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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders 1 Cath Whittingham Headteacher
Senior Leaders 2 Claire Hodkin Assitant Head
Senior Leaders 3 Laura Kay Assistant Head
Senior Leaders 4 Debbie Clarke School Business Manager

Admin Team

Admin Team 1 Debbie Sargeant Admin Assistant
Admin Team 2 Laura Hickey Admin Officer

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team 1 Sarah Ord SENCO
Pastoral Team 2 Angela Campbell Safeguarding Liason Officer
Pastoral Team 3 Kerry Godbehere Pupil Support/ Attendance Officer
Pastoral Team 4 Gail Whittingham Teaching Assistant
Pastoral Team 5 Lorraine Harris Teaching Assistant

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 Sarah Deakin EYFS Phase Leader
Phase Leaders 2 Razya Saddiq EYFS Phase Leader
Phase Leaders 3 Laura Kay KS2 Phase Leader

Early Years

Early Years 1 Sarah Deakin F1 Teacher
Early Years 2 Annette Bennett Teaching Assistant
Early Years 3 Salma Abbas Teaching Assistant
Early Years 4 Lisa Fraser F2 Teacher
Early Years 5 Natasha Woodhead Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 1 Razaq Saddiq Teacher Y1
Key Stage 1 2 Natasha Catwell Teaching Assistant Y1
Key Stage 1 3 Laura Laycock Teacher Y2
Key Stage 1 4 Harvey Thind Teaching Assistant Y2

Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2 1 Claire Taylor Y3 Teacher
Lower Key Stage 2 2 Sara Mennell Teaching Assistant Y3
Lower Key Stage 2 3 Curtis White Teacher Y4
Lower Key Stage 2 4 Martin Hingley Teaching Assistant Y4
Lower Key Stage 2 5 Sarah Ord Teacher Y4
Lower Key Stage 2 6 Sarah Haden Teacher Y4
Lower Key Stage 2 7 Zoe Mellor Teaching Assistant Y4

Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 1 Steve McArdle Teacher Y5
Upper Key Stage 2 2 Pam Booker Teaching Assistant Y5
Upper Key Stage 2 3 Elliot Joyce Teacher Y5
Upper Key Stage 2 4 Margaret Bolton Teaching Assistant Y5
Upper Key Stage 2 5 Laura Kay Teacher Y6
Upper Key Stage 2 6 Brogan Travis Teaching Assistant Y6
Upper Key Stage 2 7 Mikala Reynolds HLTA Support Y6
Upper Key Stage 2 8 Claire Bamford Teaching Assistant Y6


HLTA 1 Christine Stirling HLTA
HLTA 2 Mikala Reynolds HLTA
Picture 1 Chris Lyons Building Supervisor
Picture 2 Kate Surr Cleaner
Picture 3 Michelle Rodgers Cleaner
Picture 4 Sam Marples Cleaner
Picture 5 Maxine Swindells Cleaner

Supervisory Assistant

Supervisory Assistant 1 Kate Surr Supervisory Assistant
Supervisory Assistant 2 Diane Perks Supervisory Assistant
Supervisory Assistant 3 Michelle Rogers Supervisory Assistant
Supervisory Assistant 4 Sam Marples Supervisory Assistant
Supervisory Assistant 5 Sara Mennell Play Worker

Breakfast Club Supervisory Assistants

Breakfast Club Supervisory Assistants 1 Kerry Godbehere Pupil Support / Attendance Officer
Breakfast Club Supervisory Assistants 2 Claire Carter Supervisory Assistant
Breakfast Club Supervisory Assistants 3 Gail Whittingham Supervisory Assistant