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Welcome to The Pride

The Pride at Acres Hill Community Primary School offers integrated provision for children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 up to Year 6) who have Social and Communication Needs. All of the children in The Pride have an E.H.C.P and have been allocated a place by the Local Authority Placement Panel - which is accessed through the Annual Review and EHCP Assessment process.


The Pride offers a supportive environment where the learning is planned and delivered in small steps to meet the needs of the different children. Learning is accessed through play, opportunities to explore and personalised activities.  The curriculum in The Pride is broad and balanced, being planned to be aspirational for all of the children and also specific to each child's needs - ensuring that we build on their personal areas of strength.


As well as focussing on the children’s core academic development, time is also allocated to  working towards their individual EHCP targets, developing their emotional literacy skills and their life skills; in order that they are equipped for life beyond The Pride.


The Pride is an Integrated Resource rather than a specialist resource.  For our children this means that whilst a lot of their learning and development takes place in the resource base, we also aim for the children to spend time in their year group appropriate, mainstream classroom. 


The amount of integration that takes place over a week is dependent on the individual child and their needs; with a focus on the children experiencing success, working alongside peers and putting into practice the targeted skills and knowledge they have been focusing on. 


If you are interested in learning more about what we do in The Pride, please contact the School Office who will be able to help you organise a visit.

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