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Year 2 Pine

Welcome to year 2 Pine


Teacher: Mrs Taylor

Teaching Assistant: Miss Travis


PE Day: Monday - Please come to school in your outdoor PE kit. They will need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t-shirt and a plain grey/blue/ black tracksuit.


Outdoor learning day: Friday - Please ensure you have wellies and a waterproof coat. 


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You can keep in touch with Mrs Taylor on ClassDojo. Teachers use the app to set home learning activities, pass on messages and to send you photos of your child learning at school. You can use the app to get in contact with Mrs Taylor and she will do their best to answer any questions as soon as possible. Let school know if you need instructions for how to access your child's Dojo account. 

Spring 1


Our learning journey question this half term is, 'Can I have chocolate cake for breakfast?'

If your child is off school due to Covid-19 during Spring 1 here are the lessons being taught in school shown week by week. 

Week 1 10 in 10

Week 1 spelling

Celebration of learning: 

Autumn 2 

Our learning journey question this half term is, 'How do we make music?' we will use this question to explore a science topic.  

If your child is off school due to Covid-19 here are the lessons being taught in school.

Week 6 10 in 10

Week 5 10 in 10

Week 4 10 in 10

Week 3 10 in 10

Week 2 10 in 10

Week 1 10 in 10

Celebration of learning

Santa zoomed in to visit FS, Y1 and Y2. The children loved seeing him and asked him lots of questions. He was very proud of how well they behaved and left a sack of presents at their classroom door. He did lots of ho ho ho-ing and wished them all a very merry Christmas!

Week beginning 14th December 2020


We have made it to the final week of the autumn term smiley


It has been a fun packed week of Christmas crafts, singing, Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime and a Cinderella musical.


As well as this children have still completed lessons each day and are now ready for a well deserved rest. 

We will see you again on Monday 4th January 2021. 



Week beginning 7th December 2020


What a busy week! 

This week we finished writing our stories in English. We then received a letter from A Story Book Wolf who asked for our help to teach the little wolf how to become the scariest wolf around. To help us write the letter we have practised using expanded noun phrases and using a range of conjunctions. 


In maths we have spent time understanding subtraction when we cross over 10. This is taking lots of practise to fully understand so please help your children at home with this. 


We completed our Christmas decorations for DT this week and will be taking them next week. We used felt to create our design and used sewing skills to attach our design. 

Week beginning 30th November 2020


These weeks are flying by! 

This week the children have enjoyed creating their own story maps then planning a writing their stories. They have been working hard to included commas in a list, apostrophes for possession and capital letters for proper nouns in their stories. 


In maths we have had lots of practise adding 2 2 digit numbers. We started using diennes to helps us add then we used the column method to present the sum and help us work out the answer. 


In science we discussed recycling and learnt about the process of recycling. All the children thought of ways they can help reduce, reuse or recycle. 

Week beginning 23rd November 


We have passed the half way mark now for this half term. 


We have been subtracting this week in maths. We have used different methods and discussed what we find the most efficient. In English we have learnt about using commas in a list and apostrophes for contractions and possession. 

We enjoyed watching this video about apostrophes for contraction:


In music we have began listening and learning some Christmas songs. 



Week beginning 16th November 


We have had so much fun this week! 

We have had two outdoor learning sessions. In one we made hedgehogs using salt dough and leaves and in the other we began making a large den. 


In maths we have been adding by making 10 first. For example, for 8 + 7 we know that 8 and 2 is 10 and then there is 5 more to add and 10+5=15. We transferred this to larger numbers to so for 47 + 8 we would add 3 to make 50 then add the remaining 5 so the answer is 55. 


In English we have started a new text:

We have so far used the text to help us learn about noun phrases and adding suffixes to words.

In phonics we are revising graphemes/phonemes and playing lots of games to help us remember them. 

Week beginning 9.11.20


This week maths lessons have been very practically to enable children understand adding a two digit number with ones to a multiple of ten two digit number. For example, 34 + 20 

We have used resources to complete the calculations and recorded as a column sum so children can clearly see only the tens are changing, eg  


 + 20

      5 4


In English, we have spent this week planning, drafting and writing instructions. We each chose a musical instrument that we'd like to make and created the instructions taking care to use capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation to show the end of the sentence. We also learnt about using time adverbials to describe when something is happening, for example first, then and next. 


In science we had some great discussions about why certain objects are made with particular materials. We talked about why some objects are made from multiple materials. 


Our outdoor learning session this week saw children using the environment in a variety of ways. Some children created nests, there was a band with drums and guitars and some children tried to disguise themselves behind tree trunks. 

Week beginning 2.11.20


We've had a great week back! 

In English we started the week using instructions to make our own panpipes. The rest of the week has been spend learning about using adverbs to show time such as first, next, then and finally, and using the correct punctuation. 


In maths we have been learning to transfer our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to number bonds to 100. We have also been adding and subtracting ones. 


Our new learning journey question is 'How do we make music?'

We began the topic listening to a band playing music and discussed what we think the instruments are made from. Then we discussed what materials are and we went on a material hunt around school. We mainly found wood, plastic and metal. 



Our learning journey focus this half term is a Geography focus: 'What do we know about Sheffield?' 
Celebration of Learning

Week beginning 19.10.20


Wow what a great half term! 

The children have settled into year 2 amazingly. They have listened carefully to all the new ways of working in school and worked hard to ensure they apply them. 


This week we have finished our collages in art, completed animal fact cards in English and revised the concepts taught in maths this half term.In outdoor learning the children had fun collecting stick then using them to write their names. We completed our geography topic by completing a brochure about Sheffield. 


I hope you all have a lovely break and I will see you all again on Monday 2nd November.

Week beginning 12.10.20


This week in English we have been using a variety of sources to find out about animals in the African Savannah. The children will use this to create their own fact cards for people that would like to know more about African animals. We have also been learning what nouns, adjectives and verbs are and practised labelling different words. 


In maths this we have been using inverse operations to help check calculations. For example, 7+6=13 and the inverse is 13-6=7 or 13-7=6. 

We have been getting used to answering reasoning and problem solving questions using full sentences to explain our answers. 


In Geography we have compared Sheffield to the Savannah this week. We looked at ways they are similar and different. Children then had to explain and justify where they would like to live and why. 

Week beginning 5th October 

We have had another busy week this week in year 2.

In English we have started reading a new text:


This week we have explored the sentence structure on the first page and have wrote our own sentences to say when, who, what and where. For example, Early in the morning, the lion cub jumped across the golden sand. We then began looking at nature clips and listening to voice overs. To finish the week we have written a class voice over and had time presenting it. 


In maths we have been counting in steps of 2's, 5's and 10's then looked at fact families.


In geography we started creating maps of our local area around the school. The children were asked to include the human and physical features we previously learnt about. 


In PE each week we have had a fitness focus. We have practised a variety of skills so this week we got to apply them during a circuit. 


Outdoor learning

Week beginning 28th September 2020


This week  we pretended we were Beegu from our class text and wrote a letter to a friend. The children tried hard to remember the things that make a good sentence (capital letters in the correct place, finger spaces between words and the correct punctuation). 


In maths we have been busy comparing numbers. We talked about the many words we use to compare numbers such as less, smaller, greater and more. We also used the symbols:


In Geography we spent time looking at a variety of maps and discussed the similarities and differences between them.  We used a map app on the ipads to find Acres Hill School and we looked at it in different settings. 


We have loved our outdoor learning time! We have spent the last few weeks collecting things from the environment and use them to create a paper plate face. It has been great to see the children experiment with the different materials. 


Blended learning curriculum

If your child is absent due to Covid-19, here are links to home learning that is based on the lessons being taught in class.

What a busy few weeks we have had already!


In maths we have been learning about place value. We have used the whole part part model to help us think about how different amounts are made up. 

This video explains how the whole part model works:


In English we are now using the text Beegu to support our learning. We have so far discussed why illustrations are important, created a friend for Beegu and wrote a character description. 


In geography we have been learning the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We have enjoyed listening to the following songs to help learn them but because at the moment we aren't allowed to sing in the classroom we made actions to help us remember them.


All the children have had such a fantastic attitude to learning. I am very proud of them all! 

                  Welcome back! 


It is fantastic to be back in school and welcome all the year 2 Pine children back into class. We have now been back a few days and the children have settled in really well and are getting used to the school routines again.


In maths we are learning about place value and how many tens and ones are in a number. For example 15 has 1 ten and 5 ones.  For the first 2 weeks in English we are using the text 'Here We Are'. We are using the text to help us write a guide to Earth. Our learning journey topic is Geography and our focus question is 'What do we know about Sheffield?' We have started by learning about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. In PE this half term we have a fitness focus so we will be trying to improve our stamina while taking part in exercises. 

The Year 1 Bubbles for June 22nd

The one way journey around school

Home learning - For Year 1 Pine

 Now we aren't at school remember to keep doing bits of learning. You can log onto class dojo (the log ins were given out on the last Friday of school or sent out to your home) where I will post daily for you to complete and you can also send me a message to say hello. 


Useful websites to visit for educational resources:

Times table practise:

Maths and English games:

Phonics/reading activities:

Reading books online:

Shaun’s Game Academy:

Shaun the sheep website which teaches children how to make online games. Suitable for whole school

BBC bitesize:

Website with lots of educational games. Suitable for all.

Nasa Kids club:

Children’s website about all things space. Suitable for all.

Education Quizzes:

Education quizzes on different subjects. Suitable for all.

Carol Voderman Maths

Maths website for all children

Prodigy Maths

Maths Game/Questions for all Year Groups

Jane Considine:

All Year Groups daily writing lessons



I have uploaded a range of tasks (look below at the documents) to keep you busy while at home. You don't need to do them all at once. You don't have to print anything off, use the book from your home learning pack or some paper. 


Welcome to the Year 1 Pine webpage.

Class Teacher: Mr Joyce

Support Staff: Mrs Bolton

Current Learning Journey:What is the strongest material?

PE Day: Monday and Tuesday


Current Learning Champion and Jigsaw Genius

Learning Champion:  Amy working hard and having a good attitude.

Jigsaw Genius: Alimah for creating realistic goals.

Acres Attributes: Ayaan for being creative and using his imagination.


Well done!

In PE we are learning how to keep fit and are taking part in Taekwondo!

We studied different objects and described them. We then grouped the objects based on whether they were hard soft or bendy.

In English we were writing questions using who, how and why. We used question marks for our questions. We based these questions on our class text ‘The Great Paper Caper’.

In PE we were are learning how to keep fit. We are doing this by learning Taekwondo.

In Art we are learning different collage skills: ripping, sticking and tearing.

In Maths we are learning how to count on. We used a number line to count on and to find out whether was larger or smaller than 15.

In English, we learned about prefixes. We looked at the prefix 'un' and added this to words and discussed how the meaning had been changed.

In Science we have learned about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. We have also learned about the different animal classes. We have then used classification hoops to group animals and then explain why we have grouped the animals that way.

In reading we learned about rhyme. We identified words that rhyme in our story and then generated our own rhymes in groups.

Our Year 1 trip to Cannon Hall Farm! The children explored the farm and learned about the different animals that might live on a farm. We discussed what each animal use on a farm was for and what they produced. We petted animals and described how they felt. We classified animals as farm, wild or even household animals.We went on a tractor ride and even saw a ferret race!

Music. We were visited by Noemi and learned the songs for the Sir Scallywag concert. We learned about beat and used different musical instruments.

Subtraction. We used subtraction machines and objects to learn how to subtract. We counted how many objects we had and then the robot told us how many of our objects to subtract. We then calculated how many were left and wrote a number sentence.

Manor Castle Educational visit. We visited Manor Castle to learn about Mary Queen of Scots, learn about how homes and buildings have changed throughout history, to study local history and a significant person in history. We dressed in period clothes and made medicines in the apothecary as well as learn about the different areas and features of a castle.

Arithmetic Friday! Today we used numicon to calculate and learn our number bounds to ten. Some of us then calculated what 3 numbers create 10.

P4C! We used our class text 'Funnybones' to generate questions and then took it in turns to say our opinion and discussed the question: 'Is it okay to scare people?'

Rainbow Challenges! When the children aren't working in groups they are working hard to complete their Rainbow challenges! The Rainbow challenges are set on phonics, maths, English, handwriting, our current learning journey topic and reading.