymmetrical balances. We then practised some and shared them with the class.


We started out P4C lesson with a get set game. We had to work as a team to get a tambourine all the way around the circle without making any noise. We then read this week's stimulus: King of the Sky. We discussed about the key messages in the story. We came up with: belonging, kindness, perserverance and belief. In groups, we created a range of philosophical questions. The question that got the most votes was: Should we always welcome everybody? This will be our question to discuss next week. 

Typing experts!

This half term, we are learning how to type properly and quickly. We are learning about which fingers to use for what keys. We have been practising by playing different typing games. We are on our way to becoming typing experts!

Pete Mckee art!

In Art, we have been learning about the artist Pete Mckee. We have looked at his style of art and the purpose of it. We then looked at the colours he has used and learnt all about primary colours, secondary colours, warm colours and cool colours. We then learnt different painting techniques including: solid colour painting, fading and the water technique. We are now beginning to create our own Pete Mckee style art work based on the theme socialising. We have done a great job at drafting and drawing these in our sketch books. We will be painting them next week. They look great so far!

Creating a birds nest!

In forest school, we looked at what makes up a bird's home. We talked about how we could make a nest comfortable for a bird and what resources we would need to make one. We then spent the afternoon collecting resources and creating our own nest. We worked well as a team and each person had a role to play. The nests looked amazing and comfortable!!

Rock n Roll!

This week in PE, we have been learning some Rock n Roll dance moves. Once we had learnt the dance moves, we created our own routine. We did our movements in beats of 8. We then performed these to music to the rest of the class. They looked great!

Making Graphs!

In Computing, we have been looking at spreadsheets and learning about what they are used for and how to use them. We have spent the past couple of weeks learning how to input data. This week, we did a survey on favourite subjects and we inputted the data and made a graph. 
In Forest School this week, we learnt all about the fairy village that had been destroyed by the storm. It was our mission to build back the fairy community so that the fairies could come back. We discussed what made a home and a community and then we built  houses, shops, hotels and a hospital for  them. We worked as a team and created an amazing community for them to come back to! And we had a great time!

Cubed numbers!

In Maths this week, we have been learning all about prime numbers, squared numbers and cubed numbers. We had lots of fun working them out on the tables and then we had the knowledge to answer some reasoning questions in our books.

Creating dialogue!

In Writing, we have been looking at how we can use dialogue to convey character and advance the action. After having lots of discussions about effect dialogue and how the author has used it, we made our own dialogue from parts of the chapter. We then acted these out and discussed how we used the dialogue to advance the action. 

Baking crumbles!

In Food Technology, we have spent the last few weeks trying, creating and planning our own crumbles. Today, we spent the afternoon baking our crumbles. We learnt different skills such as: chopping, peeling, shaping and weighing. We worked great in teams and made sure that everybody got the opportunity to do everything. We had  a chef come in to help us and teach us how to do these skills. Our crumbles were so tasty that we ate them all within minutes!

Arithmetic Friday

In Arithmetic, we learnt all about decimals. We started by creating our own decimals by diving whole numbers. We then did some problem solving activities where we had to work out the correct decimal.