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Curriculum vision and attributes


At Acres Hill we want our children to dream big and aim high, in terms of both their current and future lives. 


To grow these aspirations and ensure that all of our children reach their full potential we work with families and their children to ensure that they receive a high quality, broad and sequenced curriculum that is taught with rigour, precision, high expectations and targeted support.


Our aim is for children to leave school with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives whilst allowing them to build and carry great, lifelong memories of their time with us.

Acres Attributes



Our core values are termed ‘Acres Attributes’.


These attributes support and provide the foundations for our school; they are threaded through everything that we do for, alongside and expect from our children, their families and our staff. The Acres Attributes provide continual opportunities to support children’s understanding and drive their acquisition of not only academic learning but also that of interpersonal, soft or character skills.


Focusing on these attributes supports children’s personal development and ensures that they are able to navigate an increasingly complex world with confidence and surety in themselves, their abilities and the choices that they make.

There is a lot of information on our website about our curriculum and school generally.  Should you require a paper copy of any of this information, please contact our School Office who will be happy to help you.