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Y6 Willows and Maples April 2020 NEW CLASS PAGE

Hi everyone! Hope you have all had a good Easter and have managed to enjoy the lovely weather we have had recently!


We shall be posting daily activities both on the school website and on Class Dojo for you to access and complete each day. These activities will consist on daily 10 in 10 arithmetic which is usually completed by the children during the morning and also an activity that will link to this half term's learning. 


Soon you shall also receive a Summer 1 Home Learning Pack to your home that you can access over the half term. This will include learning from all areas of the curriculum that would have been taught this term at school. 


Again, if you need any help or have any questions about your learning or even want a 'catch up' chat telling us what you've been up to then please send us a message! 


Hope to see you all soon Y6!




Tuesday 14th April 2020

Tuesday 14th April - Art research project!
In Art we will be studying the artist Andy Warhol and how he used the skill of printing to create some of his famous pieces of artwork.
In your Home Learning Packs that you will receive through the post will include a fact file template in the art section for you to write about the artist. Use this time now to begin researching about him by putting together key facts about his life and how he was inspired to become the artist he is known as today. 


Picture 1
Wednesday 15th April 2020

Thursday 16th April 2020


Maths challenge: Long Division.

Watch the video of Miss Haden on Class Dojo going through how to use long division to help you solve the following calculations before moving onto the reasoning questions:


PE challenge

Today's PE will involve 2 pairs of socks; all will be explained in the video! 🧦 🧦

Friday 17th April 2020


Monday 20th April 2020
Tuesday 21st April 2020
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Thursday 23rd April 2020
This weeks PE challenge involves 2 pairs of socks and a few toilet rolls! 🧦 🧻
All will be revealed in the video clip!
I would love to see some of you having a go at this!
Friday 24th April 2020
You should have all now received your Summer 1 home learning packs and can now access the learning from these each day. On Class Dojo we shall still be uploading daily 10 in 10 each morning alongside an additional activity every couple of days. Please ensure that home learning packs are being accessed regularly at home as well as the activities provided online whilst sharing the learning you have completed with your teacher. 
Monday 27th April 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020
As we are learning about the topic Animals Including Humans in Science this half term, todays challenge is to have a go at drawing these animals in the style of children's illustrator Tony Ross.
Can't wait to see them!
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Hi all,
Here is a message from Mrs Whittingham in regards to the current changes. We hope that you are all well and continue to keep up all the great hard work that you continue to show during these difficult times. You have come on so much since the beginning of September and it has been a joy to see you all grow into such amazing individuals, making me incredibly proud! We are all still here to help and support you in everything you do and will always do so.
Keep shining! :)
Thursday 30th April 2020
Today's challenge is to complete the Joe Wick's work out. This 30 minute workout will get you feeling motivated for the day ahead. Set yourself a target of how much you can complete of it and see if you can meet this or even go beyond it. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout. Enjoy!
Friday 1st May 2020
Monday 4th May 2020
Tuesday 5th May 2020
Wednesday 6th May 2020
Thursday 7th May 2020

The PE challenge for today involves the standing long jump. Measure how far you can travel until you reach a personal best! Let's see who can jump the furthest!

Friday 8th May 2020
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