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Delivering the Acres Hill Curriculum


When delivering the curriculum and at the start of a new unit, class teachers begin by looking at the yearly overview maps for their year. Leading on from this, teachers look at the Medium Term Planning documents to help sequence their lessons and to give them the knowledge, concepts, skills and vocabulary that will be taught. We believe strongly that the start points and end points are critical.


We begin the first lesson of each new unit with a recap of the previous year's linked unit. Examples of this could be a short activity where the children have a discussion about the previous year’s learning, a quick quiz, recap in books or sharing the Knowledge Organiser from that unit.  This is for teachers to baseline children’s knowledge and skills and to ensure focus and precision when teaching the content for the unit.


After the first recap lesson, each subsequent lesson will start with where the children are in their sequence of learning. This will be shared at the beginning of each lesson and the children will have a quick discussion and recap of learning up to this point. Discussions about what is next in the sequence will also take place.  This is to inform and support planning but also to ensure that children understand the sequence of their learning. 


Each unit will end with an assessment (quiz, knowledge organiser gap task, family sharing event etc) to allow teachers to assess what the children have learnt.




When creating flipcharts, for Reading, Writing and Maths, there will be a daily “Thinking” page that shows LO/LQ for the day (what knowledge/skills the children are learning), a brief breakdown of the lesson and the resources and key vocabulary for the lesson being taught.



If you require any more information regarding the school curriculum, please contact the school office or contact us via the contact form on the schools 'contact us' page 


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