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The intent of our RSHE curriculum is to empower our children to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our aim is to provide children with a broad education that covers the topics of relationships, health, and well-being in an age-appropriate manner.  

Our RSHE curriculum: 

  • Equips our children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the challenges of modern society.  

  • Intends for our children to be confident and resilient individuals who understand and respect the diverse identities, cultures, and beliefs of others. 




Our curriculum follows the Sheffield Primary RSHE Curriculum and is delivered through a range of age-appropriate topics, including personal safety, mental health, healthy relationships, and human growth and development.  

Our RSHE curriculum: 

  • Uses a variety of teaching methods to engage children, including mindfulness time, group work, and interactive activities.  

  • Is supported by a range of resources, including books, videos, and guest visitors.  

  • Is also underpinned by our school's values and ethos, which promotes respect, resilience, reflectiveness and responsibility.




Our RSHE curriculum is evaluated through a range of methods, including pupil voice. We aim to measure the impact of our RSHE curriculum by monitoring changes in children' attitudes, knowledge, and behaviour over time. We want our children to leave primary school with the confidence, skills, and understanding to make informed decisions about their health, relationships, and well-being. We want them to understand the importance of respect, empathy, and equality and be able to apply these values to their relationships with others.  

Our RSHE curriculum: 

  • Allows our children to begin to develop a greater understanding of their own feelings and emotions and are better able to manage their mental and emotional well-being.  

  • Facilitates our children’s ability to learn how to build healthy relationships with others and develop the skills they need to stay safe and make informed choices.  

  • Strives to create a culture of openness and respect within our school community, where children feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics and seeking help and support when they need it.