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National Height, Weighing and Measuring Programme

As part of the National Child Measurement Programme, children are weighed and measured at school.

The information is used by the NHS and your local council to plan and provide better health services for children.

If you have a child in reception (ages 4 and 5) or year 6 (ages 10 and 11), you'll receive a letter with more information from your local council before your child is measured.

On the day, trained staff will weigh your child and measure their height while they're in their clothes at school.

They'll make sure the measurements are done sensitively and in private, and your child's results will not be shared with teachers or other children.

Your child's measurements will be used to check they're in the healthy weight range. If your child is above a healthy weight, you can get support from your local council or NHS services.

Your child does not have to take part, but every child who's measured is contributing to the national picture about how children are growing.

The more children who take part, the clearer that picture will be. The information collected helps your local NHS and local council plan and provide better health services for the children in your area.

Find out more about how your child's data is collected and processed as part of the National Child Measurement Programme on the NHS Digital website.