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If your child is ill...


A lot of the time, depending on what is wrong, children are still able to come to school when poorly.  If your child is ill or you think that they may need to stay off school due to an illness, please contact our School Office or Mrs Lonsdale, school’s Attendance Officer.  They will be able to provide you with guidance and support around child illness and if your child can be in school.

For more information, families can visit the ‘Healthier Together’ website where you can find health advice and guidance written by doctors in South Yorkshire about a wide range of common illnesses and medical conditions that affect children and young people – including when you should and shouldn’t send them to school:   

Medicine in school


If a child requires prescription medicine in school time please come to the School Main Office where our Office Staff will be more than happy to help you fill out a medicines form detailing the medicine to be given and the details for administration. 


Please note, any medicine needs to be prescribed by a health professional and have your child's details printed on the label of the medicine.


If you have any questions about how we support children's health in school, or questions linked directly to medicines or health conditions, please come the Main Office and speak to a member of staff.

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